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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @driftwood Thanks for new GH3 Matrix test setting. What are the expected benefits/imaging differences and characteristics. (I'm thinking relative to Boom). Thank you. How's your film coming along?

  • Primarily for documentary making this setting is very good. Its far away from Boom! Try it first and see. It needs testing. :-)

  • Will do. Your work is much appreciated.

  • @driftwood any news abt the top notch cinema smooth matrix??

  • @driftwood So much waiting for the release of Valkyrie Cinema Smooth !

  • Video coming soon - Intravenus 24H, ISO1250, Smooth -2 across the board.






    Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 2.17.44 AM.png
    1916 x 1076 - 2M
    Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 2.38.24 AM.png
    1915 x 1078 - 2M
    Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 2.16.18 AM.png
    1916 x 1078 - 2M
    Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 2.16.44 AM.png
    1921 x 1077 - 3M
    Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 2.19.46 AM.png
    1918 x 1077 - 2M
  • @shian Those pictures look superb. :-)

  • @driftwood Thanks, buddy. Here's the video - details on settings are on the vimeo page.

  • hm, somehow reminds me of david lynch. i really don't know WHY?

  • @shian Just curious- how much NR was applied in post? That's mighty clean for ISO 1250.

  • @ virgilr The shot at 1:03 has NR, nothing else does. The first 4 shots are straight out of the camera, no grading or NR of any kind.

    @futur2 lol

  • @shian- thanks for the info! I know you wouldn't do so with this clip, but I imagine lifting the shadows would give some pretty blocky stuff, though?

    Wondering how Intravenus->5DtoRGB would work out for keying?

  • @shian. Great work and excellent scene selection.

  • @shian Yeah! You're fuckin on it man - very moody. Love it :-) And j'adore that distorted bass - yummy stuff. Encore.

    Here's something musical I'm still editing from last year... Grading process and mixing still. Hopefully Christmas release. :-)

  • now thats news, trying it out right now!

  • Wow super cool. Thanks driftwood.

  • Hey Shain that was a cool video. I absolutely love you Colorghears and web site. It Really is something everyone should check out. Check out this video I did in the dark so you guys can compare what a GH2 footage looks like without a hack. I did this video weeks before a hack was available, man I wish I had the hack when I filmed this.

  • @AonAnderson , mate I saw this video months ago and it was one of my fav GH2 video...Infact this video convinced me to get GH2 over Canon.. and now I know it's maker.. Well done!

  • Aashay thank you, im glad you like the video. If I only had the hack then.

  • @AonAnderson that's awesome. Excellent work, sir!

  • @shian That video looks great. Great music as well. Can't put my finger on it, but you're establishing a new kind of mood or something. Seems to me that look/feel/flow/music would make an interesting film...maybe a well thought out intelligent horror/thriller...something where the scary elements are what the characters are doing/thinking/planning (vs typical slasher). Something where perspective changes from one character to the next. Great stuff.

  • @driftwood Like the video of music performance. Loved the cut/edit into the lead singers first words at ~:28 - great stuff. Lot of really nice shots in this. Thanks for posting.

  • Thanks shian. Im working on a new short sci fi film and will be using ColorGhears. I have a test video of the Robot I will be using on my web site> The Test is called Out Numbered. And matt_gh2 thanks for the kind words and you may be on to something with the horror idea. I would never do a slasher film and like to keep my films PG13 so I might just do something based on your idea, thank you so much. After my sci fi short film I will be working on a feature film (Action comedy) then I will look into your idea.

  • Grabbed my camera and loaded it with the new GH3 Matrix setting to take some quick test shots today. It's a bit shaky because I was just filming bits as I walked to the shop, but I'm really quite impressed with the images. I had in-camera playback and it even spanned on my 45mb/s extreme card!

    Yet again, great work!

  • This is test I did with the GH3 matrix setting.It was a personal test but decided to share,so please excuse the editing."My thoughts"-it's a good setting,didn't have one problem in any mode.Seems to be very sharp with a lot of detail.@driftwood would you place this setting below or a notch above AN Cluster 7 far as image quality?I know it's a "X" setting but just wanted your thoughts. thanks