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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @Nameless That looks amazing. Great to see actual content here that looks good and isn't just 10 minute takes of water and trees! Is it a play or a series. Really great work

  • sorry if this has been asked, but is the GH3 matrix patch in this topic the same exact patch as the first one from a while back or does it have some modifications?

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Same but tuned more. Also it contains the deblocking settings from the GH3. You must remember however that the GH3 enjoys the economy of 8x8 Transform with most of the picture whilst the GH2 does not - hence why 4x4 is seen throughout using this setting on the GH2.

    On the GH3 image areas with high detail are compressed using 4 × 4 pixel blocks, while areas with low detail are compressed using 8 × 8 pixel blocks. The latter generates less data; therefore, more bandwidth is available for data from areas with fine detail.

  • @rsquires Thank you for taking time out to view and comment it is appreciated. Its actually a theatre play that they are now seriously considering creating into a film due to this trailer.

    Apologies in advance for posting it up again but i really need to get as much constructive criticism as possible to take on board going forward.

    I've also included a different 30 second teaser trailer this time.

  • Great Job. Im waiting for more.

  • @nameless It kinda has the vibe of a modern day "A Clockwork Orange" I like it. Where did you find your actors because it seems like it isn't their first time in front of a camera.

  • @Nameless

    Looks very good. What was your workflow? Lens? Hack settings? You should turn this into a film

  • This short should be re-edited for web shortly. Shot on Boom! v1. Got us first at our Uni film fest! Thanks @driftwood @Vitaliy_Kiselev and @shian for all of the tools you've made available. Here's a screen grab in the mean time.

    Screen Shot 2012-05-12 at 2.30.34 PM.png
    2560 x 1440 - 4M
  • @onionbrain Following your unsuccessful attempts to get a LongGOP version working of the GH3 matrices - here's a test for you and others to trial ;-) I havent had time to trial 720p50/60fps modes working only on 25pHBR/24p so you may have to lower bit rates on 720 and try copying the 3 1080i scaling matrices over and replacing the three 720 scaling matrices in that section of ptools ... See how you get on.

    Note:This is now the third variation Ive released using the GH3 matrices and deblocking.

    Best. ND

    UPDATE: Now Test 4 - Ive done the above for you! - had a quick mess with 720p and changed their scaling tables to GH3 AVCHD matrices - should be ok on death charts but let me know.

    These DREWnet settings are using 12/15 Long GOP for those who don't know.

    Cluster 'DREWnetGH3' TEST3
    Cluster 'DREWnetGH3' TEST4
  • @Cinexa Glad you liked. Check out: for other work.

    @GravitateMediaGroup Thank you for watching...I would love to amass the same sort of cult following as Clockwork Orange thats for sure. The actors and actresses were sourced by the production team and believe it or not at least half of them are enjoying their first time in front of a camera. Naturally Talented.

    @kazuo Thanks also. They do intend to turn into a film now the trailer is getting a good response. I used @driftwood settings. Boom on one body and Cluster 7 Drewnet Soft and Sharp on the other body. I used 20mm pancake, 14-140, konica 40mm 1.8 and vivitar 28mm f2 close focus. In regards to workflow, for the 1st part specifically I would need a whole page for that if im honest lol. If you really need it PM me.

  • @Nameless, really nice work, love the colors and the overall quality of it. Congratulations and good luck

  • @Nameless, if you're sending @kazuo a pm about the workflow, send me a copy too :)

  • @Aashay +1 @kazuo if you wouldn't mind, include me in that pm. Thanks. Great work btw.

  • @driftwood

    Just saw this. I'm downloading now and will report back. THANK YOU!

  • @Namless Great stuff, and great directing. I think audio is drowned out a bit by music in the first trailer at some times, but not too much. I would also like a PM about workflow if possible.

  • @Nameless

    Sound like something for a seperate topic with this amount of requests ;)

  • My short video shoot using driftwood boom v2 setting. Camera setting : 24P at 1/50 : ISO 800 : f2.8 : rokkor 50mm f1.4 lens : edit/CC using PP and MBL

  • Hey guys! Im on the process of shooting a short film with intravenus and I am loving the results, but tomorrow I need to do a couple of slow motion shots.

    What patch will you recommend to get some good slow that will match well with intravenus?

    Thanks a lot guys! really appreciate it.

  • @Charpu... Dont know about matching it with Intravenus but FloMo gives you additional peak in performance during slow motion shots. So check it out

  • Que?! Additional? Explain.

  • @driftwood. Hope all is well. Before you move on to GH3, there is one more setting you could give to GH2 community to complete your outstanding work for GH2 and that is an all around setting that provides an Intra 24p based on one of your intra settings like Sedna, Intravenus or Boom and reliable high bitrate HBR, 1080i and 720p similar to Cluster V7 Nebula 6GOP sharp. Cheers.

  • @Driftwood from the FM page

    Exclusive 140Mbps turbo mode boosts peak bitrate to handle 80% Slow-Motion 24H mode.

    I apologize if Driftwood settings do the same and I'm just not aware of it. I dig the AN series for its filmic look myself but since he esp asked for slow motion shots, I suggested FM.

  • Are you talking 720p modes or 80% slowdown? A lot of Driftwood Intra settings are very good. FM is good. However, Cluster v6 Nebula and DREWnet are grossly underrated. People should give them a proper tryout.

  • @driftwood I'm curious and I'm sure there are others too who want to know what patch you use when you wake up in the morning for 24p? What does the man, the myth, the legend use? I like sedna C still myself and these 444 settings are pretty interesting as well.

  • I am personally looking for a 720p slow mo that I can scale up and make it "match" with intravenus.