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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • You can always remove noise; you can't add detail.

  • @bernie

    The issue here is the right iso setting for optimal performance.

    I think the announced based iso is not what they say. It is not dual native iso. It is an implementation which was adapted to run "like" dual native iso, but it is not. It is the Hdr feature on sensor, that is emulating another phisical readout, you could understand by seeing the sensor technical papers.

    What I meant is that this sensor has an ideal dynamic range on an ideal iso. We don't have that real information. From what I've seen iso 800/ 2500 seem the right one, but I can't say due to improper testing. And marketing lies.

    All images shown on videos tell the same story. Overwhelming low light for m4/3, but detail and dynamic range being affected by noise reduction implementation, and sensor properties.

    So... This camera ha an ideal range... I can't find it since the "dual native iso emulator" give us two values that are not native in nature of the sensor. This, I belive in variacam series, in this case, it is not.

    So just for being tansparent, from my stand point, this dual native iso is pure marketing. This is bad for pros who understand sensor behaviour in a very technical way. Makes me doubt about real limits.

    From what I've seen iso 6400 is the limit of clean.

  • @markr041

    About Sony hlg I haven't tried it. Neither resolve on it. I can say premiere and Sony log are not friends.

    Gh5 has all fs5 features except 240fps 10bit 422 and 4k 60p 10 bit. LSI does support it, since Eva 1 has it, but panafriends won't implement it here. Shame on them, but fragmented segments here are very important for sales, and don't cannibalise on own products.

    Either way, Sony is very robust but fs5 plus external recorder and expanded backplate for extra features is kind of too expensive... Buy fs7 instead.

  • @bwhits

    Yes my friend. Panalenses distort the natural characteristic of things, since they are electronically corrected on camera, all its bad habits. Chromatic aberration, distortion and else. I don't know too what extent in the video mode this is implemented, but on photo its surely running.

    Panasonic lenses are extremely high detailed lenses that make footage with clinical characteristics. This for me renders the worst and most plastic images on the market. Grate for showing camera capabilities, not for story telling.

    I never use Panalenses on my rig. Not a way to get constant results on follow focus, behaviour and character.

  • Remember this.

    M4/3 sensor size it's like your Retina size. It is special way of gathering images. More like human vision.

    I know maybe this has nothing to do with real life but from my experience focusing and achieving the look, and operation of lenses are far more natural. I can't say how or why I feel this. I have used all sensor sizes and all cameras except panavision and I swear it's not the same handling a gh series with evf and follow focus than an otherncamera

  • @Bwhits

    NR is so deeply implemented on Gh5s video that as. Someone noticed, its too Deep to really know what it true or not.

    That is why a hack on this camera could make a real diference game changer. I wonder only playing with matrixes and codecs could make Gh5s a troyano horse

  • @drdave Indeed noise removal does not add detail.

    I wonder if Gh5s could make better implementation of this issue. Maybe giving more structural noise, controlled and refined could make Grain like noise and gain detail loosing dynamic range.

  • @man4vendetta

    Loose detail too much. On that video. You can't beat physics.

  • This post can also help you to perceive if you need IBIS. It talks about situations for using handheld camera:

  • Ibis is OK for amateur of special needs.

  • I can’t believe the hate of ibis Here! For weddings, events, some promo work, the ibis has changed the way i shoot for the better!

    That being said it’s not for every instance and big productions don’t need it when they have rigging.

  • [redacted]

  • @endotoxic “Ibis is OK for amateur of special needs.”

    I agree.

  • I believe IBIS haters are just trolling. Who would hate something that you can disable from menu? Then you don't have it anymore. Both parties should be happy.

  • ibis is a floating sensor hold by magnetic force. Cant lock it. Gh5 don't have it.

    I'm not a hater, I love ibis is a grate tech.

  • @endotoxic Glad your not a designer you lack imagination. I have no doubt that IBIS could be locked down. In fact if the problems I'm only recently hearing of were that big an issue it should have been in R&D already. I guess the GH5 is garbage having IBIS lol. The people now defending Panasonic sound more like shills. Why would you not want to challenge Panasonic to give you the best of both worlds?

  • @Manu4Vendetta ISO 400 to 800 ? That's not much pushing...

    Woo I like this..

  • GH5 vs GH5S on snowmobile rig (skip to 3:15s to see start of comparison)

  • @scott

    Why you thought such thing about me?

    Of course ibis can be locked down. But current gh5 don't have it. We are speculating about possible updated camera gh6 maybe. But won't be a smart marketing idea. Stop earning extra 2500 just for lock down....hmmm no thanks, keep on adding the s to the line and lock that oversized sensor.

    I'm not an ibis hater, I just like the idea of classic sensor layout on mount. You can use other equipment to attain the same result.

  • @endotoxic Sorry if I misinterpreted your comment. I understand now you meant that Panasonic does not have an option to lock it in place. I also don't think it would cost a fortune but they would have to redesign there IBIS module to hold the multiaspect sensor. That would probably take some R&D $$. Hopefully they will and put a multi aspect sensor in the GH6 as well. While there at it add Dual ISO and than just maybe the GH5s becomes redundant.

  • Multi-aspect sensor and IBIS together are not very compatible with the coverage circle of all micro 4/3 lenses. It's probably not worth all of the complaints from people when their videos have random dark corners appearing.

  • I'm pretty sure that the s line will be included in future versions. About the ibis lock system, IST NOT hard, is only a lock to the magnesium frame.

    What should be interesting would be dumping eva1, rebump the new LSI and add accessories to gh6 with all FPGAs that are getting rust on their factories, all the available from varicam SDI, raw output etc. Sell those modules in 1000 a piece.

    For example $1000 x3 SDI output. 10bit 4:2:2 120fps. 4k . 8k 60p 10bit 4:2:2, is FPGA heaven good profit.1 SDI for uncompressed output, other monitoring and extra one for viewfinder that could. Be sold by Panasonic themselves. Put your that G9 viewfinder a bigger enclosure, put your code on so can be only compatible with gh's module. I'll pay $600 for a proper one.

    Audiomodule is already implemented, but making a cable to move it around for like 30cm would be a killer feature. $150

    Module for high frequency wireless transmitting. $400 add to 1 SDI outup from other module.

    What would be a killer killer feature and it is possible would be making those Panasonic lenses its own line of cinema ones. Better build up mechanical features focus by wire those tech they use to defocus metadata and all that. Make parafocal line. I'll assure good buys. They already have the options and optics. Casing their own designs it's not that expensive. Begin with 5 line steup. 16 24 35 50 85.