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Beginners: Basic hacks questions, series 2
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  • Vitaliy has updated the hack. And there is patches for 25p also.

  • I never had a problem with PTool before and I want to share if you people can help. I´m new with GH2 and want just test patches. I tested Lpowell and some driftwood apocalypsis now and everything is ok. But I bought a fast SD card and wanna try big bitrate hack, so as allways I put in the same folder 176 Quantmybaby. The weird thing is out of this folder ptool 6.66 allways read GH_11 software, but inside the folder tell me wrong software. I thought the mistake was that maybe it is for GH1 software, but I tried with GH_13 and tells me the same, wrong software. When I tried with Mysteron Burst, was fine. What am I doing worng? Thanks a lot Wich driftwood patches work with GH1 please?

  • I really need help here. I bought a 64/95 card from US and the clearance customs of my country stopped the shipping to charge the taxes. Problem is I got a very important job to shoot in the next week, and I will need to buy a temporary card for it.

    Which other card can I use with Sedna Aq1 patch? I read in other thread this hack only works with 64GB/95mbps. There is a way to safely use a high patch with any other card less expensive than this? I know it's a newbie question, but I'm in trouble here lol. Thanks any help.

  • There are lots of other PTool encoder settings that will work with slower cards: Sanity, Cake, Flow Motion.

  • @fran with software you mean firmware?
    if so, then download it again from the panasonic site.

  • @balazer Sorry, I did the wrong question. What I need to know is if with a Sandisk 32GB 95mbps instead of 64GB I can use the same hacks that it allows. I'm trying to find this information but each site says different things, and different users reports different issues. A bit confused and afraid to buy, since I'm buying 2 times the same thing...

  • mozes, yes, my mistaque, I mean firmware. But the firmware is ok, I download it from panasonic and with several patches work just fine. I will try to download again quantmybaby and see waht happen. PTool and formaware in the same folder open fines, it is just eith this patch, so I will try to download again. Thanks mozes, if you figure out something just tell me.

  • @FernandoAndre the main reason why most people use the 64/95mbs is that it allows spanning on some of the very high bit rate settings, and if spanning is required the 64/95mbs is the only way to go sometimes (it beats the 32/95mbs in some situations) If you do not require spanning, I believe the 32gb/95mbs card will run most if not all of the higher bit rate settings, but you may be restricted to shots that are less than aprox. 4gb in length (the duration of the 4gb file will depend on the data rate in the setting).

  • @fran, when you save the firmware you do rename it to GH2__V12.bin?

  • @moses, yes you right. I renamed, but It happens before that step. Simply trying to open it in the same folder of Quantmybaby doesn´t work. The same works perfect with other patches in other folders but not with this one. I will try to download again the patch. Valkirie, flowmotion, cluster....just fine

  • @matthere Thank you. Part of this job is about interviews of 10-15 minutes each one. So I guess I need "spanning", right? Do you know which hack can I use for this purpose, with a 32/95 card? I would use Sedna, but maybe this card is not enough to interviews.

  • Hi again, anyone had experience shoooting weddings in 24p? I´m in PAL land, I got GH1 and GH2, I know the GH2 has more quality in 24p ( more bitrate ), that make me want to try 24p. The final deliver would be BR, so it is supported by blue ray, and actually most people have full HD progresive TV. Aparently there is no risk except with some lights (50HZ) but some people say that shutter 50 should avoid the risk. What do you think? Any advice? What I´m trying to do is with the help of 24p, shooting style and lighting, achieve more film look, but maybe I´m going to a hell in editing and maybe I shoud choose 25p...advantages and cons?..Thanks guys

  • Hello,

    Started up Ptool and loaded up GH2_V11.bin, just to look through it since I'm new to all this. Closed it when I was done, without saving anything. Went to start it again later, and now it is glitching, and wont even load the gui properly, let alone load the firmware again.

    Why is that? What am I doing wrong?

  • I get an error message: "Access violation at address 447CC3EE in module 'comdlg32.dll'. Read of address 00000000."

  • Hi there newb here: could someone direct me to the best totally stable settings with the iso unlocked on the GH2. I did try mpgxsvcd's 725B no adverse settings with the newest ptools n firmware but I am not having luck with that - he is helping me out with it at the mo. But are there any other ones I could try? As I would like to use it tomorrow.Thanks!

    Edit: I get the feeling no ones going to answer me in this thread anyway but mpgxsvcd helped sort out his settings with me so thanks to him :D - I guess I may try out the most popular settings - higher bit-rate ones later on for now I will be trying his out anyway...

  • Hi, this is a fairly basic question, but better safe than sorry.

    The PTools FAQ says "Choose a filename that is the same as the original firmware .bin file, except with a different number. (e.g. GH2__V11.bin instead of GH2__V10.bin)"

    I've been trying out a variety of hack settings. Once I've flashed a file named GH2__V11.bin, if I want to flash new settings, do I have to increase the number and name the next file GH2__V12.bin, etc, so as not to confuse the camera? If I get to GH2__V19.bin, will naming a file V20.bin create problems?

    Or is it possible "replace" the settings on a .bin file with different ones and save it under the same ##.bin name?


  • The number doesn't matter.

  • I've tried dozens of patches, and the one currently on my camera is 'bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO1'. So, today I decided to try Flowmotion, and now all of a sudden it won't load. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I did all the usual steps: formatted in camera, ran PTools 3.65d, loaded GH2__V11.bin, clicked F to load Flow Motion settings, named the new firmware GH2__V12.bin with 2 underscores, clicked play on the camera in Creative Movie Mode, now I get the 'No Valid Picture' error. I'm stuck!

    Oh yes, my card is an Extreme Pro 95 MB 32 GB. Thanks in advance :)

    Update: I turned it off and put in a fresh battery, and now it's working :)

  • Hi All,

    I would first like to say I hope this thread is appropriate for my question as I am a beginner to GH2 hacking. With this said, I familiarized myself with the hacking process and loaded the Apocalypse Now DREWnet soft hack and that seems to be working fine in the camera. However my experience is that with the SanDisk 64GB/95 class 10 card, I sometimes get situations where in-camera playback gets stuck mid-playback. It doesn't happen all the time, but I think it happens more consistently in darker situations with high-iso (assuming where more noise is prevalent...not sure). Shooting in 720p, 24H, 12800 (was experimenting with this ISO).

    Anyway, I wanted to ask if this is to be expected in certain situations? I had read that this hack is stable for others in terms of in-camera playback with the 64GB SanDisk class 10, but perhaps i missed any discussion that there may be situations in-camera playback can still fail with this card. If this is the case, i would appreciate someone confirming and helping me understand the reason for my own growth in understanding how the hacks work.

    I also would appreciate this confirmation as I understand there are counterfeit cards in the marketplace. I bought my card from Amazon and I tried to avoid a chance of receiving a counterfeit card by making sure I bought from Amazon as a direct fulfillment source...but I guess I'll need to conduct further testing to be certain my card is performing optimally.

    Regarding testing of a card, any advice on methods to verify a card is working optimally?

    Thank you kindly, Christian

  • @kameraguy some of the footage created by settings available here, is pushing the camera to its limits, both in its ability to record and the camera's ability to play back footage recorded. In some instances the camera can record footage, but the playback is "too much" in camera.. This is not connected to the card used. I have found this to be the case with some of the Drewnet settings, the camera records well, but just can't playback, for some users, in-camera playback is important, for some the picture quality achieved by the setting "trumps" the need to playback in camera, and the setting is still used :)

    A good way of checking the 64/95mbs card is to test spanning (the continual recording of files >4gb in length) as this seems to be the major difference in the 64/95mbs card compared to other cards, try spanning on a range on settings, and refer to other users feedback on settings.

  • matthere, thank you this helps address my concerns :)

  • Need a patch that'll get me nice looking 720p24 footage off my GH2. Looking to shoot boring lectures and the like, don't need super high bitrate or 60p.

    Any suggestions? I have seen some boxes that are unchecked in ptools with 720p? Current I have some super duper 110Mbps patch that eats up my $$$$ SD card like a vicar after the choir boy! Need to be able to shoot a 3 hours lecture with my 64GB card and edit on Mac Book Air.

  • HI, Complete newbie here... So I was wondering what are the most efficient and best hacks for the GH2 out there... so that I can focus on them.. I hear the Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' seems to be the latest and best hack.. is this true?.. I know hacks do different things so it is a matter of taste... but there must be a general consensus as to what are the best hacks for quality... any help? maybe I am missing the place that describes each hack in detail and where to download them?? I am new to this so sorry for the newbie questions... thanks

  • I just can't find "ISO Increment" option from GH2 menu. The option lets choose 1/3 or 1 stop ISO increment. Anyone having the same issue?

  • @stonebat, i have never see it in the menu?
    do you mean Exposure compensation (-5EV to +5EV, in 1/3EV increments)
    Its in the Quick Menu, if i am not wrong.