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Powering GH2
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  • @feha

    I have tried it and so did @ptchaw

    And just a few posts up I have posted the link to an ebay store with the correct adapter plug.

  • @JackBayer, thank you, that is the fastest (chipest) solution. Just wonder about the quality of the cells, do they hold ?

  • @feha @ptchaw seems content with them. I have yet to run a shoot on them. But they took 2 weeks from China to Germany and arrived fully loaded.

  • @feha: I have the battery holder from ebay.. but now I'm already using one which is meant for liliput monitor... it has a locking pin, so battery is safely held and have some mounting options too.

  • I got the step up - down converter module. Amazing DC2.8V-32V input very stable output. Waiting for some more parts than will put a video tutorial.

    Tested, this step up down converter works OK but it gets hot ... even on low consumption ...

    1000 x 631 - 1M
  • Yes, I have the same battery holder now ;) ... I managed to put the DC-DC converter to DC coupler... so now I just directly connect the Sony battery.

  • @feha Did you try that ebay 12,9,5 battery? What sort of voltage ranges did it up putting out?

  • @sam_stickland I ordered the same ages ago, but I'm still waiting for it :-/

  • @sam_stickland

    No did not test the battery 12,9,5 ... On the picture i use NP970 and works great ... this solution allows to use any battery range 3v to 32v this gives more flexybility to use any link of batteries ... @Alfi666 That's ok, but just be careful about heating, won't be good to get heat inside GH2 body ...

  • @feha Thanks. I'm thinking to power my GH2, Tascam DR100 and eventually a small monitor off a single battery solution, so I was hoping to find one that already has a choice of stable outputs. It seems a little clunky to have three DC-DC converters off the back of a single battery.

  • @sam_stickland I'm waiting for ABS plastic project box, a small one, will make a tutorial. Adding two of these DC-DC you can get one input any voltage:3-30v and stable output 9v and 12v if you add one more Dc-DC can get even 5v ... so three DC converters inside one box with one input and three outputs ...

  • @feha my next port of call is to buy the lanparte battery pinch, and add my own 9v dc plate mount connector through one of those multivolt converters.

  • 5400mah with 5V and 10-12V outs for less than $20. Think it'd power H4n and GH2 out of the box, or would you need to step down from 10V?

  • still, i think this is the best option: 5v: 15.000 mAH 9v: 8.500 mAH 12v: 6.500 mAH

    for 23,73 USD :)

  • @jweeke

    you will need step down as i think 10v is too much for GH2, but if you can get 9v battery that should work fine without converter. I have bought this one: and will be using step down adapter. As i can't trust these batteries, decided to get a stable output, more security. Also 12v can be used with most other equipment.

  • @fatpig check sellers feedback, many complains on similar selling products (some never get it, some could use it just once ...) ...

  • @Alfi666

    be careful, never use any higher voltage on that converter. ( If you by accident connect 12v it will out-put +difference (14-16v), this may brick your GH2, there is no voltage stabilization !!!

  • @feha: there is one user on this forum who uses this battery for his setup, i think it was in this thread.

  • We are shipping a stand alone converter now it allows to use any battery 10V-25V as it puts out 8.9V for the GH2 camera. The smart algorithm based LED voltage monitor is built in.

    500 x 372 - 27K
  • @fatpig sure, he was happy one to get it, I'm afraid of fake facts when they declare mA/h

  • @alexdolgin that's great but for us in EU price + shipping + customs etc ...

  • Hmm... contact us directly so we could find a cost effective shipping option to EU .

  • @alexdolgin Just check out your GH2, SL DC converter. The dimension listed is 3"X2"X6". The size is as large as a V-mount battery. Can't this be made a little smaller?

  • PixCanFly, it is .6", not 6". Can you point where did you see the wrong dimensions? I can not seem to be able to find it. Thx

  • @alexdolgin my apologies. I missed the decimal point. BTW, do you have this listed in B&H?