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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • @ klem007 1:48AM.... Hope i'll pass my first year in filmschool (: will !!

  • @Fohdeesha, are you transcoding the footage before keying? I haven't done any greenscreen, but keying skies and such has worked for me using Sedna and some of the other Driftwood patches inside Resolve. Typically prores HQ stuff converted in 5DtoRGB.

  • Transcoding makes no difference. I have actually proven in a thread on dvxuser that transcoding using 5dtorgb makes absolutely zero difference when using adobes CS Suite on windows. See here -

    800% crop examples, showing Adobe's ycbcr to RGB and chroma interpolation is exactly as efficient as 5dtorgb's -

    Doing my own tests I have found Scratch's ycbcr to RGB conversion and chroma interpolation to be much cleaner than 5dtorgb's, but that is to be expected with software in this price bracket. But just to be safe and please the users I knew would ask, I transcoded to both prores and uncompressed before posting, absolutely zero difference

  • @thepalalias canis night has a problem,.. see in day light the tone of sky and mostly blue and cyan is not good,...CM night is meant for night so i think sir driftwood tweaked blue and cyan to be captured less,..and boosted magenta purple a bit more,.. i feel pink magenta purple are getting captured well,,.. canis majoris night is not for wide landscape shots in day light,,..especially if its a beach,..i took it to the nearest beach,...ya it grades better but blue and cyan is dead(sky tone),it aces blue and cyan which is near ,..but sea water sky clouds,..details,..i feel its bit less than usual...sedna A never had this much difference

  • @klem007

    Hope i'll pass my first year in filmschool

    I am sure you will do! Keeping fingers crossed!

  • @thepalalias Sorry about that. I have a Transcend Class 10 32 GB SD:HC card. I was wondering if anyone has tweeked the VY Canis setting to work well with it because the setting work just fine when I use my manual lenses but will not record for more than ten seconds when using a AutoFocus lens such as the 14-42mm Lumix Lens

  • I'd like to see what gives the Canis Majoris on a good 14mm or below minimum ... for GH2, after any brand, as the objective is good, in terms of image sharpness for a price below $ 500 if there are opinions, I'm interested: D

  • @From_Paris but it applies to other people that may need help as well.

    If you think you will be asking for help, advice, debugging or input with an error you are encountering, preserve the original damaged files instead of guessing what will or will not be important. Once you have confirmed that a problem is solved or cannot be solved, delete them. I learned what a difference that could make in my early beta testing experiences in the 90s and have had a much easier time since.

    The reason debugging the problem without the files is difficult, is this: you are having very unusual problems and the description you provided does not include anything that should cause problems. I have tested that combination and had it work perfectly, so I am trying to think of what additional factors could be involved. Hopefully someone else will be able to get more creative and figure it out without access to the original corrupted files.

    @rajamalik I shot a lot of daylight and sunset tests with CM Night but nothing with a lot of blue. The smog and or clouds were fairly strong that day, but I noticed a few things in comparing it to Sanity 5. The color did very well in oranges, purples, reds, greens, grays, etc. (which is what most of the scenes consisted of) but in the distant shots of some of the mountains, I noticed a bit more blue noise in the out of focus hazy areas that were not present in Sanity 5. Note, it is not the amount of noise that was notable, but the color. So it is possible that what you observed is quite accurate. I wish there had been more blue around for me to confirm.

    Also, @Bueller has been generously spending a lot of time analyzing the default color balance of the various color profiles. We will need to do a bit more testing to be sure, but so far (at least with CM Night under far from ideal lighting that could have skewed testing) the early data seems to suggest that if you are more interested in color accuracy than in dynamic range, you should only consider standard or vibrant. I hope he will post more when reliable testing has been done.

    @gokuan003 Are you asking for footage shot with lenses like that? Or are you asking what a good lens like that would be? All the good lenses I know like that cost over $800. If I get a chance, I may shoot something at 10mm with the Canon EF-S 10-22mm later this week.

    @leejb4 Interesting. On that card with manual focus glass, I can only shoot without write speed errors in fairly low detail scenes. I imagine it is even more tempermental with native AF glass. Does anyone have a verison that has been modified to work under those conditions for leejb4?

  • Hi guys, got 2 new lenses Voigtlander 25mm and Slr Magic Hyperprime 12mm. Gonna be doing a lot of filming in the upcoming weeks and want some advice for the best patches. I'm only interested in obtaining the best and most filmic quality for music videos and short films. I will be shooting in different locations; Outside during the day, interiors such as in the subway station (dark with flourescent lights) and houses/coffee shops both day/night. Also I intend to keep everything between 320 iso and 800 iso (i think 640 is the native with the least amount of noise). I will be grading with DaVinci or Apple Color, or trying the new Adobe Speedgrade in CS6.

    I'm looking for some advice as to which patch is best to use. Sedna A AQ1, Canis Majoris Night, or an older Quantumn v9b?


  • @thoughts2uk I would only consider the first 2. In every single test I did, Sedna AQ1 A outperformed Quantum v9b, so there is no reason to consider it if image quality is your main ocncern.

    Between Sedna and Canis Majoris Night, it is a more difficult decision. Most of the time I find CM Night meets or exceeds (sometimes by a fair amount) the performance of Sedna AQ1 A, but it performance varies more with the lighting and color in the scene than Sedna AQ1 A does, making Sedna more predictable.

    I would say that unless the majority of your shots will be dedicated to the outdoor day exteriiors, that you might want to try CM Night, because it will do a lot better in the lowlight artificial light situations than Sedna. But like I said, Sedna will be consistently reliable, regardless of the color or lighting.

  • @thepalalias CM night is so good I took few shots today in indoor and outdoor as well...,other than that cyan and blue issue I love CM over Sedna,...but I am waiting for the other patches,..sir driftwood said there will be 7 CM patches but he came up with 3 ,..I am sure there will be a Sedna A killer within that remaining 4 patches,...he he,.. What do u say??

  • @thepalalias a rough guess 1. CM night 2. CM pm 3. CM am 4. CM skin soft 5. CM all rounder 6. CM most detailed 7. CM span my bitch ;)

  • @thougts2uk try CM night but if your scene has more water clouds lots of blue and cyan sea etc,..take Sedna and go,..CM night wins Sedna A but CM night in bright day at beach won't take up blue and cyan for your post production requirement,..for grading color correction and other works I feel CM is more friendly than Sedna ,..noise level in Iso 1250 is so good u will hardly find noise,'s present but very fine and not much of visible,..Sedna A has noise as it is most detailed patch,..Try both of them and write up,..let us discuss and share more abt them

  • @rajamalik I agree - I have been using CM Night more than any other Driftwood setting. As far as the CM versions you mentioned, the first four have all been released or confirmed and a balanced "all-rounder" seems likely, but I am unsure about the other two. If my ability to read minds improves, you will be the first to know.

    So far I am just among the first people to test and appreciate each new setting that Nick makes and I eagerly look forward to the next round. The improvement he made with CM Night over Sedna for most conditions was a real unexpected pleasure that I continue to enjoy.

  • thanks guys, i'll let you know how i get on.

  • @thepalalias

    I install SEDNA AQ1 again tomorrow, I will make clips and I post them. Merci beaucoup.

  • @rajamalik sent you the setting

  • Hi there, Canis Majoris Night, Lens Canon Fd 50mm 1.4


    Thanks @strancali, these are just a test, buy the camera for a couple of weeks and I'm testing, but soon I'll upload some clips, additional information is: shutter 50, wb at daylight, I think the diaphragm was about 5.6 . I use the Night Canis Majoris, but lower the bitrate of 176 to 154

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • Damn. I'm sure CM is a detail spartan like the others... No doubt there. All I-frame 170+ mb beautiful images... But my Rolling Shutter is WAY less ! It's blurry, but that's motion. This is my favorite patch yet.

  • @pichidominguez Very nice!! Can you please share a clip and more information?

  • @pichidominguez Beautiful. I'd love to see a clip of scene.

  • Should Canis Majoris be imported as AVC-Intra or AVCHD in Premiere pro ?

  • Filter test time (using 77mm screw on filters adapted w! Images were shot consecutively with CM Night from top left to bottom right as the sun was setting.

    First shot has no filters. Next shot has a Tiffen Warm Black Promist 1. Third shot has no filters again. Fourth is Ultra Contrast 3 and for the rest... you can read the labels. :)

    Why so many shots with no filters? Because the light was changing rapidly and having more control shots between filter change helps to avoid mis-attributing differences in light to differences in filtering.

    00009 no filters 0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00010 black promist0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00011 no filters -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00012 Ultra Contrast 3 -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00013 Ultra Contrast 3 and Low Contrast 2 -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00014 Ultra Contrast 3 and Low Contrast 2 and Ultra Contrast 1 -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00015 No Filters -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00016 Low Contrast 2 -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00017 No Filters -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00018 Ultra Contrast 3 and Ultra Contrast 1-0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    00019 No Filters -0000.png
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • @thepalalias my be cyan and blue will get captured if i set std -2 -2 color to 0 then -2 ,...i used std -2 all,...but with sedna it never happened,...i pulled the saturation up and tried today in post,..still i feel cyan and blue needs a touchup, it better if i keep std -2 but color to -1 or 0???? what do u feel,..did you tried CM night in a beach or at noon with clouds??? please do,..i think the std -2 all need a little change for canis night,.....

    @obscura its just a speculation i am using 5dtorgb it converts every clip to constant 220mbit proves 422 hq, i just speculated myself which will be better a CM night vbr q20 @ 135mbit average or a CM night cbr aq1 @ 176mbit ,..its just speculation i need a aq1 version of CM night 176mbit to test how prores responds to 176mbit constant and 135mbit average write in vbr,..few shots of mine fell below 120mbit too,..CM night if shot has few details it takes the bitrate below 130mbit too,..but most of them are 135mbit and above,...i didn't see any file over 150mbit, 8 files 2 below 130 and all others in between 130 to 150,....bitrate of sedna aq1 is the same every file which starts above 143mbit and it keep up until the end,...just to try aq1 in 176mbit for prores 422 hq,i requested this patch,...not 130mbit ,...i don't want any modifications at all,..just trial and error,..thats all,..

    thank you for that setting,...superb work ,...all the best!

    @driftwood sir a request, will you provide us aq1 version of CM, i don't know how to set it to aq1 , i am using 5dtorgb 422 hq 220mbit constant conversion in post,...i know u r busy sir, but, will it help???? just for testing purpose,... thanks!!!

    @thepalalias ya regarding the patch you are rite,..there will be a all rounder ,...i am personally expecting a super detailed sedna A killer,..he he,..see sedna had 3,..a soft tone , all rounder and a super detailed,...CM has a skin soft so will sure have a all rounder and a super detailed one,..he he,..rough my sensible guess what do u say,...

  • @Alex_K If by imported you mean the sequence settings in Premiere, it makes no difference. Premiere interprets it for what it is, so it doesn't matter. The sequence settings just affect your resolution and the playback frame rate, so as long as they're right in the sequence settings then it'll be good. The other things the sequence settings affect is the preview codec and the defaults it selects on export if you choose the match sequence settings option. You can edit footage from many different sources in a single sequence (RED, stills etc), so it wouldn't be much use if it did have an effect.

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