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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
  • A 'cluster' of different GOPs (Group of Pictures) forms the basis of the Cluster X series - to boldly see how far we can push each GOP factor in terms of superb looking artifact free Intra & prediction based Longer GOP (> 3) out of the panasonic cameras - where a natural scale of compression and consumed bitrate begins to appear according to its GOP size.

    What's so good about all these new Cluster X settings? In simple terms, after looking at the rate control, quantisation and scaling matrices found in the GH3, Nikon D800 and Canon 5DMKIII I decided upon a radical approach to find out if the GH2 was capable of getting near their very low QP values (which range from predominantly 1 to 30 depending on the detail and luminance of the subject).

    What I found was (and this had me concerned before) was that Panasonic's implementation / or ptools labelling!) of rate control using the GH2's quantisation parameter isn't too clear. I needed a way of having a minumum Quant and a desired maximum quant. Strangely with Initial Quantizer = 30, Quantizer for 1080 modes = 3 (+-2 can offer a QP of 1 !) and Quantizer for 720 modes = 30 I could sortof achieve this!!!!

    With 720 using B frames (switched on in the 720 encoder 1 settings as = 3) Quantizer for 720 modes seems to work as a highest Quantisation setting (high is worse, low quant is best) together with Initial Quant of 30 (don't worry about such a high starting value here - after the first frame it settles straight back to lowest achievable (best) for the scene. Subsequently, Quantizer for 1080 modes = 3 gives me my lowest desired (best quant) for each opt 24p, 1080i, HBR and 720 modes.

    This quantizer rate control now seems to work as in newer High Profile Level 5 (5.1) cameras such as the 5DMKIII and Nikon D800 (and seemingly the GH3) and when matched with a new softer looking matrix - as analysed on the Canon 5DMKIII (with adjustments) - brings a degree of softening to the over sharpe Pany lenses.

    I'm also sure that 1080i/FSH?HBR modes work better with half the coded picture buffer size of 720p modes (indeed I switched off 720 Bottom setting (the buffer amount as in automatically works it out) whilst offering a fairly low buffer in bitrate settings in 'patches for testers'.

    In summary, the range of QP will be (certianly in 1080p24 modes) from 1 to 30 - often staying very low (less than 10) all round. I believe (although only tested by myself) that the result offers extremely good looking 720p modes (probably the best ever), certainly superior 24p with Intra & Long GOP, and great looking HBR/FSH and iA mode control (though further strenuous tests may well be required). High dynamic functions work it seems too.

    All the new Cluster X series settings for each GOP attached below have been tested on the notoriously sharp Pany OIS lenses. Give me feedback.

    Its as simple as A, B, C, D, E, F ! Each .ini setting in ptools for Cluster X Series will equate to setA ('DREWnet' 12/15 GOP), setB ('Nebula' 6 GOP), setC ('Spizz' 3 GOP), setD ('Moon' 1 GOP/3 GOP). Any updates will stay on these sets.

    "Cluster X Series isn't for pussies!" Driftwood 2013

    If you enjoy these settings please don't forget to donate to personal-view by clicking on the link above. Gratitude and thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev.

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  • After installing the patch format the card in camera.

    To check the bitrate and other data download Stream Parser from here.

  • Hi guys, I'm a newcomer, have GH2 and just installed MoonT7. I wanted to ask where can I check all the details concerning video bitrate. Premiere pro gives me some crazy numbers with many zeros. I just want to be sure that I really installed the hack.It seems that I did - 20 seconds videofile weight 300 Mb, seems to be alot? But sometimes after turning on camera propose me to install an update, so I have doubts that first installation was successful. Thanx for any advice!

  • Greetings from Vietnam. Patched with the latest T9. Very happy with its quality upgrading from Cake, although it gave write errors sometimes.

    Panasonic 25mm f1.4, no colour grading.

  • More Moon T7 footage! Still using this thing despite having a GH5.

  • Nicely done!

  • Moon T7 with Sigma 18-35 F1.8

  • @sk810, thanks for getting back to me! That makes sense. I was playing around quite some time with different hacks and different versions of Moon until I found one that worked well and reliably for me. However, I forgot to make a note. Lesson learned :)

  • @johanndoe, No there isn't a way to tell which patch is installed. I just keep a notes when I install a new patch.

  • Ok, I'm sure this was asked before but I couldn't find anything in the search results: is there a way to tell which hack is installed on my GH2?

    TIA for answers!

  • Does anyone know if this hack removes the battery indicator? I don't see the battery level that is normally in the top right corner and I don't know if it is just a setting or if the hack removes it.

    Edit: gah nevermind, turns out 3rd party batteries don't show level sometimes. whoops.

  • @Lounusa You can solve that with SD Formatter, sometimes what you´re saying, happens.

  • Nice vidz with the Moon t7 :).

    So now i have the courage to downloaded all the patches and tools to hack my Gh2 for the first time. i have a new SanDisk Extrem pro card, 64GB, 95 MB/s. When i wanted to put the GH_12.bin file to my new card, it says card is write protected. I checked the lock switch but it was not set on. any ideas how to solve this? (ps. I put the card back into my GH2 and i can still shoot vidz and stills). Thanks! Lounusa

    (edited: I'm using windows 7 and have a port on my Lenovo X240laptop for SD cards)

  • Very delicate. Which kind of gimbal did you use (if any) ? GH2 still shines…

  • very nice! :]

  • 0.71x metabones speedbooster + sigma 18-35 1.8

  • Hi Guys. I did not use my GH2 for several months and the battery was out. When I turned it on, my custom settings were gone. And now my bit rate is really low. Is it possible that the camera reset itself and in doing so deleted my Moon T7? Thanks

  • Hello, I present you a short film we managed to pull out in less than 5 days (PreProd/Prod/PostProd). It was done for a small event called "Fais un Film Putain" which is basically a short film battle. The theme of this month was the world "end".

    GH2, 14-140 F.4-5.6, Moon T7 @24p

    I wish we could have had more time to shoot it, 50% of the script is missing because we had only one night to shoot. Grading and VFX would have also benefited but it's part of the game.

  • @antonio here's a helpful link with a guide and tutorial video.

  • thank you very much

  • @antonio Also look at this site's FAQ section. It has instructions on how to apply the settings (aka "hacks")

  • Go to page 1 in this thread for downloads. You can find a nice video on youtube searching for: how to hack gh2.

  • Sorry but I could not find where to download Driftwood Cluster X - Moon T7 at 24p complete with instructions for making the hack. I am inexperienced and I would try to do on my lìhack GH2.

    thank you.

  • @agarastar I think some people on this site can help you, hopefully they'll chime in soon. In the meantime, if you still have the SD card you used with those 2 damaged clips, don't use it at all. (Try doing a search on this site - I remember people speaking about rescuing data that was lost or damaged. Good luck.)

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