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Beautiful indy rock music video shot by a friend on a GH2 and mainly a Minolta Rokkor 1.8/35
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  • Well, nearly the whole thing was out of focus... Intentional, I'm sure, but I found it distracting, and unfortunate because I kind of liked the music, and a lot of the scenes would otherwise have been beautiful.

  • agreed… great music, but definitely the focus was distracting.

  • Beautiful video. This confirms what I have noticed that using a beautiful lens is not always focus critical, even when it is out of focus it is still nice. A top job.

    Makes me want to get this lens, and then another one to be converted for Canon 5D or similar full frame camera.

  • great music. have to agree that there was too much out of focus stuff for my taste (i dont exactly have good taste so that might be good!). it became better towards the later half. maybe thats what they wanted.

  • It's easy to convert this specific lens to EOS and the process is even reversible.

  • I am hoping to be able to do such conversion. I viewed this video the second time on a better monitor this time and it is admirable job in everything. The afternoon scenes outside in the woods could be from a movie.

    Now if the image by some miracle opened up to a twice the field of view (Canon 5D or equivalent?) one lens could cover different aspects with the same characteristics. But that's just my thinking and perhaps belongs to another topic.

  • Interesting to read the differing opinions regarding the style.

    @Sangye @bmorgan83 @ipcmlr The music is actually available as a free download, check the link under the vimeo video.

    The out of focus-ness is deliberate btw. @aki_hartikainen The lens is the MC version. It is for sale here:

    Sorry for the sales pitch.

  • It is good to know it is the older version that was used for this video. I would gladly bid on it, but there are too many investment needs right now, so unfortunately the MC 35 f1.8 will still have to wait. Of course, prices can only go up, so I expect you will get a rather good price. The most urgent need for me would be a Minolta Colormeter II to measure color temperatures, but there are almost too many other instant needs to mention.