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Beginners: Basic hacks questions, series 2
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  • I have a stupid question regarding patch increment, I know it's a frequently asked question but I didn't find the answer using the search function... The patched firmware I'm currently using is v12, when I'll try another patch, can I save it as v12 too ? Or must i save it as v13 ? In fact is the whole increment thing just a way for Ptool not to overwrite the current firmware used to create the patch or is there any other reason involving the GH2 upgrade process ?

    Thanks !

  • Usually you can use the default increment setting. If the camera doesn't recognize the firmware image, try a higher setting.

  • I have a question regarding cards and patches. This was probably already asked and awnsered but I can't find anything about it by searching. So, I put Sedna AQ1 A on my GF3. No error message but the camera freezes after recording. I just got a 16gb/ class 10/ 95mbps card. I tried Sedna AQ1 B and it works perfect but I need to shoot full detail wide shots. Do I need to do something before my first shots, does I.R. affect it, or does it only work with a bigger card? Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ted

  • I have used Apocalypse Now 7... I wanted to try FM so I formatted the card using Windows and then on camera..But when I loaded FM and pressed PLAY to update, nothing happens. Now even if I try to load any other setting nothing happens. What am I doing wrong suddenly? Is it cause of Version Increment?

  • I had a question about my patch. I downloaded a sanity patch, a driftwood patch, an orion patch, each with setting of resolutions well over 80 to 150. Everything seemed to be going well, and I thought it was working as my ISO was hacked, and I could raise it to any extent I wanted, but when I looked at the footage, the file sizes didn't seem to be nearly big enough. Each time, around 20 to 25 mb/s. I'm assuming this is showing the hack hasn't worked properly. Considering some aspects of the hack worked, I was wondering if there may have been a reason for the hack to be not working?


  • Well, this just came out of nowhere. I've been hacking my camera for quite some time now and never a problem. Today, I wanted to update a patch. I loaded it onto the SD card and popped it in the GH2. I turn the camera on and hit the play button... and nothing. It doesn't see the firmware update. It just loads the play screen.

    Any idea what may be going wrong or how I can fix it? Thanks!

    UPDATE - I think I figured it out. I was trying to downgrade to stock firmware 1.1. Ended up just saving out a patch with no settings. But I think the key is that you have to downgrade to 1.0 and then back up to 1.1. Right?

  • is it best to use the newest v3.66d beta ptools with the older hacks like sedna?

  • I'm having issues with pTool on OS X 10.8.2

    Any solutions or ways to point me to the 'how to' resolves.

  • @benjamindickerson I just successfully applied my first hack after making it in Ptools 3.66d on Mac OS X 10.8.2. No issues whatsoever. I used Wineskin ( to create the wrapper for PTools with Wine 1.4.1 (latest stable version).

    Which issues are you experiencing exactly?

  • Please someone help on this. I just watched some videos saying "244mbps hack" on title. Which hack is this? Or it's a matter of changing the bitrate before save the hacked firmware on PTool?

    For example, when I load Sedna AQ1 on PTool, it cames with a default video bitrate of 154000000. If I change it to 244, so it will be a "244 mbps hack" ? Or this change will not affect the final patch?

    One of these videos:

  • None of the hacks achieve more than about 150 Mbps. You can put a higher setting in Ptool, but it makes no difference. 244 Mbps was a very old experiment.

  • Thanks balazer. But watching this video in fullscreen 1080p, I can notice it's quite different from anothers youtube GH2 videos. There is something more like a Blackmagic footage, or even a Red One. What could be the point here?

  • Skill. An unhacked GH2 will do that, if you know how.

  • Hmm, I think I'm missing something. There are a lot of awesome videos made by GH2 users on youtube, even much better than this one in matter of framing, composition, color grading and more interesting subjects.

    But when you try to watch these superb videos on fullscreen 1080p, all the magic is gone. And this one that I posted here keeps the awesome look when maximized. That's why I thought it could be the 244mbps hack. But maybe it's just the rendering setting...?

  • Hello everyone!

    I bought my GH2 because i wan to make air movies with it. Im flying a Copter with a Camare Gimbal where the GH2 take place in.

    I want to get the best stabl picture out of it with a crack.

    Can you prefere me a 1080p hack for my GH2 somthing about 75 Mbps? Here a video from this thing in aktion:

    This video is taken from the NEX but you can fly this thing with the GH2 so i bought the GH2 because you can crack it.

    I hope you guys habe some good cracks to try for me =)

    Thank you very mutch!!!

    best regards Marown

  • Marown, take a look on the Flowmotion 2.02.

  • @Marown Try the GH3 Matrix DREWnet variation on the Driftwood settings thread.

  • About the Auto Quantizer, I'm not sure if a higher number means a better image (lower compression) or it's the inverse. What is better, AQ0 (all to motion), or AQ4 (all to details) ?

  • Stupid question time: Hacked with the unified hack - and just tried the cluster 12/15 gop.

    I thought shooting on HBR would give me 25p? Tested some footage shot with both hacks and I get... Stream: TS Max Speed = 96,000,000 bps Mode = 1080/50i

    Despite reading a lot around this I haven't been able to find any definitive resource about setting up the camera to get different modes. I'm assuming its something so basic that all you guys dont even think about it anymore.

    I have camera set to movie on the dial (creative movie mode?) and HBR selected. When I set it to manual movie mode I still get 1080i as well.

    EDIT: OK I see its really 25p in a 50i wrapper?

  • Noob question!

    Better to shoot with a GOP1 patch (for example AN BOOM!) at 24PL for spanning (I have some 45mb/s cards that will span using 24L) or use another patch that uses higher GOP (let's say a GOP 6 patch around 100mb/s) at 24H?

  • Hi every one!

    I know its a really noob question but: I dont want to wrapp my 50i footage.

    Is there a way how i can hack the HBR modus from my GH2 so i get a 1080 25p with high Mbps?

    Thank you for your help!!!


  • Virgilr, it depends what bit rates you're talking about and what you are shooting. In my opinion, GOP1 only makes sense above 100 Mbps.

    There is no progressive hack for HBR mode. HBR mode is progressive frames in an interlaced video sequence. Your best bet might be batch conversion to a progressive format using ffmpeg or the like.

  • Hi I need a patch that is very stable in all modes, more or less than 42 mbs thanks

  • Rookie question: do the settings like Apocalypse Now Boom, Sedna etc. affect/apply to still pictures in addition to video?