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  • @B3Guy @RRRR @thepalalias @atticusd @Vitaliy_Kiselev We need a concrete concept to base everything around. I think we need to start shooting some test concepts to get a visual representation of what we trying to do, and grow it from there sort of like planting seeds. V.K is definitely right shoot a trailer 60 sec long to bring optimism.

  • I added me to the list. Live in the north east of Italy, not so far from Venice.

  • @TrackZillas Glad you are onboard with the idea. AtticusD is already working on a script for the trailer, which I will be editing before we start planning production.

    @AtticusD Do you have a sense of when your first draft could be ready? End of May? Mid-June? End of June? I would like to be able to provide an edited version to the team before the start of July (at the very latest) so that shooting for the trailer could start during the summer.

    @Kihlian Thanks for adding the info. AtticusD will take that into account when looking at the options for the trailer.

  • @thepalalias Definitely before the end of May. I’ve had enough time already. Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I’ll really try that the wait will be worth it.

    @Kihlian Great! Welcome aboard!

  • @AtticusD End of May will be great. Do not worry about what has come before, just where we are and where we are going. Everyone that works on this is going to be proud they did when we finish, believe me. Do not worry about doing right by us - worry about doing right by the characters. :)

  • @thepalalias If you will be shooting anything for the trailer I would love to help out. I should be free after May, so just let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

  • @sanzadez I will definitely let you know as soon as I do (which will be when I start editing the script). At the moment it is all in the hands of AtticusD.

  • I'm not sure, but I think I added my name to the list, can anyone confirm this?

  • @Bressonftw Yes sir, you certainly are on the list. Welcome aboard. It's nice to have a team on the Netherlands. This is going to be great!

  • Hey guys! Everything is coming along. It's going to be longer than I previously planned: Around 6 minutes or more. If we have to shorten it out later that won't be a problem. Also, I'm more than prepared to rewrite the shit out of it in order to acommodate the story to the resources that we have at the end of the day.

    @thepalalias I'm sending you a copy of the first draft not later than next wednesday so you can do your magic. I flight to Czech Republic on thursday and won't be back until the following week, so wednesday is a deadline marked in "red as hell's asshole" letters in my schedule. Which format would you prefer: Final Draft, Word (.doc)...?

    Cheers to everyone! I hope to reward your patience with a good story.

  • @atticusd Great! .DOC is great.

  • @all The first draft for this Stowaway prologue is ready. Per will work his magic on it and I will try to address some issues that are still bugging me. Then the first stage of the first part will be a thing of the past. Thanks a lot to everyone who's participating on this. Together, we'll make something great. Just wait and see. I flight tomorrow to Czech Republic and will have little access to the internet for a few days. In any case, I'll do my best to try and keep in touch if you need me.

    @thepalalias Hey Per! You've got email. ;)

  • Its been a long while since anyone has posted here. Is this project dead, or it just being worked on and not reported here? I was really looking forward to this.

  • @sanzadez Still be worked on. My apologies - the ball is in my court and I've been too busy to even post on the forum for the last 11 days.

    Next week (currently targeting Monday) you will be able to see what the script for the trailer is looking like and we will start dividing the work up.

    Once again, sorry to keep everyone waiting.

  • @thepalalias No rush man. Just wanted to check in and make sure this project is still alive. Can't wait to see the script so we can get the ball rolling.

  • Update: The initial edits on the "trailer" script have been completed and @AtticusD and I are getting ready to nail down a few changes in the next day or two before posting.

    Here is a list of locations we may need unless changes are made in this revision.

    • Hollywood (or lookalike) bookstore (interior and front exterior). May change due to cost of permits around here.
    • Irish/Celtic Pub
    • 4th story apartment near a drain/sewer. Also street shots. Should be urban.
    • Natural forest (preferrably Swedish)

    The script currently looks like it is more "short film" than trailer territory, unless we switch gears and do an aggressive edit. @AtticusD has created three very interesting personalities so far and the script incorporates a reasonable number of locations without losing focus. The main changes I made during editing were slight tweaks to dialogue and the addition or modification of minor character details that differentiate a bit more from the cliches. Oh, and a few more scene directions.

    Anyway, I edit and read through a fair number of scripts and I have to say that I am quite unaccustomed to removing so little in the process. @AtticusD really seems to have trimmed most of the fat out before I ever got my hands dirty. :)

    That said, there is always room for improvement. We will be needing input from everyone really soon. The editors will not be able to take every suggestion that gets made, but EVERY one of them will be heard and considered so PLEASE do not keep your thoughts to yourself when we put this up. :)

    So: early draft of the script for the trailer coming THIS WEEK. Keep your eyes peeled. :)

  • Sounds good. I have a good friend that I know has shot in an Irish pub here in the Twin Cities, and he's talked about them as if they're pretty friendly to filmmakers. That being said, I'll be heading for NYC near the end of August, so I wouldn't be around after that. Perhaps a NYC crew could find the 4th story apt?

    Minnesota also has incredible forests and natural areas. Google some pics, see if you think it might work.

    Of course, if we have enough folks in Sweden, I'd vote for that locale. Some of my favorite films were shot there.

  • Hey guys! Is the "trailer" script up someplace? I'd love to read it.. I might be able to put something together for a forest shoot, but I got to see what it requires! (to know for sure)

  • @RRRR I've been busy these last few days shooting for this other project: with Konstantin (@GOODEMPIRE). But in 24 hours tops I'll post here a readable draft of the Stowaway Prologue.

  • Yeah, once the draft goes up, we could really use people to read through for formatting and typos only. AtticusD and I have been doing several passes of rewrites on the dialogue etc. but I know from my experience as editor-in-chief at various magazines and newsletters that I should not try to proofread (I do either content or catching errors but never both) - so I did not do any of that this time. :)

  • @b3guy @rrrr Thanks for listing the locations - we will definitely keep those in mind as we come into the next stage in these next couple days.

  • Sounds good. I can certainly read it a few times to check for typos, etc.

    A little off-topic, but does anyone know any good screenwriting online groups (and/or anyone want to start one)? I'd like to start writing more, but it'd be great to have a group of people to share stuff around with, get/give feedback, etc. When you live in the boonies like I do, there isn't exactly a screenwriting club on every corner, knowwhatimean?

  • @B3Guy Thanks, much appreciated.

    As far as groups, I am afraid I do not know many - I can always count on an immeadiate family of published writers to help me when I need it and I typically charge for my own service (present project exmepted, of course). But what I do suggest (while you also try to find a good group) is to find some of the short story authors that write dialog in a way you really enjoy through journals like American Short Fiction (and they are particularly useful due to the writer of the month they feature exclusively on the online edition each month) and study their writing style, as well as maybe contact them with questions about your best work. It can really help to grow as a writer to be critiqued not only by your peers but by people that exceed yourself either in experience or ability or both.

    Anyway, I keep trying to convince some of the more prolific writers in my family to teach online classes on it, but I have not had a lot of luck yet. :) My little brother needs a bit of a break from teaching after his time in UNC Wilmington Masters Program teaching Intro to Creative Writing to focus on re-writing his novel and my mother has a tendency to over-exert herself between the demands of studio art and writing so I am waiting until she slows down a bit to bring it up again.

    EDIT: But while I may not be offer much free peer review, I can offer a few basic guidelines and paradigms that I teach my introductory students in TransMediaEvolution (TME).

    1) Your #1 assest in your creative output is your sensitivity and awareness. I not mean this in terms of your kindness and compassion (though these things can be assests in themselves) but rather in terms of the awareness through which you experience and process things.

    2) Look for contrast and commanility in the way that you experience something. See if you can identify not only the typical reactions you have to content you enjoy or hate, but also additional ones you may not think about or discount as too basic. For instance, the presence or absence of tension or heat in muscles in particular areas when you feel serene about something you are reading or watching vs your physical experience of anticipation. The more you can home in on the information you provide yourself without having to rely exclusively on mental analysis, the more you can process the untapped feedback you are already getting and thus leverage your existing experiences.

    3) The information in 1 & 2 can also help you in your ability to parse through your sense of the validity of external feedback.

    Anyway, that is one aspect to the TME-ing and AME-ing processes I teach, based on my experience developing and applying the techniques since the mid-90s. But other approaches include the Dream Achiever Program that my father, Stuart Lichtman, offers to people that prefer a more intellectually orgnaized and structured process for overcoming challenges (creative, personal, business) based on his experience starting or running over 100 companies (including several Fortune 500s) and coaching various entrepeneurs and creative virtuosos (such as an internationally acclaimed classical guitarist).

    I do not want to shove my family down your throat but I mention the variety of options that are taught within it so that you are aware of some of the less widely taught educational options to develop as an artist. In terms of finding more traditional communities, the first thing I would try is searching for a Facebook group.

    If you start a community of your own, I would be happy to contribute articles on the creative process.

    (End semi-solicited blog ;-)

  • So, boys and girls, here it is! The formatting is a bit weird because of Final Draft's crappy .doc output but totally readable in any case. For the moment, I won't say anything else and let you guys be the judges.

    Stowaway Trailer Concept 1 - Second Draft v6.doc