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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • >care to elaborate what that has to do with the GH2 encryption? Is it in regards to getting 10bit out of HDMI?

    Care to ask stupid question. How encryption become related to 10bit HDMI output in your head? :-)
  • Maybe,because Lola wants it ? ;-) ....
  • Vitaly, you are the man!
    I am waiting for this since months!
    How much more patience should I have?
  • >How much more patience should I have?

    What do you mean?
    It won't be instant.
    I expect to make working decryptor and unpacker tomorrow.
    After this I'll move to slow and careful reversing.
    As soon as test body will be available I'll start making first simple patches (testing version change, firmware u[loading and similar things).
  • Hello Vitaliy, thanx for your quick answer.
    I meant that I would so much look forward to get some more advanced features to my GH2.
    That's why I asked you about when we could try something ourselves on our GH2s.
    I appreciate your work very much, and I would love to see a 1080p 30/50/60Frames in the near future. You think this will happen?!
    Will we be able to avoid the terrible interlacing effects at all?
    Thanx again for your great work.
  • Blowup, it's too early to say, V. has to do a lot of ground work first, and it's very important to be careful with changes that could potentially brick (kill) a camera. Just be patient, V. is a pro.
  • S DNEM POBEDY, Vitaly. This should be a symbolic day for a project named Stalin.
  • I'm interested in seeing what is happening with the different HDMI outputs. I've noticed that during liveview, that if you press LCD/VF button that the output on the HDMI port changes in saturation, gamma and sharpness(NR?). This looks different than if you press record, which gives us 3 different ways the HDMI output is different under different circumstances. This doesn't even get into the fact that while in liveview there is no red channel smearing on the HDMI output yet when recording there is.

    I don't understand why panny has so many different routines for HDMI output.
  • >Care to ask stupid question.<<br />
    Damn dude, relax. Just did't get what we're supposed to see in that video.

    Ah, maybe I get it now. Perhaps I'm not supposed to look at the technical aspect of video itself but maybe the title and meaning of the video?

    As for my "stupid" question, I'm sorry, I don't understand the inner workings of the camera like you, nor do I really understand what the encryption affects, so I assumed based on the subject matter of the preceding comments, that it may have something to do with the HDMI output. Which I'm very interested in.
  • the encryption covers every aspect of the firmware. The firmware "updates" are encrypted so that you cannot see the contents in an understandable and editable form, which means that we cannot "hack" it. The original GH1 hack was do-able because the firmware update was not encrypted. The firmware on the cameras themselves is not encrypted but there was no way to get the firmware out of the camera until VK's GH2 went to have the chip containing the code removed where we can offload the contents directly from the chip itself.
  • @svart Thank you - that makes a huge amount of sense and helps me to understand how VK is doing all this. Wow - and I can't wait to find out what he manages to do!
  • Vitaliy is a genius!! this is all very interesting (google traductor)
  • this is awesome, Vitaliy u r my god!!11
  • I finished preliminary decryptor and unpacker for GH2 today.
  • Awesome job man! Donated, good luck! Ps: If you're interested in seeing some of my hdslr filmmaking, would love to share what I'll end up using the hack for!
  • Here is small hex parts of decrypted 1.0D firmware content (program and eeprom)


    679 x 201 - 8K
    725 x 202 - 19K
  • great news
  • Vitaliy,

    Will you work be applicable to firmware v1.0? I have a US camera with version 1.0.
  • > Will you work be applicable to firmware v1.0? I have a US camera with version 1.0.

    In reality multiple firmware versions exists.
    Dumped version was 1.0C, decrypted and publically available is 1.0D.
    I know some rumors about 1.0E.
    All of them show as 1.0 in version display :-)
  • >Here is small hex parts of decrypted 1.0D firmware content (program and eeprom)

    I wish I new what all that meant:) So what's the next step after a good night's sleep?
  • So, one is a decrypted version of the other?
  • >So, one is a decrypted version of the other?

    What do you mean?
    They are from two different decrypted parts of 1.0D firmware.
  • Ah, sorry. I realise how little I understand about it. Do you have a page somewhere that describes the process of what you're doing? But not, if it distracts you from doing it! :-)
  • >Do you have a page somewhere that describes the process of what you're doing?

    I try to get some progress notices here.
    You can also see one more similar screen in TZ10 related topic (TZ10 firmware is more complicated and consists of many more parts, like resources, etc).
    To be short - we need to be able to decrypt, patch and encrypt back firmware.
    So, most things considering first and third steps are done (not final code, of course).
  • So, we're at the point where you're just fiddling around with the coding and seeing what all you can change/add/remove? Then you have to run a few patch/encrypting tests to make sure it all goes smoothly. Then after that you're going o work on cleaning up the code for it? Would this be a fair assumption?

    Don't mean to hound you about your status/progress...