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Cinematics mattebox topic
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  • I have to say that it is pretty quick to set up. My only issue is height. My 14-140 is almost touching the top edge and then I got one of these... My lens was now too low even with the block at it's smallest height adjustment. I've heard that the ReWo cage is a good match, but they are out of stock. I would say for the money, this is a very good MB and I've used Chroszeil and the like in the past... Not saying it's as good, but for that price, you'd be crazy to expect it to be. Just have some way of adjusting height of your cam to match the ring's center.

  • I just ordered one of these myself. I'd have liked some control over vertical configuration--like on the much cheaper (though poorly built and poorly featured) FilmCity matte box, which I presently own.

    I understand that generally people center matte boxes vertically by adjusting the height of their camera. However, for people with battery grips or with additional gear mounted under their camera (in my case, a huge red bolt attaching the bracket of a Varavon viewfinder loupe), most baseplates won't go low enough to match the standard matte box height.

    I plan to remove the red bolt supporting my Varavon viewfinder, and use my Fotga quick release plate to hold it directly onto the camera. That should let me bring the camera down low enough to match the center height of this matte box.

  • Here's a question: does anyone use the two filter trays on their Cinematics matte box with 4x4 polarizers, to achieve a variable ND effect? Any reason why this wouldn't work as well as prefab variable NDs that screw directly onto the lens? My hope is that it'll be much more ergonomic, allowing me to adjust ND level without reaching awkwardly in front of the matte box to rotate a lens filter.

  • Can consider a riser for second set of rods to adjust the mattebox both vertically and horizontally. This is riser is not too expensive and it will allow you to adjust the mattebox position to any camera setup. Anyway, I think all these mattebox are made too BIG and heavy for dslr shooting. I found the weight and size of Genus mattebox the best for dslr, but the Genus is expensive.

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  • Is it still possible to get deals or set up group buys on Cinematics Matte boxes?

  • @PixCanFly , do you have a link to that raiser ?

  • @PixCanFly , thank you very much, this is a great thing.

  • Vitaliy, this one is plastic knob. I don't like the weak knob.

  • When buying raiser, it's important to know whether you also need horizontal offset. Most raiser only allow vertical offset.

  • Does anyone know if the Cinematics mattebox can complete clear the rods below? My preference is to be able to move the mattebox back towards the camera when needed and I'll only be able to do this if the rods move completely under the mattebox.

    Do I need to remove the bottom flag to do this? Thanks for your time.

  • Do I need to remove the bottom flag to do this?

    Of course. Or you can get riser that you see above.

  • Mine just arrived yesterday, and I've already had a chance to use it on a shoot. My initial impression is that it's a solidly built piece of equipment, with a few design flaws. Worst are the rotating filter trays. Besides feeling like they'll break if I'm ever not gentle with them, the rotating action is very unsmooth. I mainly upgraded to this matte box to let me double up polarizing filters as a variable ND filter, but there's no way I could adjust it while shooting. It'd create far too much noise, and transition too suddenly.

    In other ways, it's great. The flags are impressively well made, and the swing-away design is great for the price. I actually prefer attaching the mattes to my lens hood, so the lack of an internal matte is fine with me. I may sell this unit and buy a TrusMT instead, but I'm not sure yet. I really want to like this box. If only those filters rotated a bit more smoothly...

  • @Sangye

    FIlter stage is the biggest flaws of most Chinese MBs.

  • Sorry if this is in the wrong thread but; what about the filter stages in the Lanparte Matte box? Do they work OK? (or is there another chinese MB with good filter stages?)

    I´m undecided as of yet wether to go with Lanparte / other CH manufacturer or to give the new Manfrotto Sympla MB a go... The latter has an interesting but seemingly untested design (can´t find any reviews of it).

  • I bought the Cinematics Professional mattebox and got it in the mail today. Im a bit concerned and a little disappointed. The logo is different. Every single picture I have ever seen had the "Cinematics Professional" logo in solid white lettering with a red "M". My mattebox logo is engraved into the flags and has no color, just the outline of the lettering engraved.
    I know this is maybe a small thing and doesnt affect the performance, but the reviews and the cool logo is one of the reasons I bought this. Aesthetics are big with me, Im building a rig decked out in red anodized parts and thought this mattebox would look killer on the rig.

    Does anyone know if this is like an older model or maybe a newer model with a different logo design? Im a bit frustrated because like I said - Ive never seen the Cinematics mattebox with this style of logo. Its not what I wanted.

    Heres a pic

  • @nfnte Mine looks the same as yours. Hadn't noticed that it was different from the images here though until just now. My guess is that this is the new model.

  • Here is a pic to show what I mean about the logo.

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  • When did you buy yours Sangye? You may be right. It might be a new model.
    I sent the seller an email, but havent heard back yet.

  • I ordered mine around August 10, and it arrived on Saturday.

  • I got an email from the seller. He confirmed that they changed the logo design on the mattebox. He said the old design would scratch or wear off and it wouldnt last. So they started engraving them.

  • @Sangye @nfnte Now that you guys have had these matteboxes for at least a month or so (and hopefully had a chance to use them), what are your impressions? Are you happy with the build quality and the way that it functions?

  • @QuickHitRecord Yes, build quality for the price is great. Swing-away design is great, and quite robust. French flags are very robust as well, but I do need to tighten down the resistance-adjusters periodically, or they'll start swinging around. That is an issue particularly with the bottom flag, but no other matte boxes at this price point even have a bottom flag to begin with, so I'm ready to forgive that.

    I guess an integrated matte holder would have been preferred, but I've just glued one to a properly sized step-up ring, and always use that one with my lenses. Keeps me from having to carry around a bunch of fragile foam mattes, just a set of step-up rings which I anyway need to always have on me.

    My only real gripe is that the filter holders aren't built to the same standard as the rest of the unit. They aren't exactly flimsy, but if anything does break, I expect it'll be one of them. I also am a little disappointed by how poorly the rotating filter moves, and how much noise it makes which rotating it.

    Other than that it's great, and for the price I would whole-heartedly recommend it!

  • @Sangye Thanks for this very helpful review.

  • this mattebox looks damn good, only thing that makes me think is the lack of extension rods: the mattebox cannot hang out but must rely within the lenght of the rig rods.