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FilmConvert software
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  • @jpbturbo problem is color finesse is limited to after effects correct?

    film convert will only get better and is soon to be compatible with pretty much all NLE also it is designed with specific picture profiles to work best with Canon, RED, soon to be GH3, BMCC, C300

  • Has anyone compared filmconvert to the film stock presets that come with Color Finesse? CF3 added fuji film stocks in addition to more kodak/eastman presets.

    I only have CF2 but the presets can be grabbed out of the folder from the CF3 trial install :-)

  • I have visited the FC website multiple times and have had no such issues.

    @gameb what browser are you using?

  • @perder Gary Kovacs is the CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Here we go. These are the kind of guys who sell the "tracking-packages" to companies like Filmconvert.

    But lets end this here, it is another topic:

  • @gameb regarding internet tracking:

    regarding software: how long is the trial period?

  • @gameb

    Otherwise all of them had been long out of business, as they need to use all possible methods to show relevant banners.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I don't agree with these kind of business policies... :)

  • @gameb

    LOL. No one sold anything, just companies who show banners can track that you are doing.
    FilmConvert is not to blame.

  • ALERT! I'm pissed off...big time!!! I went to filmconvert website and ever since then, any web site I open, the filmconvert adverts pop-up, obviously my details were sold by one of the corporations to a money grabbing company, such as in this case filmconvert, I will definitely not buy anything from them.

  • @johnnym This grade was a touch too flat, but if you watch close to the grading in motion pictures, they are more towards that flat side than saturated. it all just depends on the look somebody is aiming for. I have a new edit I'm working on that is going to have just a tiny bit more saturation because I want to see how it ends up with film convert.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup

    It looks brilliant, mate. I suspect it's got to do a lot more with your talent for creating beautiful photography. But probably the grain helps support that. And i don't particularly like the type of grading (quite desaturated) you apply here, but i still think the images look absolutely stellar.

  • @Kicap You don't have to list the specs, I also have film convert.

    My next question was why do you "film convert" your footage as the 1st step of workflow?

  • @GravitateMediaGroup

    The Pro versions (Pro stand-alone & After Effects / Premiere) have 19 film stocks and support for RED (currently) and later C300, Alexa and others. The Pro stand-alone also has 4k uncompressed frame output and a very basic EDL/XML import feature.

    I bought the Pro-Stand Alone version. However, they are also going to be offering update on it to make it usable as Plug-ins in FCP 7 soon.

  • @kicap Pro standalone or plugin?

    I do all my editing in Vegas, then use film convert in PP, done

  • Bought the Pro version and loves it. The only downside is the best method right now is to Convert all the footage prior to editing which kinda use a lot of rendering time.

    Wish there is a better workflow in future with all the updates.

  • here is a film convert test, it's very subtle, and I was really only using it for the grain, the main grading of the edit came from magic bullet

  • Just bought this today using 30% student discount (thanks to my wife being a student.) If you "like" Film Conv. On FB you can get a 20% discount for a limited time. Whoever emailed me also informed me they are working on an OFX plugin version that would work with Vegas and others that support OFX.

  • the guys at filmconvert just received their gh2 today to create a new profile for us guys :-) can wait

  • It seems to me like a waste. With the availability of grain overlay and powerful color tools like Davinci And ColorGHears I don't see the need. Seems to be trying to refill the Red Giant niche.

  • @L1N3ARX Not a fan of the $100 version, then?

    The plug-in will be even more interesting once they add settings specifically for a GH2 (they have not said that one specifically just "adding more cameras"). So far they have ones for the RED MX and for Canon DSLRs.

    Also will have a wider audience when they complete the Windows version they are developing.

  • Yes, just discovered this last night. I installed the trial plugin for premiere and graded some old footage. Loving the look; it grades it almost perfectly and the grain is amazing. Shame it costs $250!

  • I tested this, nice plugin with tons of options, can't say that I would use this for every project. I guess it really depends on if you are using this with a gh2, and if so what lens. GH2 footage tends to have it's own noise, but it could be interesting with shots that are lit properly.