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FilmConvert software
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  • @B3Guy

    Sedna as of late is the only patch I use. I was using flowmotion for a bit but found some things I didn't like. I figured if I am going to use a hacked GH2 to it's full ability, I may as well be using a Sedna patch.

    I'm not a fan of any of the apoc. now patches and so called "444" patches because lets face it, it's not TRUE 444. I think the GH2 patches should be left alone and just wait on the GH3 to come out and go full speed ahead on it. If I had a gig that required an hour or more worth of footage, I would probably throw flow motion back on to conserve space on the card, and I will admit, I am curios to see the next version of flow motion Lpowell is working on.

  • I'm just playing around with the trial version right now and I'm kind of liking what I'm seeing.

  • @vicharris if you are a student you can get a 30% discount, if you "like" them on facebook I think you can get a 20% discount if they are still giving them out.

  • Nice! Not a student. That times a little behind me but the discount seems well worth it. Very nice program.

  • Just curious, what are the restrictions of the trial software?

  • You have a big Film Convert logo watermarked in your video. No big deal :)

  • According to the facebook page there the GH2 profiles should be out by Monday. Looking forward to testing.

  • @perder - thanks for posting this!!! Gary was a friend of mine in high school, it took me a few seconds to figure it out. Wow wow the internet is really something.

  • the gh2 profiles are now included with FC.

  • I used the latest version, with GH2 profiles, on a little anamorphic short I shot following my niece and nephew around trick-or-treating. The look I was going for was classic scope horror ideally (ie. John Carpenter) and I was really impressed by the convincing tonal simulation.

    ...I intend to make use of it in future motion-graphics projects as well. More than just a grain tool, Film Convert reminds me of the color tools I used at Digital Domain and Sony Pictures Imageworks which aided in matching digital elements to scanned film plates.

  • Played around with the demo version and loved it. But, waiting for the GH3 profiles before buying.

  • @SuperSet

    I've tested with the gh3 and it's fine, and when you use it without the watermarks, you will become addicted, I guarantee it

  • @GravitateMediaGroup I'm using the demo now so which presets are you using, the GH2 ones? I noticed that the FC folks said that they are updating with the GH3 profiles soon. Hopefully, that means weeks and not months.

  • I use gh2 nature mostly, but before he gh2 presets I used generic and it worked just fine. I use it for it's grain more so than the colors

  • an extreme experiment
    I think nothing can top the built in "grain" in after effect, if you don't mind the render time. For me it's the color that film convert pro gave amazes me.

  • Fresno Bob, on vimeo, shot his own reference for what the various stocks do to well shot and lit interior scenes. It's the single best example of what their technique does for potential customers that I've yet to see and I promptly stole the download file to keep handy for my own reference.

  • @dennnnnnnis wow very cool! love the feel of it! Great grading! How did you attached a holga lens on the GH2?

  • these guys just got their BMCC delivered today, so they will be ahead of the curve.

  • film convert for vegas SHOULD be out according to them in the next week or 2

    I can't wait!

  • I ran my short documentary through Film Convert great software even better customer support! Take a look,

  • They probably have the best customer support of any camera related company i've ever dealt with.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup what lenses did you use in that nature footage? It certainly looks filmic. I think it'snot just the plugin,but also the lenses.

  • did you go to youtube and read the description? rokinon 35 1.4 and 85 1.4 in 95% of the video, and I believe voightlander 17.5 maybe have been used in any clips that have low light.

    Of course the lenses do a great job, that's why I use them, but I am also going to bet that my CUSTOM MB looks preset is giving it that "filmic" look you are referring to. I probably spent about 5 hours hours tweaking it. Although it's kind of corny to brag about my own preset, I find that it combined with film convert has pretty nice results. I'm surprised I haven't gotten more feedback on it, but I understand, not everyone has MB looks.

    I have seen other test shots people have done with the rokinon lenses but they weren't graded as far as I could tell, and IMO didn't visually have the same results. Either way, you should download my preset and test it for yourself if you have MB, and consider buying a rokinon 35mm. For the cost, it's a pretty nice lens, and being de clicked makes it that much better ; ) oh....and purchase film convert if you haven't done so lol

  • Hi. I got the chance to test FilmConvert and found it incredible usefull. I have tested it with the GH2 and the 5DmkII and IMHO makes the 5D sing, more nice than the GH2 results. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with the profiles and the grain size.

    testing FILMCONVERT with 5DmkII and GH2 from Ignacio Sanchez on Vimeo.

    What are the settings you use? My settings are: In camera- Standard (0,-2,-2) In FilmConvert- GH2 Standard profile. Grain size: 35mm Academy Thanks