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PTool 3.56d topic
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  • And did you choose the language selection in the PTool?
  • Thanks to everyone for posting. I've been having trouble hacking my previously unhackable GF1 (ver 1.24) but have finally had success. After at least a dozen different attempts, what finally worked was, setting an increment of 10. Checking all 3 boxes at the top. Saving as file name GF1_131.bin I'd played around with different version increments and file names for a while. I'd always been checking the first two boxes, but it wasn't until I checked the third one (new body) that it worked. I'm REALLY happy to have my camera in English. Thank you VERY much Vitaliy!
    ... David
  • I have hacked my un-hackeable GH1 ver 3.34 and used Ipowells reliable patch, the camera works fine with this patch, but Now IPowell has released a V2 of his patch which I would like to try but I find I am unable to install it, when I check in service mode my firmware is now V1.3C

    Please ignore this, I have worked out what I was doing wong.


  • What's new in PTool 3.55d for G2? except "new body"? Anyone has tried?
    I tried 4:2:2 with 1280x720, then with 1920x1080, but no success.
  • @producer

    First post, version history :-)
    4:2:2 do not work in G2. In fact, it is removed in latest release (remember that PTool have also date of release in window title).
  • @andrewte

    You should have full manual controls and higher bitrate with the hack on a unhackable GF1. It worked great on mine! Thanks again Vitaliy
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Vitaliy, I have no ordinary question (request) to you. I'm not sure if someone's asked such a topic, but I think it's very important for all of us. So:
    Is it possible to hack the firmware about the color, contrast, sharp and other settings?
    My point is something similar to the "FLAT IMAGE" (Technicolor) done for Canon DSLR cameras, you know.
    For example: the color mode "RETRO" in my G2 is very close to the "flat image", but yellowish tint and some other values can not be changed.
    Please, think about it, this is really important part of the pro settings.
    What do you think?
    Thank you in advance!
  • I guess Vitaliy is specializing mainly on video, but I would surely be happy for some photo hacks as well :)

    And when will PTool support the new GF3, which pictures just leaked? ;))
  • >Is it possible to hack the firmware about the color, contrast, sharp and other settings?

    Right now it is not possible.
    Most probably I'll experiment with GH2 on this (on later stages) and, if all will be good, port patches to other cameras.
    Of course, it is very interesting to understand how to tune all this parameters or even better, complete tables.
  • Ok, Vitaliy, I'm glad in my patience. Tuning all picture parameters is what will make these Panasonic cameras more professional, because whatever is doing with higher bitrate, color and resolution in the hack, the picture (and especially video, of course) remains middle class of result, not professional. And I think most of the people here would agree with me.
    Please, oh please, change your target in priority on this matter!!!
    Since the hacks for Canon DSLR cameras reached very professional levels (especially "technicolor" picture mode), their prices increased much in eBay, because after such a hacks they became absolute rivals to the expensive photo/video technologies.
  • >picture (and especially video, of course) remains middle class of result, not professional.

    I do not like word "professional".
    It is acting, sound, lighting, camera work, focus pulls that makes something really good.
    Color tables are in about 80th place in this list.
    People like to wax the carrot thinking about LUTs and flat profiles, I know :-).
  • What I mean is that whatever be changed until now, it always gives a result of nice home video style, while such a flat image parameters would present much better higher result like in the movie productions - isn't that what all we want to reach?!? It's not about waxing the carrot, it's just what looks really lightyears far from this home videoish look of our cameras, even if the hack can make them shoot at 1000Mbps/4K. The color profiles (modes) are the magic key - actually the final result is what really worth, right?
  • @producer
    As I said, I'll certainly look into this.
    And no, color profiles are not magic key.
    As even cheap thing shoot on phone that has content in it is times ahead of most amateur HDSLR footage.
    You can tell footage of amateurs even if they are using very costly cameras with top Zeiss glass.
    In video it is 10x times more apparent as in photo you can suddenly catch interesting moment.
    But in video your best bet on interesting random footage is traffic accidents and fire accidents :-)
  • I agree - what you shoot, how it's lit, what camera moves you do, how you treat colour and other parameters in editing, and how you sequence the shots, what the story is and how you tell it... all of this is crucial to the finished item. Personally I regard the camera output as the first step but for me, rather than exotic in-camera colour settings, it's more important to have low noise / high detail to work with - colour is something that is dependent on the context of shots against other shots within the finished piece and I think that's better left to the editing stage because a video is about a sequence of shots rather than one beautiful static shot. Unfortunately (maybe because these cameras are more historically owned by stills photographers?) a lot of test videos you see are more like beautiful, animated still pictures - often set to music to give the sense of coherence they lack visually. To my mind, that's a technical test, useful in its own way, but not the same as a video. One more practical consideration: having too much in-camera colour processing might well limit what you can do with the images in the finished sequence, in other words, sabotage making an edited sequence work.
  • Anyway, Vitaliy, keep doing the great hack which gives more power to our cameras.
    Just think about such a "flat" color profile very close to "Technicolor CineStyle", it would be one of the highest points of PTool someday, the people will appreciate it. Because this is not about the colors, this is about the image structure - it's about the contrast and sharp values that are not enough adjustable yet. Once they are more flexible, the result will be surely closer to the pro video cameras.
  • PTool 3.56d released

    Download page:

    Version history page (contains all changes):

    P.S. All changes concern GF1 and G2 only.
  • Vitaliy, if I'm right this hack doesn't work for G1s, right? I know it doesn't make much sense for you to include this camera, as it doesn't have video, but for those who enjoy shooting stills, it would be very nice, if PTool could hack these cameras in order to change Japanese menu to international one. These cameras seems to be sold very cheaply in Japan nowadays. Would it be too difficult to include G1s in your hack? Please, pretty please? :)
  • @JMF

    Please don't be that lazy, go to product page and version history before posting.
    G1 is supported for long time already.
  • How long blushing will take the shame away? Anyway, thanks for pointing that out.
  • I am a Mac user with a currently hacked gh13 and love it, but I want to use the new ptools to access some of the new profiles, I have been running lpowells settings for 2 months with very stable results even on commercial shoots. Anyways I have been trying to sue the compacted version of pTools for mac from the GH2 forum, and can not for the life of me get ini profile sets to load in. Sorry for the dumb question but I have been searching tonight and am wondering if it just the mac version being wonky?
  • @diver511: Just open the .INI file by itself, all the values and parameters are written so you can see them and manually enter every value for every parameter in PTool. Get it?
  • Is there a setting for 3rd party battery in ptool for a G2 camera? I just can't seem to find it.
  • @diver511
    I do not remember exactly but we had some post with solution to your problem. You must place INI files exactly in PTool folder and WineBottler place PTool in some predefined subfolder. This is that I remember.

    We don't have 3rd party battery patch for G2.
    I hope to add it later. But main reason is that Panasonic completely changed all battery related stuff.
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