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EU: Car sales suck
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  • Seems to be declining in a constant way. Does this apply only to USA car manufacturers or also import cars?

  • It's Partly because longer lasting turbo diesels are widely available, and gas prices are relatively high right? Who needs a new car if my old one is too good, and the used car market has a lot of good options. Also public transit is better in Europe from what I have heard... Compared to USA.

  • How may cars do you need. Also European small turbo diesel cars are very efficient so there is much less need to upgrade 9as you are seeing in US). I drove an an Audi A1 from Paris to Amsterdam. It has the 3 cylinder turbo diesel. ~4.2 liters per 100km, highway observed at ~120-125km/h, amazing. Nice engine sound to boost. I wish my US car can do (remotely) the same. Hopefully Ford will bring over here its 1 liter 3-cylinder.

  • My rule of thumb is buy a Honda and drive it for 200,000 miles. Walk into the dealer with a suitcase of cash at 20 percent less than anybody else is paying and see if you get out without a new car at rock bottom price.