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Official Panasonic GH3 topic
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  • this is the one time I could record with the GH3, an .mp4 file Maybe useful for bit analysis.

    Video is a raw dump.

    hands-on Menu options

    Port arrangement

    media info GH3 file.png
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  • @TraumManufaktur @Igorek7 @AKED

    You guys did a fantastic job. All of the other interviewers seemed to know nothing about the camera at all. They simply asked the questions they understood which were extremely basic.

    You guys did your best and got as many answers as you could. I think when VK did the vetting process for who did the interviews he wanted exactly what you guys did. I thank you for all of your efforts. They are very much appreciated.

  • @TraumManufaktur @Igorek7 @AKED Thanks so much from this effort!! You are making many many GH user happy and informed. And also, I love the PV shirts. @VK you should sell some of those since its a mega geek item.

  • @AKED

    many thanks for the great infos provided in your interview!

    I saw a Gamma shift when I pressed record in the EVF

    the so called "gamma shift" is remapping from (photo-) fullswing levels (0-255) to (TV-) studioswing levels (16-235). In other words: the GH3 will most likely suffer from banding just as the GH2. too bad...

  • @towi, I haven't seen any evidence of banding in any of the promo videos so far. I think this is a false assumption.

  • I agree Aria, if anything the examples I've seen show that banding is probably solved. This could be as a result of the higher profile codec.

  • @towi, Take a look at the luma histogram from the video TraumManufaktur posted. Looks like full swing.

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  • @TraumManufaktur @Igorek7 @AKED

    thanks a lot for the great reporting!!!

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  • @ashun, no - definitely not, on an avid mc timeline!

    GH3 clip.JPG
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  • Now that the GH3 is considered "semi-pro," I wonder if the product cycle will extend to 3 yrs like most pro DSLR competitors. Also, are we to expect a more extensive approach to firmware upgrades? I think the GH2 had only 2 updates so far in it's product life. If we see upwards of 3-10 upgrades over the GH3 product life it could still receive an extensive amount of new features.

  • @AKED Thanks! Good interview. I was weakening and just a keystroke from pre-ordering. I keep my GH2's now.

  • @tron hopefully not!!! I think technology is moving so fast these days that hopefully the people at Olympus are going to put the fear into panasonic with their PRO OM-D. Panasonic raised the bar with the GH2 and now with the GH3 other manufactures are taking notice (They might even hear our voice) and jump on the band wagon and provide us with what we want, wouldn't be too surprised to see souped up A99 in 2013....

  • If the GH3 could do this...

    ...THAT would get my attention.

    Having graded a lot of Canon Cinestyle pics....Damn I miss this on the GH2!!!

  • Panasonic stole the show!!!

  • You know i've been thinking about it and I think this new sensor is probably the one they intended for a new AF200, but since that product line didn't catch on I think they adopted it for the new GH3. It fits the job for video and might explain why they moved away from the MAR GH2 sensor. Perhaps this one was far along on the development path and just made sense to use it. Just speculating, but I thought it would explain the completely different Sensor we're seeing.

  • From all the hints we are getting, it really look like a sony sensor, that is why it is so different.

  • The same sensor as the E-M5 based on exact same MP size, same Moire, same 240fps sensor readout and other hints.

  • @all_lazy

    How about support the guys who work for you?

    @TraumManufaktur @Igorek7 @AKED

    Good work.

  • @hoodlum @diffusion33

    Everyone at Panasonic has either said no comment or that it is a Panasonic developed sensor in the interviews so far. Not saying it is true, just that there have been official denials apparently. I think at least one is listed at

  • @thepalalias

    Nikon still thinks that they make sensors for their cameras and not Sony. :-)

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