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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @Diffusion33 I feel for you, I sent my GH2 in this last weekend for some issues. Luckily it is still under warranty. It sucks not having it, but it gives me time to look at things a bit more and think through how I may film them when my little beast returns.

  • @kong With those statistics your eclipse video is possibly Flow Motion v2. If you can make the original MTS file available for download I could probably tell you for sure.

  • @cantsin true, I dont see much difference. Try to shoot dark small structures side by side like pavement or concrete. You don't have to go for grading, you will see it flicker immediately. Maybe in 70% there's no difference but I like to be on the safe side with the other 30%

  • @Diffusion33 Made a little donation to the board for you a few minutes ago. If you find who burgled you, kick his ass once for me. Luck finding work!

  • @pop24 great work as always, Paul. Beautiful girls nice music too. Nice skin tones, how did you handle WB, esp in the wardrobe scenes?

  • @peternap thanks for the donation. Will still make donation asap @mee thanks for your support guys means a lot. Got 2nd follow up 121 interview tomorrow so fingers crossed. In the mean time I'm going to dig out my old nikon and/or pentax film cameras and have fun with these. Might help get new perspective on things! Good luck with the comp guys

  • @driftwood your comp has just alienated the entire UK. What frikkin sun!!!

  • LOL @itimjim ...No, actually the weatherman says the jetstream will be changing shortly - expect good weather from next week... just in time for the Olympics!

  • @itimjim if you wake for sunrise you usually find that you get a clear sky round about then not always but for a few fleeting moments you should get some sun... Find you location and set up just before . It looks like Saturday and Sunday are going to be lovely days. Being the U.K we are also more likely to get more drama in the sky with light diffraction from the clouds :-) I think you can be creative withe brief too... I mean everybody is likely to send in the same stuff shots of sunrises ans sunsets. Why not think out the box? If the sun ain't there it ain't there try and capture something that represent the same thing the essence of that moment and you might be onto a a winner. Good luck man, all the best

  • @driftwood would shooting RAW time lapses be acceptable, or it must be .mts?

  •'ve never been to Warrington :-)

    I'm only kidding. I'm away on the Llyn peninsula (Abersoch) weekend after next, which should offer a great opportunity.

  • Thanks Nick @driftwood for introducing my GOP3ZILLA! :-)

    BTW, is it good to release my new matrix settings at my usual thread? Or is it good to stand a thread independently or to release here?

  • @thepalalias Apocalypse Now is released or ???

  • @driftwood hi sir, wish you all the very best!! i have a doubt. does the competition includes a condition that we must only use only "Apocalypse Now" is it canis day AM setting or something new?? i read the first page. if i have to share mts file how should i??? upload???? anything about your film??? is it going to be a shot in your short film or commercial one????

  • @rajamalik Driftwood states "any of my Driftwood settings" and "Filmmakers will upload their entries via youtube or Vimeo and posted as a visual link into this thread." So use any driftwood setting, upload your video to youtube or vimeo, post the link here - Bingo! You're done.

  • @rajamalik Still being tested. Looking forward to your contributions to the contest.

  • @driftwood I don't think I used the hack that far back :)

    @LPowell I think it's either Flow Motion or Cake. I have two GH2s plus a whole bunch of hacks, so hard to keep track which is which

    Of course I disqualify myself but if Mr. Driftwood wants to use it, I'll be more than happy to send you the MTS file.

    I am looking forward to Apocalypse Now release. Maybe I'll go shoot something else with it.

  • @driftwood what happened with Cluster V5? I liked it better than V5.1, b.t.w. Is there any reason to use V6 nebular GOP 6 or V6 DREWnet GOP 12 with only max 30mbs for HBR 25p?

    My mate Jan made this testclip with the new 12-35mm Panasonic Lumix lens and cluster V5 @ HBR 25p:

  • @ishvar Not at all. Version 5 and 5.1 are both good - but they are more extreme and will fail on Ai and idynamic modes on high detail. You choose your weapons...

  • @Driftwood once again, just to clarify. You want us to upload the original .mts to vimeo/youtube right? So no post processing (i.e color grading or speeding up for time lapse)? Just want to double check, I know its supposed to be under a min, but just wanted to make sure the original needed to be under a min, otherwise we could film a longer duration then speed it up to under a min.

  • You can provide a graded version on Youtube or vimeo if you prefer. However, the original mts file must be kept and be readily available to submit when the winner is announced.

    I'll update the rules on page 1. :-)

  • Well, I don't think I have the original MTS, but I do have a couple witnesses to me shooting it. sadly not on Cluster ... so disqualify as you wish .. just sharing .. it is of the eclipse this spring.. , we called it "The Devils Sunset".. I may shoot a sunset for this compition if time allows, but if were into sunsets here is a interesting once in a life time one.. I also explain how I shot it in the video.. Just a ND and a long lens.. Shot near Elpaso Texas