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Official G3 hack development topic
  • Got the dump. All looks perfect.

    I'll start to work on hack soon.

    P.S. remember to support our project, as due to your constant support this place is possible.

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  • This is great news!

  • Nice job!

  • ура! ждем с нетерпением результатов!

  • Looking forward to it. Cheers Paul

  • OMG you're awesome vitaliy good job!

  • I want to be as polite as I can, and please forgive me if I bother with my question. I'm new here and don't have a clue how long it takes to have the hack ready, but do you have any kind of estimate? I just want to know if I must keep refreshing this thread hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. I'll keep donating and supporting the site, of course. Thanks for your awesome work Vitaliy.

  • @MartinOcando

    I am hoping for June.
    It is summer time and it'll depend on available time.

  • Many thanks Vitaliy

  • Wow, Vitaliy, you rock! :) Was hoping for some hack for G3 and found this site... Your effort is very valuable... Definitely will support this project... Just one question, will your hack unlock the higher ISOs above 6400 on G3? It has similar sensor to GH2 (in quality terms) so it would be nice to have higher ISOs to play with :)

  • Just one question, will your hack unlock the higher ISOs above 6400 on G3?

    Yep, it is in plans.

  • That's great news. I'm glad that I've bought G3, it seems, tahat it will be superb camera with your hacks :) Keep up the good work

  • :), so excited news

  • This might be asked millions of times, but I'll do it once again, and hope for the best. Is there any chance of enabling Auto ISO in M mode with the hack? Thanks

  • Is there any chance of enabling Auto ISO in M mode with the hack?

    It is not just enabling, it will require change of exposure algorithm, I think.

  • Sad. Is the only thing I really miss from my former Canon/Pentax DSLRs.

  • Great! I'm making a Paypal account to contribute, Q: How do I declare i'm supporting this G3 Hack?

    Thanks in advance for the amazing work and effort yo've being doing here.

    Greetings from Uruguay!

  • It is possible to get an external mic in the G3? Maybe over HDMI? And are 50 frames per second oder 60 fp/s planned?

  • Hello, I've just donated 10$ for the project. I will donate 20$ more if can be implemented 1080i recording in ETC mode as it exist on GH2,because now the 720p mode gives a too high crop factor of 3,6-3,9 and it zooms too much. I will donate 10$ more if the "miniture mode" of GF3 and GX1 will be ported on G3 too.Are this two features planned???Thanks Vitaly!

  • You just donate for a project, not for specific features

  • I don't think is the way Vitaliy works. One donate for his work, and to make our cameras better. He won't activate/deny activation to certain features if you donate for them or not, or if you keep donating or not. And besides, is a donation. Is not a feature checklist with specific prices for each feature.

  • I've already donated for the project,and I will in post is simply a promise. Besides, since you your registration to this site you asked two-three times for enabling the Auto ISO mode in Manual mode...If I was malicious I could think you were requesting this feature. In any case if none would be interested to some specific function I think this project would be just a research project and almost none would finance it. Sorry to be OT

  • @doppiosogno

    Thing is that this project exist on certain principles for quite a time.

    I always add all features requests and try to implement one that I can. But. I do not work for you, so idea to donate to specific feature won't work.

  • @doppiosogno

    So, me asking if "There is a chance", and you saying "If you give me this, I'll give you that" is the same, in your logic. Hmmmmm... ok

  • Sorry to everybody,I did not intend to offend anyone.I did not want to demand someone to do things for me,I'm no one here and as you say you don't work for me. As I alredy said before this is a promise, I wanted just expressed I will be particulary happy if this two features will be implemented and for this reason I will donate more money. Stop. Please Vitaliy excuse my manners and if you can take my as "request" a proposal for new features. Thanks