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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • hello, im following the hack progress very interested currently as im looking to buy a japanese model GH2 some day in the next weeks, is it too early to ask, if there will be a public hack to switch the menu to english? (As the current one is kept behind closed doors) thank you very much for your work!
  • Just sent some $$ your way. really looking forward to this hack. Hoping there is something in there that would allow genlock / sync between two cameras for a 3D rig.
  • Just added some $$ to the kitty. The GH1 hack transformed that camera, can't wait for 25p and higher bitrates in the GH2. Good luck.
    PS: although I'm not a brilliant php coder by any means, if there are some simple tasks that you could use help with, let me know.
  • no hablo ingles lo siento,pero merece la pena comprarme una lumix gh2 ahora? crees que podras hackearla y poner muchas opciones emocionantes o espero mejor a una lumix gh3?? gracias por todo vitaliy!!!

    I'm sorry I do not speak English, but it's worth buying
    lumix GH2 one now? think you can hack and put
    I hope many more exciting options or a lumix
    GH3? thanks for all vitaliy! (google traductor)
  • >but it's worth buying lumix GH2 one now?

    Yes :-) even whithout any hack.

    >think you can hack and put I hope many more exciting options or a lumix GH3?

    No one knows anything about GH3.
    And I think that we won't see it this year due constant rolling blackouts in Japan.
    They closed some new statons few days ago.
  • Hi Everyone,

    exciting things are on the way as I gather... !

    I am having serious issues with GH2, basically I get "trailing" or image doubling when panning at a certain pace in 24p (1080p and 720p). Analysing frame grams you can clearly see there is no blur, which would be normal, but a sort of twiching which is totally unacceptable at any level.

    Camera went to serviving, they found nothing.

    Right now I wrote to Panasonic UK and Japan to clarify this.
    Anyone experiencing the very same issue? If this is it, I am hoping a software hack can fix this.

  • Hello! Just joined up so I can jump into this thread and get reports. I've contributed, and will again. I'm not in a hurry to buy the camera. I'm waiting to see how this develops. I read in another thread here that 1080p is not available due to the sensor. But the stock camera does 1080p24. I guess that's wrapped in a 1080i?

    Anyway, my 2 main hopes for the hack is to (1) get a nice 1080p30 with audio. And (2) get manual audio levels with live metering and audio monitoring through HDMI. VK, what do you think? Too much to ask?
  • >I read in another thread here that 1080p is not available due to the sensor

    This was G2 thread :-)

    >get manual audio levels with live metering

    Live meters are available on stock GH2.
    Audio levels are in fact adjustable AGC.
    I found necessary routines and constants for all settings already.
    So, we'll see that happens if we'll adjust them.

    >audio monitoring through HDMI

    It could be hard. As, most probably, necessary code is just not present.
    So, if it is some switch, then it could be done.
  • will the GH2 hack be able to not only change the Japanese language (japanese models) to English, but will it also be able to output proper 24p 1080 into the atomos ninja, instead of the current strange container of 1080i.

  • Incredible, now gh2 seems like a great contender. I love my new gf13. I just cant imagine what the gh2 will turn out. My respects for you and your crew.
  • Thank you for the great work.
    I'm also interested to know if the limitations put on the GH2's HDMI output by Panasonic are actually written into the firmware and if they can be altered. Will there ever be a clean 4:2:2 output?
    How far are we from knowing this?
    No pressure. Keep it up.

  • Hey Vitaliy, keep up the great work. Just added a few $$ to help!
  • Video considering GH2 encryption


    If you like it you could see how they made it:

  • That was the best "making of" I've ever seen....
  • Is it possible to get 10-bit video through HDMI? Currently, it most definitely is not 10-bit and bands like crazy, making HDMI recording kind of pointless. It looks like the internal processing is all 8-bit, but with no dithering. Any way to bypass the internal processing to just get raw image out the HDMI would be amazing.
  • Hey Vitality =]
    Are you saying you can basically do whatever you want when dealing with GH2's encryption? I'm assuming you were able to bypass it pretty easily.
  • >> Hoping there is something in there that would allow genlock / sync between two cameras for a 3D rig.

    Big +1 (but you already knew that V. : ). Ability to match exposure params etc. would be nice too, but frame sync is the big one.
  • keep up the good work Lola :D
  • I'm working with my GH2 and the nanoflash recorder, and can´t find any artifacts on the footage with nanoflash. I record I-frame, 100Mbps. The signal is sent @ 1080 50i to nanoflash that detects it and work great. Of course I'm looking forward to see the results of Vitality.
  • Marvelous!! Did a small $$ donation for keeping up the good work!

  • Hey Vitaliy,
    I made a small donation. Hope you can figure a great hack for the already wonderful GH2!
    I actually don't understand a word of what you guys are talking about the codes and all but for the reactions it seems to be good stuff!
    Actually, what I would love to have is 1080p60, even if it has a time limit or something to ensure the processors safety, 30p (and 25p for the Euro pals) I believe is something we can take for granted!! You'll surely make it happen... Maybe it would be possible to have even more overcrancked options at 720p, who knows??
    Can'thardly wait for your hack!
    Cheers from Brazil. Come and visit to relax after you pull this out!
    You are the best man!
  • Just made a donation! Good Luck!
  • I may be missing the point of the 7D shot music video above. care to elaborate what that has to do with the GH2 encryption? Is it in regards to getting 10bit out of HDMI? Also, I donated!