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Powering GH2
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  • We have a 7.2V version of it listed This is a new product, so it is not setup yet. It still could be ordered through them, but not using their website.

  • Capacities on those eBay "all in one" batteries are fake... I know as I have one... If you start thinking on how huge must be a 6800mAh 12V battery... and you find out that these batteries are not even 1/3rd of the approx size...

  • @alexdolgin I see that there's no option to select cable length in B&H site.

  • The way it works, we have more custom options for direct ordering through our system. It does not mean you can not order the same through B&H or other dealers. You just need to contact them and tell them what you want, they place their order with us, so we drop ship to their customer from here. It just takes a little longer.

  • Alfi666 this is very true about the battery capacity claims. Not so long ago one of the Chinese manufacturers contacted us asking to start selling their batteries. The specifications did not look very impressive, the capacity number was less than that of the OEM battery it was supposed to replace. When I pointed that out to them, they said that they could print any label on it, whatever we want them to ;-)

  • I got the battery: Mini DC 12V 6800mah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack I think they use false capacity statements, when i connect on z96 LED light at max, the voltage of the battery drops to 11.2v, even fully charged, i think NP970 gives better capacity a real 6800mah. Will be testing how long it will last using single z96 led ... The best way would be to invest on real v-mount batteries ...

  • @feha - I was given a v-mount battery, and bought all the stuff for it - hdmi splitter and so on - but it's so heavy that on a tripod it completely unbalances my rig, and on a shoulder mount it gets pretty uncomfortable quite quickly. My advice would be to look at lighter options

  • @mrbill thank you, your right, will try this Mini DC 12V 6800mah with step down converter, and see if i can add a rod clamp. This battery is not heavy but time will show how long it will hold ... EDIT: This battery does not hold as NP970 Sony with same capacity 6800 mah. It gets empty a 50% faster than NP970 ...

  • Well, my CCTV camera turned up a week ago and I'm quite impressed. It has 12V, 9V and 5V outputs, is quite light and fits on the top of my Lanparte shoulder mount (affixed with cable tie).

    Only time will tell if the capacity is any good, but it's a good start and great value. I'll be ordering another soon. So I might hold off on the Lanparte battery pinch and vmount battery for now, as that will set me back nearly £300...compared to £70 for 2x.

    Might post pics when I get home from he city later this week.

  • Mini DC 12V 6800mah does not hold even 50% of the capacity ... (NP970 6800mah holds twice longer time ...)

    I need to find reliable batteries (supplier) 12 -14 v at least 6800mah (more better) ... I really can not trust these "CCTV" batteries ...

  • if someone can tell me that those cheapo cctv batteries are the mah they are labeled and that they dont blow up i'm gonna get 2. one for the h4n and an other for the gh2

  • Here comes my DIY powering solution. This can take as input any 3.5 - 28v and output : adjustable 12.5v and adjustable 8.8 v ... when i have more time will put a video tutorial about this ...

    4000 x 3000 - 4M
    1000 x 750 - 118K
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    1000 x 750 - 179K
  • Have anyone tried these batteries ?

    800 x 600 - 90K
  • Here comes the step-up/step-down converter of my choice. It handles up to 2A (3A with heat sink) ... Any voltage in, very stable voltage out ... Voltmeters the RED is voltage IN and the blue is voltage OUT ... Will need a good small case to wrap it in ... and finally make a complete small adapter ... The converter is: When i get more time will need to put a complete video ...

    1000 x 750 - 129K
    1000 x 750 - 152K
    1000 x 750 - 136K
  • The version above with the box, was to big and not good for rig ... Here comes my DIY version 2 the power splitter and converter. Electronic components used are same as above ... Need some more time to make a complete video tutorial ... in 3-30 v, out 8.8v and 2x 12.5 v / 2A, can use any battery at present time uses NP970 (7.4 v)

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  • @feha : Nice.

    Here is mine, battery is custom made from 18650 cells and is within the box itself. Specs are 14.4V / 5200mAh. So almost twice as much power as one NP-F970.

    Currently it has 2 voltage outputs - XLR is 12-16,4V based on charge and there is a stable DC 7,2V which can power lighting, GH2, etc.

    Currently I'm using it with EX1 but can be used with GH2 as well as the upconvert from 7,2V to 8,4V is done in my DC coupler itself ;)

    1600 x 1200 - 183K
  • @Alfi666 WOW, well done, great work, that box is nice one, i could not find a black one ...

  • @feha : Yes, I couldn't find as well - so bought a silver one and painted it black :))

  • @Alfi666 which dc/dc converter did you use to built into the DC coupler itself? Is it easy to do?

    @alexdolgin You say you have a 7.2V version of your power converter listed. Do you mean TO or FROM 7.2 volt. Also Jag35 have a 12v to 7.2v adapter, but this is confusing me because as far as I understand you need 8.4V or more if there is no decoder chip in the adapter to identify it as a genuine panasonic battery. Can you clarify this?

    Does anyone use the Lanparte batteryplate? I was wondering if the HDMI splitter needs power on the 5V DC input or if it is powered internally?

  • Battery grip from OwnUser unboxing: Interesting about it is that it takes 2 batteries and you can use them independently and rotate their charging without loosing power on the camera.

  • @DirkVoorhoeve : I had to modify a DC coupler, cut down the PCB board because it does not fit and move those cut-off components to different locations.

    It's definitelly not an easy DIY, but if you're fine with electronics, nothing very special.

  • DirkVoorhoeve: our converter that B&H sells puts out 7.2V (used by most video cameras) using 12-14V as a source We also have a 8.6V version (for GH2) of the same converter that they do not list, but available through our online store. Hope it explains it.

  • @DirkVoorhoeve

    I suggest: it takes IN 3.5 to 28v and you get desired output by adjustment 2A is more than needed for GH2, also this will not fit in DC coupler house but you could put it in mini ABS box ...

  • On Jag35 they have this $ 95 7.4V power-adapter for GH2. I've sent them an email to ask, they say it is really 7.4V and does not have a decoder chip. How can they power the GH2 with only 7.4V?

    @feha thanks! I've ordered it.

  • @DirkVoorhoeve, I'm not sure but as far sa I know GH2 requires 8.4 to 8.8v, in order to work with DC, this passes "battery decoder" issue ...