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Beginners: Basic hacks questions, series 2
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  • @matt_gh2
    no, none of the patches does, check FAQ

  • I have a question

    Ive put the apocalypse now patch on to my camera, when I run it through parser its running at average 56mb so is that hack currently installed? i'd have thought it'd be running at 156mb no 56mb.

    also it should be running on HBR right, I read a lot of people saying 1080 24p which you cant change under HBR mode, so im making sure running it under HBR is better then the manual mode on 1080 24p

  • I'm trying to hack my GH2 & am seriously overwhelmed by all the technical info. I am working from a Mac & haven't been able to find a way for ptools or the files to read on my computer. It's also unclear which is the latest version of Driftwood's Quantum & AQmotion patches. Any clarification would be much appreciated. Also, I'm currently in Bangalore, India. Are there any other GH2 users out here (tho I'm based from NYC)?

  • I'm looking for settings which would allow me to record a theatre play (approx 1 hour and a half max). Thus: spanning is a must, I have the 64 gig 95 mb/s sandisk card. Thanks in advance.

  • SIMPLE QUESTIONS - please answer or point me to where I can get answers:

    1) After I load the patch (Flow Motion) - I notice quality increase, but how can I see what the actual bit rate is? People keep on referring to that, how can they know what it is ?

    2) How can you change f/strop and aperture settings while in movie mode with the hack?

    3) Are there any new menu settings when you install the patch?

    4) Can you adjust bit rate after applying the patch?

    Sorry if this has already been answered before. Please point me where I can read about this. I tried on the forums but there is tons and tons of information that just confuse me.


  • Hi,

    I've looked all over the site but cannot find what I am doing wrong. I have a G2 camera and initially all I want to do is remove the 30 minute limit on the recording. I have downloaded the firmware from Panasonic (G2___V11.bin), the camera is running V1.1 I have downloaded the latest Ptools (version 3.66d)

    Opened the firmware, ticked "version increment" (i've tried larger increments too) and ticked to remove 30 minute limit. Saved file at G2___V12.bin, copied to root of newly formatted SD card, put in camera, turned on, hit playback. Nothing, no prompt to update firmware.

    Can someone tell me where I am going wrong?


  • Did you format the SD card in the camera or on your computer before copying the firmware to the card?

  • @abfaria You may want to check this link which has great info to get started

    For bit rate you can use streamparser here

    For F-stop, its the same with or without hack. Your lense may have a ring that turns to adjust aperature. If it doesn't, there will be a setting in the camera for changing this (assuming you're using a compatible lens)

    Not sure about new menu settings. I.believe you have more choices in the ISO menu.

    Not sure about adjusting bitrate of settings ("patches"), but if doable I would guess its done my modifying before you put on camera. But if youre using an SD card that doesnt work with a high bitrate setting, what you can do is look for one that has same imaging charactrtistics but uses a lower bitrate. Obviosuly, if you can afford the more expensive SD cards, you'll have more choice of settings and less problems.

    Good luck - have fun.

  • @fredfred27 I formatted the card in the camera, even tried 2 different SD cards. I have also tried ticking the options for ignore firmware check and new camera body.

    Is there a download link for older verions of the ptools program?

  • Was your battery fully charged?

  • Hi all, please excuse the super noob question. I've had a GH1 for about a year, and usually search this forum and a couple others, to answer my questions without having to ask. I'm learning how to edit, with Sony Vegas. One thing I'm noticing is my .MTS files (AVCHD, using the Blackout Powell patch if I remember correctly) show up as 29.97 fps and not 24. I also downloaded Splash Lite which displays media info, it also shows 29.97 fps. Did I apply the hack wrong?

  • The GH1 converts its 24p to 30i unless you select the "Native 24p" patch in PTool. If you don't use native 24p, you will need to perform inverse 3:2 pull-down on the resulting files to convert them to 24p.

  • @nigel101 It sounds good. Bitrate is variable, that means that the bitrate depends of motion intensity, details, in-focus area, light etc. Bitrate156M can be acchieved just occasionaly.

    @Bressonftv patch Cake v.2.3 by @balazer is probably the right one for you, use 24p cinema H for best IQ

    @Micheal_C format card in the camera, turn off / take SD card out, stick it into your PC / simply copy the hacked firmware to your SD card /stick SD card into the camera again, turn on, press playback button and it should go....does it?

    @sevenoneone Have you loaded zip file into Ptool or did it yourself? Option "Native 24p/25p" checked? If it doesn't help, maybe send LPowell PM and ask him, he is very forthcoming person. By some other patches for GH1 it is important to check also PAL/NTSC switching and switch camera to NTSC but I'm not sure about blackout patch....I just see right now that balazer answered you with the same idea.

  • @balazer and @tetakpatak thank you for your help, just patched again and now the video files read as they should. i must have botched something, or loaded a different patch before.

  • @balazar Battery full @tetakpatak Exactly the steps I have taken, can't see why it doesn't want to load it. I've read the FAQ a number of times and tried some tips from the forum about taking a couple of picture with the card first. Only ideas I have left are either camera model is rejecting firmware, or latest version of ptools has stopped working with the G2. If someone has the older versions of ptools I would like to try them out too.

  • Hi I need a patch that is very stable in all modes, more or less than 42 mbs thanks


  • @ehmeddie go here:

    and use Cbrandin's 44 AQ4. Test it and see if that works for you. I used it a long time ago and it was stable as hell, but test it.


  • thanksssssss :)

  • Hi, what's generally regarded as the best HBR 25p spanning, stable, highest quality patch for 30MB/s Sandisk SD's?

    Unless there is a noticeably better quality one, worth the investment in the 95MB/s 64gb Sandisk sd's?


  • I have a couple of questions from reading the thread on Flowmotion Hack which Im using. can someone please explain what the following abbreviations mean:

    "FM2's 60Mbps H mode instead of its 100Mbps SH mode" and "You need to use the L setting when this happens and when using sharp Panasonic lenses"

    all came from folks having problems with indoor lighting or poor lighting shoots- a problem Im having. How do you switch to these H, SH and L modes and what do they mean? Thanks

  • @bobsomebody
    reading your camera manual would help, it is about video settings. Also checking video quality in the camera menu. If that is also too complicated, our forum mate @mpgxsvcd has plenty of great tutorial videos on his YouTube channel:

  • Cbrandin's 44 AQ4 I'm testing and is very stable, it is normal that the skies have banding???

  • Hello, since yesterday i have my new GH2, so i'm a realy enjoy (french) guy! But, i would like to hak it… Just something easy, to work on low light. I have a sandisk 32go 45MB. Does someone advise me? Thanks a lot

  • I shot this on flowmotion v2,2 hack other than some post problems its a solid hack

  • Didn't want to ask until I've searched this site for a while, but I couldn't find an answer to...

    How many patches can you put on your hacked GH2 at the same time? For example, can I have Cluster Boom and Flow Motion on the cam and switch back and forth?

    My camera arrives tomorrow and very excited to get going.