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Development status topic
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  • if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

  • @paralion... checking here every day, sometimes 3 times a day... :-p

    Hey Vitaliy, free place to stay if you want to holiday in Australia - big respect for what you do. If 4K at a usable framerate is possible I'll contribute a bonus of $200 (already donated $50). Big ups to you and your team mate.

  • Hi Vitaliy, I'm new here so I just have a couple of questions for you : - What features do you wanna add to the GH3 ? Have you any idea of when you're gonna succeed to code the hack ? - With the Panasonic GX7 arriving, do you plan to do someting of it ? The 24mbps is a shame, too bad because it looks like a very interesting camera. Thanks and good luck !

  • 4K would be balls to the wall incredible, but I'm not counting on it.

  • How would the camera even record 4K? Be realistic here. Also, almost all of those questions have been addressed in this thread already.

  • @aldolega Ditto all that. Be patient folks. I am just as curious as anyone else but it'll take time. And then maybe...some more time.

  • 422 100mbs+ ALL-I hack would blow my mind.

  • @InnerSpark Me too. I really like working with All Intra footage in post. Premiere Pro loves it. But until the GH3 can shoot All Intra at 100+ Mb/s the way to go is the IPB Interframe at 50 Mb/s. To quote Drew from The DREWnetwork, "It's the visual equivolate of 100Mb/s All Intra."

  • Just one wish actually: 30 min. limit removal for european PAL GH3s.

  • What features do you wanna add to the GH3 ?

    @jcbouden with previously done hacks on different cameras, it was always difficult to predict which features will be accessable

    @Tscheckoff It is likely that we could bet on successful recording limit removal :-)

  • I'm one of the folks who checks this topic frequently :) I asked several times if/when the GH3 will be hacked but I never asked about a specific feature. But I'm at loss reading some feature requests :) Not to be harsh but please, stand with your feet on the ground!

    Panasonic firmware is not like Canon hence we could never achieve what ML does on Canon camera. I still have a hacked GF1, I had a hacked GH1 and I own a hacked GH2. Moreover we have PTool for several other Pana camera with minor hacks. As today we have a good record of what is feasible on Pana camera.
    So for the GH3 we will likely have what we have on GH2... Maybe we will be able to increase dramatically its bitrate, we could change quantization tables, removing some country specific settings and so on... But doesn't expect to see implement new features from scratch. It was never done for any Pana camera. I do not expect neither to find some magic feature buried in its firmware.

    If you expect 4K or Prores or 10bit just buy another camera :)

    Just my 2c.

  • Hi there, I think I have been misunderstood.

    I don't know nothing about hacking, and I never owned a Panasonic mirrorless camera. So my questions were just innocent, I just thaught there was maybe a "planning" and some "expectations", some "goals".

    If there isn't, no problem, I will wait to see by myself. So, no offense, it was just curiosity here. Sorry if I seemed rude to some people.

  • I am better now (after being sick for some time :-) ). Hope we'll make big progress on GH3 soon.

    Plus I'll be posting on P-V plans, some hacking approches changes, etc.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev За здоровье! Nice to hear that you're better :)

  • yea, good to hear you're better..

  • Please guys, do not forget to lock iDinamic when you will hack GH3. It makes so huge DR, and noise in shadows could be remove so easily, but it works how it wants. I will donate twice for this feature. Thank you! Good luck!

  • If one just wants to "liberate" some adjustments like bitrate, region and time restrictions, what kind of expertise is required to be able to do this kind of hacking? I suppose there's little chance of learning the skills in moderate amount of time without previous experience in electronics and low level programming? And requires equipment not available to consumers?

  • What's this idea behind "locking" iDynamic? Also, I'm starting to believe that I might have an obsession. I've been checking this thread for updates from @Vitaliy_Kiselev three or more times a day, haha. Anxiously awaiting...


  • @Matthew I mean that would be great to have ability to lock iDynamic exposure levels, because now it works in automatic mode and it changes exposure as it wants.

  • glad you are feeling better Vitaly! time for em to personally look up what idynamic is

  • Can't wait to see the G6 hacked :)

  • gh3 wishlist :)

    • make the button on the remote start/stop video shooting in all camera modes?

    • anything to help manual focusing in video

      • magnified view in video mode?
        • always on?
        • on half-press of the remote?
        • on half press of the take-the-photo button?
  • Tease us with an update @Vitaliy_Kiselev ;)

  • @Matthew

    I will, just it is too soon.

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