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Cinematics mattebox topic
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  • @jazzroy ? I've been using this matte box for a while now and it is not much different from Chroszeil as to how it interacts with rods.

    I will second the opinion about the filter holders. They aren't up to snuff with the rest of the build. I ended up buying nun's knickers for adjustment to different lens sizes.

    Now it works great. All I had to do was unscrew the back ring from the matte box.

  • @rockroadpix Could you show a pic of your mod? Thanks

  • @rockroadpix I mean the two rods ON the mattebox.

    Missing on Cinematics

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  • Does anyone have the measurements of the MB with flags on it? I'm trying to downsize from my big ass Pro MB.

  • @vicharris The Nun's knickers fit in like a dream when the outer ring (pictured to the right) is removed. Not only that, but larger lenses can fit once it's removed. I couldn't use it with the F3 and it's 85mm before, but now I can.

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  • @rockroadpix Nice. I was actually talking about the dimension of the front of the box and front to back. The Pro MB one I have is so damn big. I used it on my HVX200 and it was fine but it looks like the front of a damn panavision camera! Also, do you have a pic taken from directly on top? I'd love to see the relation of the rod mounting bracket to the back of the box. How far back or forward the rod bracket is from the back of the mattebox.

  • How many millimeters is the distance from the center of the ring to the level of the 15mm rods?

  • Just in case anyone is interested, this mattebox is not set to industry standards in terms of center of lens to center of rod. Standard for a 15mm system is 85mm. Looks like its around 95mm. Bummer. Fine if you have a adjustable base but if you start to use higher end equipment like cages for cameras, this probably will not work. I'm using a wooden camera cage and it's not even close. On my Wooden Camera rig it measures 85mm from rod to lens center. Another drawback of upgrading cameras I guess. Barely used this thing too!

    @kronstadt Ha, just saw your old post! You ever get an answer till now?

  • Standard for a 15mm system is 85mm. Looks like its around 95mm. Bummer

    OK. Now slide it back on rods while it is opened for lens change, and try to close. Check clearence with rods.

    So something tells me that it is higher for a reason.

  • Yep, there's only 3/16" clearence from the rods to the bottom flag mount. So that's 4.76mm that could be gained but that's it. You could drop the bottom flag rod and probably make it. It's a tradeoff but one they should let customers know about. There's many matteboxes in the industry that open just like this one but are set at the right height. Once again, it's great for DSLR work and adjustable basis, but not so good for any set base plates.

    So up for sale it goes!

  • I bought one through the deal (Thanks Vitaliy!) and I've used the matte box a few time. I think they used the wrong length bolt on the rail mount, because the included one stripped some of the threads out, but I bought a longer one, and it's been holding solid with that. The filter holders are plastic and could stand to be improved, but are workable. The flags and frame of the box are all top notch IMHO. The biggest thing I think it's lacking is a height adjustment. I have an adjustable baseplate, but even that isn't always enough, depending on what camera I'm mounting, and that also can screw up the follow focus' ability to connect gears in some circumstances. Overall I'm happy with the purchase, and would only upgrade if I end up needing both follow focus and filtration at the same time a lot.

  • I finally got around to purchasing this mattebox after much research and deliberation. I ultimately chose it for it's all metal construction and the fact it had a bottom flag. Living in Australia there was always a good chance that I would be shooting by the water in bright conditions :-) so the bottom flag was essential in my opinion.

    Here's a summary of my feelings about the box:


    • Metal construction
    • Bottom Flag
    • Velvet linings on the flags to combat internal reflections
    • Good price
    • Excellent packaging, fast delivery and great communication by Cinematics
    • Solid construction
    • RH post that secures the swing away bracket
    • Wide enough for most wide angle lenses (no vignetting on 17mm with speedbooster on BMCC)


    • Lens not centred (too low) with BMCC and Veiwfactor Contineo cage and rod assembly (fixed with the purchase of an adjustable 15mm rod riser turned upside down - extra $60 including two 2" long rods. I dropped the box down about 15mm on the second set of short rods.)
    • Foam donuts (fixed by wife making a set of black velvet nun's knickers with elasticised ends - total cost $4.50)
    • Plastic filter holders (will fix with purchase of suitable size metal replacements. - haven't done this yet. Does anyone out there know of a suitable replacement?)

    All in all. this mattebox (with mods) will serve me well for years to come (IMHO the best mattebox out there for under $1000)

  • @catscratch - let me know when you find good metal holders for this.

  • I've been eyeing this matte box for a bit now. In regards to vertical adjustment, Cinematics does make an adjustable riser just for this matte box:

  • @vitaly_Kiselev Any chance you can get a bundle for the Cinematics with that adjustable riser? I think it'd be so much more useful.

    And I'd love to hear from anyone in regards to better filter holders that can work w/ this matte box. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting this very soon.


  • Oh also. I noticed that on Amazon, this matte box is going for $299. Any difference between that one and the $350 one that's on here?

  • I think not. I can talk to them both about price and riser.

  • That'd be great! Would make a great bundle, especially if you can get both for $350 or less (crosses fingers for a figure closer to the $299)

  • Hey! That's actually another of my videos! [..] I own other models, my favorite one is the CINEMATICS. It's built like a tank and the construction is way above all the others.

  • Oh and by the way, that riser is really strong and totally worth the price. I got it earlier this year. I'm really impressed by the quality, doesn't feel cheap at all.

  • Well, too bad this is not a 4x5.6 mattebox

  • Yes unfortunately it's only 4x4. Works well with the 18mm on a crop sensor camera, no vignetting. I have worked with a RedRock Micro Mattebox and this one is superior in quality. Really nice Mattebox.

  • Yeah, I need one that I can scale up for when I use proper Cinema lenses (Cookes, ARRIs, etc.) on REDs and Alexas in addition to the smaller cameras and lenses.