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Sony NEX-VG900 Full Frame camera topic
  • Amazing, cheap full frame camcorder.



    • 35mm Full-Frame Exmor HD CMOS sensor(35.8 x 23.9mm)
    • Approx. 24.7 megapixels
    • Stills side identical to A99 (raw, etc)
    • Shutter Speeds : Auto Control Range: 1/48-1/10000 (movie_24p) ,1/60-1/10000(movie_other)/ 30s-1/8000 (Still); Manual: 1/4-1/10000 (movie) , 30s-1/8000 (Still)
    • HD PS:Approx.28Mbps/FX:Approx.24Mbps/FH:Approx.17Mbps/HQ:Approx.9Mbps/LP:Approx.5Mbps; STD HQ:9Mbps
    • Gain Control : Auto/manual(0dB-30dB)
    • 1080 24fps, 24Mbps
    • 1080 60fps, 28Mbps
    • Zebra, Peaking, etc
    • Mic Level Control : Yes(31steps)
    • XGA OLED viewfinder (with eye sensor!)
    • LCD Type : 3.0 Xtra Fine LCD™ 270 degree swivel display (touchscreen!)
    • No XLR (but is compatible with special Sony’s XLR mic kit )
    • HDMI optput - clear, suitable for recording (including 60p)
    • Battery Type : InfoLITHIUM® with AccuPower™ Meter System (V Series) NP-FV70/FV100 (about 3h on one good battery)
    • Dimensions (Approx.) : Approx. 4 1/4in x 5 1/8in x 8 7/8in (WxHxD with including supplied NP-FV70 battery)
    • It also comes with an A-mount lens adapter included (LA-EA3)
    • Price: MSRP of $3299


    Available at:

    Reviews, previews:

    Videos and samples:

    686 x 459 - 44K
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  • It seems it is time to wait a few years to buy something new. to avoid something better and less expensive to come after a purchase.

  • Apefos, I had that feeling this morning (specially if you are in Brazil/MG)

  • Only if money is involved then well, might just be fine to think, but, waiting for the right moment, just comes in the moment, feel it and buy as needed. Make no plans.

  • Who would buy this over a 5D?

  • @fatpig

    I have same question, but in reverse.

    Do you see any reason to get 5D after it'll be available?

  • Most guys also forget that this is camcorder, so it'll have both EVF and LCD. And looking at EVF and LCDs in top NEX cameras they must be quite good.

    On 5D all you have is just fixed LCD on the back.

  • Well this is interesting. I think it'll be a DSLR sensor tho like the NEX-EA50UH so there will more than likely be line skipping or pixel binning. I'll probably pass on this model, but the generation after might be intriguing.

  • so there will more than likely be line skipping or pixel binning

    Either one or another :-) I think it'll be normal binning.

  • It'll probably do large stills like it's little brother so no AA filter either.

  • Sony - stupid stupid stupid.... there is nothing new and better comparing to FS-100. Why Full frame sensor for video, if one pixel of that XY megapixel is smaller then previous cameras has? 1920 x 1080 = 2Megapix. If they should make a very very PRO sensor for video, than it should have just exact pixel nomber needed for the final video format (No photo options, which makes camcorders just HOME VIDEO camera). Why don´t they make some sensor with 3840x2160=8-9 Megapix so they would use individual RGB pixels for Full HD and super sensitive sensor with internal ,,in camera medium,, recording to at least 4:2:2 colour??? Nothing new is delivered by those new camcorders... please, open your eyes people! For example the flash modul for SONY FS-100 is absolutly useless, as it offers only the same possibility to record than SD card SONY just spent a lot of time and money to develop something that they just ,,locked by software,, so you cannot record any better format on it then AVCHD 4:2:0. And, it takes some space in the camera that could be used for something else, because nobody will ever by that modul. Also SONY FS-700 will have the space for that Flash modul, but.... the same story. You will be aloved to record only the same AVCHD as SD card offers. Great, SONY! No internal 4:2:2 in the body for 7500USD :-) :-) :-)

  • Sony - stupid stupid stupid.... there is nothing new and better comparing to FS-100. Why Full frame sensor for video, if one pixel of that XY megapixel is smaller then previous cameras has?

    Keep the level of your comments, please. Do not bring shit you heard somewhere and do not understand. All this "give us low resolution sensors" shit is just old, out of date for long long time.

  • Vitaliy, I don´t think it is out of date for long long time, until there will be camera like SONY FS-100 with internal ND filter (which SONY FS-700 will be, but for twice price) and some CF card recording to 10-bit colour (or any other ,,SONY friendly,, card). Or, correct me please, if I want so much for the camera released close to the year 2013.

  • this great article explains the e-mount can handle a full frame sensor, but some full frame lenses will vignette due to adaptor internal diameter to fit the e-mount and due to some lenses have some amount of telecentricity design and big exit pupil. Will the fastest lenses from 1.2 to 2.0 vignette? no answer at this moment, but probably will.

  • @guzak

    Do not jump from one thing to the next and combining different complains. You can't ask anything from any camera, you can just work hard to get money for one that comply to your wishes. If you can't buy one you like it is not problem with camera manufacturers, it is your problem, either problem if exaggerated wishes, or problem of no money.

  • write many things ... and many things came often false... according to me, FF 3K$ camcorder have no sense. this will definitely be a rumor...

  • @lolodigital

    This one is true, believe me :-)

  • i did some calculations and it seems all 35mm full frame lenses will work without vignette. with new designed adapters having the largest internal diameter they probably will have 41.3mm diameter wich is the diagonal of a 36x20.25mm 16x9 full frame sensor. so the light will travel from the lens exit pupil to the sensor without being blocked by the mount or by the adapter.

  • Vitaliy, as about recording format, is that camera new or better? The E-mount lenses are remotable, so you can always work with he same lenses, no need to discuss that. Full frame with so high resolution needs to be recalculated to 1920x1080. Is there something wrong about what I wrote? Just to have camcorders for filming and cameras for photographing? Or was I uncorrect about the SOHXRFMU128 flash modul? Correct me please and I wil be glad to learn something new and apologise. But by my opinion that flash modul is for nothing. But of course, this is VG900 thema here. So back to VG900, is it realy so big problem to have 4:2:2 in camera for 3000? If it is possible by it´s hardware? OK, even 7500USD FS900 does not offer it (internal rec). It is not always about the money. I just don´t want to have any external recorder connected to camera, if such small thing like Black Magic Camera can have SSD HDD slot. Of course I understand the theory, there will always have to be something, which they upgrade so we would by newer model. And as my theory about number of pix for FULL HD, I had SONY FS100, EOS Mark III and D800... SONY is the best as regarding to moire problem. Is it not because of pixel number?

  • Sony seems to be releasing a camera every day, but it seems that they all have some super feature; fps fs700, low light Fs100, body form factor Nex5u, now perhaps full frame with this rumored camcorder.But none have the basic thing. What I mean is a least a good codec or a choice of codec that has at least 10 bit and higher bitrate in a good form factor etc.

    Just give us some native 2.5 to 1080p (so no line skipping) apsc/super 35 size sensor, a choice of 50/100/200 mbit 10 bit internal codec, choice of frame rate from 24 to 60 fps and a shoulder mount like the latest nex camera with internal ND. Unfortunately we have to pic and choose, but don't expect anything close to a sensible/logical camera spec.

  • if you want 422, 10/12 bit, and high bit rate, then you may look at more expensive cameras like canon c300 and sony f3. it seems they keep these dream features in more expensive products to make more money. or the new magic bullet cinema camera.

  • some of the largest exit pupil 35mm full frame lenses are the canon 24mm 1.4 and the nikon 55mm 1.2 they have an exit pupil about 38~40mm diameter, so if that chinese adapters manufacturers do some adapters with the inernal diameter about 41.3mm the light will travel to the e-mount full frame sensor no problem, no vignette.

  • danyyyel, it is just the question of time. You know that every technological progress is being sold step by step... they could make such camera, but it would be the last model ever sold until everybody jump to 4K, because nobody would buy their expensive cameras for 30-50k USD. But you can buy Nikon D800 which has already 422 HDMI out... as I think. Releasing Panasonic GH3 is also just holding, waiting for what the other companies will put out :-) ... I hope by the end of 2012 somebody will release affordable camera with 10bit 422, couse my clients want me to use some camera with BBC standards :-(

  • If someone can hack this for higher bitrate intra-frame recording, and provided that it doesn't have aliasing or moire issues, this may well be my next camera.

    edit - and there's nothing wrong with pixel-binning in principle. Pixel-binning with a good algorithm (like on the GH2) is about as good as it gets for sensors this large.

  • if the e-mount throat diameter is 46mm, considering the tabs it will decrease to 43mm, considering the lens adapter it will decrease to 41mm. So to avoid any vignetting the ideal frame size would be 34x22.7mm (40.9mm diagonal and for 16:9 with some top/bottom crop it would be 34x19.1mm giving a 1.1 crop factor for video comparing to default full frame. good.

  • @apefos

    I am sure that Sony engineers are smarter than us here, so do not worry, all will be working just fine.