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Fall Gliding - Fieldtest Using Flowmotion 80% on Glidecam
  • Shot using Lpowell FM 2.02 80% slomo 24H - Thanks for this great work! I have many reasons to stick with my GH2, warts and all. Like great great images thanks to the wizardry of lpowell, cbrandin, driftwood, vitaliy. So much hard work...much appreciated. This is a field test of the 80% 24H in it's usefullness for some telephoto glide ideas I have for an upcoming wedding this October. Shot on a 35mm Takumar f4 1/250 Standard -2-2-2-2. Glidecam HD4000 5D2RGB. no color correction

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  • It is blocked in the country I am in (USA) because of the music used.

  • weird...I used an ambience sound effect licensed from Final Cup Pro X. I'll try without audio.

  • Absolutely fantastic! I need to look more into these kind of production shots and hack. Great job!

  • thanks @pvjames. This GH2 gives an organic look you probably won't ever see in the gh3, even if its hacked (Sony sensor). It's why I just bought another GH2 after Photokina 2012 and will skip the GH3.

  • Sweet. I've decided to focus on buying a couple hardware pieces for now. I picked up a Slider and Glidecam so i want to look at Motion hacks. Something close to Sedna quality but with motion and less file size.

  • Motion is still a little fast for my tastes. Looks good though. Have you tried it with 720p @ 60 FPS and slow it down to 40% instead of 80%. Just curious to see what it looks like then. 1080p @ 60 FPS would probably be ideal for this. GH3 maybe?

  • @mpgxsvcd As my testing is for a wedding I'm wanting to go for a surreal sort of feel - rather than an actual slomo. 720@60fps is nice - but if I decide I don't want slomo - things get video-y very quickly. 1080p @ 80% I can speed up and keep the look. The GH3 just doesn't have the 'look' I find so appealing in the GH2. I just bought another one :)