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RED EPIC DRAGON [finally a reality]
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  • @010101 Not sure if you're trolling here, though it does appear so but are you familiar with Shian at all? I wouldn't call him a huge RED supporter. I've seen him praise the GH2 more. Why does every damn thread come to this? I bet if people we're sitting face to face instead of hiding behind computer screens most of this shit wouldn't happen.

  • @vicharris, I don't care who shian is. I care how he disregards others. Why are you bothered with an exchange of opposing opinions ? If we all agree on all points it's going to be the knitting club. All we have to do is be polite in voicing opinions and respecting the other guy - and that's what's this shian guy feels entitled to ignore often. BTW who is this guy !?

  • Vic, let it go. You are wasting you time with this guy. He clearly thinks he knows me, and neither you nor I can disuade him from his opinion.

    Anyone who's ever sat and talked with me knows that I try to be fair. I've called RED arrogant and greedy before [just yesterday I think] I've blasted BMD, and Panasonic... no one is safe from my wrath when stupid shit is perpetrated. I have no loyalties, no sponsors. I'm excited to see technology move forward. Hell I can do amazing things with 5.6 stops of DR, 16 is gravy... makes my job a hell of a lot easier. I don't have to stress as much. I like what's coming out of The Dragon development because it opens up new possibilities. And I lament this new technology because it benefits those who have not worked at their craft, and who poison the well.

  • @shian, You, as mighty and fair minded you think you are. You have no right to call others with profanity just because they question your opinion. We are all wasting our times speculating about each other but the words we type in this space could represent us. Unfortunately my first encounter to your words doesn't leave much to desire. All I ask was your opinion about the need for all that extra DR and then made a comparison to the past and existing methods with lesser DR. If that is your ticket to call me names, then you are as low as many in the RED USER forums doing the same. But this is not RED USER forum.

    Let's help one another to tell better stories not call each other idiots, morons or ( douchenozzle !? ). Idiot and moron I have no problem with but that last one tells me much more about your character.

  • I didn't call you an idiot or a moron. If you lumped yourself in with them, that's you reading my post completely wrong. I was merely explaining the advantage of the wider DR, and lamenting that there will be a whole new breed of idiots buying $4000 4K cams and shooting absolute shit, and calling themselves cinematographers.

    THOSE idiots poison the well. The reason producers want the world, and they want it for free [but offer killer sandwiches and screen credit] is because of the dumb motherfuckers I was referring to. Not you... unless of course the shoe fits. I didn't say it did. You just decided I was taking to you.

  • @shian @010101 ---- I cant tell you how many HORRIBLE Red videos I have seen since its inception because of the aforementioned "idiots" who think shooting on Red is a magic wand for not knowing the craft. So I can sympathize with Shian on this point. However the 4K BMD cam and the inevitable bandwagon of new idiots to come doesnt worry me because even If I am still shooting on GH2(likely unless i win the lotto) "my images will shine, REGARDLESS of what camera I use. I dont fear losing work to these people because MY work will stand on its own based on my skill, creativity and dedication to film making. Some of the MOST AMAZING footage I have seen, Shian shot on GH2'---

    "Its not the camera that takes the damn good picture...its the damn good photographer."-I dont know if someone else said that but they probably did because its true.

  • +1 @no_surrender I've not seen anyone master the GH2 as well as @shian in a narrative film making production way. He knows his light, and he knows the cameras constraints and the boy knows colour.

  • I'm curious if and when the price on the Scarlet will drop because of this.

  • I am not sure about the rest of members here but I think the shoe that shian is making fitting me perfectly. I think I joined the crowed that shian refers to as motherfuckers by receiving a " Kodak browny8 "some 50 years ago. From that night onwards I have been trying to make a good movie and Lord knows I have done all I could including but not limited to cleaning the toilets of trailers around the film village and getting the latest cameras I could afford. I couldn't even imagine my efforts in pursuit of film making could be the cause of lamenting for some - in this case shian. We were all considered a new breed of film makers at a certain point. Some of us like shian turned out OK ! A lot of those used funny ideas for camera like a hacked GH2 ! There is nothing wrong with new breeds and indi cameras. They don't deserve to be looked down upon by anybody. In fact I have never heard Roger Deakins addressing anybody the way shian does. Go figure.

    Well, regardless of shian's lament - I am going to buy that BMPC at 4k@$4k and continue to practice the craft. For sure I won't have the 16+ DR but in the level of motherfucker film makers I have to survive with the little I can afford.

    I love to see some work shian has done - especially the items itimjim is referring to. Perhaps I could learn something. There was nothing on IMDB for " shian " where ever I looked.

  • really?

    I guess the internets must be broken.

    Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 11.29.34 PM.png
    851 x 880 - 151K
  • and clearly you're way too upset to see that you've missed my point entirely - I'm the first to say what camera you shoot with doesn't matter; it's what you do with it. I cut my teeth shooting DV, and shot "Singularity" on an HVX. All of that makes shooting on RED and DSLRs cake.

  • And back to our regularly scheduled program - @OzNimbus we'll have to wait and see when they announce the Scarlet trade-in program which should be after those with low serials get their Dragon's. Then we'll see what they offer for "Battle tested" Scarlet's.

  • For those who can't afford one, just use that mad crazy skill to show RED that they should give u one for free along with some CP.2s

  • I'm curious if and when the price on the Scarlet will drop because of this.

    It already has dropped the resale value.

  • @shian

    There's a theory here that gives BMCC 4k at 11 DR stops.

    If it's true, i'll not go for it for a second 4k camera other my R1mx.

    I really like, instead, the m43 2k BMCC for $995, but there's another story (or topic) :-)

  • Yeah I just had a R1MX fall in my lap for a song. The owner simply didn't want it anymore. [he has an Epic, so the MX was just collecting dust] I made a ridiculously low offer to take it off his hands, and he said, "It's yours." I was stunned.

    But it didn't come complete. It's basically just the body, drives, rails, ET breakout, and cables. I still need to rent batteries, lenses, sticks, MB, filters, etc. I'm currently machining a modified rig to make it easier for taller guys like me go handheld without shouldering which is too high for most actors. And this new rig will provide more leverage for the operator without kicking the cables out of the back or shorting them out. It also pulls the drive and battery off the cam and mounts them to my old Glidecam vest. I can probably get the whole rig down to 16 pounds with an Ultra Prime on it, and a clip-on MB.

  • Pink highlights are a result of bad color correction. I own an Epic and teach all three (Red One, Scarlet, and Epic) . so what the point? Point is that Red makes a good camera. it's business style evokes high emotion for and against but if you know what your doing, and you enjoy color correction, the Red cameras are a blast to work with.

    People love to cut them down, but am very happy to see a camera constructed here in the US. no, not all the parts are from here (that's usually the first thing haters hit me with) but they are built here. Good for them.


  • @shian

    That's a good catch! I have globalmediapro 190wh batteries and they works fine. One line of them are for R1, and they can pass information to the viewfinder/monitor, so they are like original ones, but way cheaper and more powerful :-)

  • Very interesting article here from Art Adams, an experienced cinematographer, and his love/hate relationship with the RED cameras, and what he expects from the Dragon.

  • which camera shot this???
    gh2 red one red 6k bm 4k 5d3 raw

  • Worked with some Dragon elements last weekend. Surprisingly noisy in the red channel. Really noisy.