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Powering GH2
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  • @5thwall dont have 2.5mm -> 3.5mm cable at the moment, so cannot have h4n connected to gh2... will try to find one tomorrow in some shop or order it online, so should have it next week. in the meantime - here's few photos - 1 v-lock powering gh2 (9V), zoom h4n (5V) and 2x z96 leds (14.4V or/and 12V - running on both). no problems at all. as you can see from the photo - the original outputs are 5V / 7.2V / 12V (powered on / off with a switch) and d-tap 14.4V. And i've got 2 more added - 9V and another 14.4V with a regular 3.5mm socket....

    here's the link to one of those on ebay:

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  • @redpaw nice setup. look forward to seeing how it goes. how did you add the 9v and 14.4v? how heavy is it with the battery?

  • @5thwall well, i didnt. a friend of mine did it for me. from what i understand they are taken from a 14.4V d-tap. 14.4V doesnt need anything, and to get 9V out of those 14 he used this: i'd say its pretty light. the thing is it's not a 'proper' setup... i just sticked h4n and the lights so i could make them work of 1 v-lock battery. didnt have a time to work out a proper setup yet, especially that i'd need to mount 2 more wireless receivers for the microphones as well on it... thinking about some cage or something...

  • @redpaw depending on size and need to remove, I just use velcro and/or zipties for items that don't have standard mounting screws... or just stuff that I don't want to spend the time figure out "how do I mount this friggin' thing?" ;-)

  • @redpaw - do you have a link for the xtra dc output sockets on the side of your v-mount? Thanks very much.

  • @5thwall haha.. that is an option.
    @mrbill i think that the guy who did that job for me just had them lying around, but i'll double check that...

  • Anyone using this 3rd party panasonic coupler?

    It's impossible to buy the original panasonic DMW-DCC8 in the market. I need to use the coupler with Switronix V mount solution

  • Hmm, here i bought mine, genuine: I'm not sure if he sells outside of EU ...

  • @feha what did you use for external power? btw, how should one check the polarity is correct for the coupler? I heard the Panasonic coupler has reverse polarity or something.

  • @PixCanFly

    i'm still waiting for some components, DC step up converter ... will be using sony batteries NP970 7.2 V. Will post a tutorial when ready ... As for polarity, would like to ask if someone owns a AC Adaptor DMW-AC8, if possible check with voltmeter ?! on the jack ...

  • got mine from the same seller that @feha. and yes, i'm pretty sure there was something wrong with the polarity ;) the easiest way (what we did) was to use multimeter - before putting in the coupler into the camera compare the polarity with the battery's output - that way you can be sure

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  • @redpaw , thank you, that helps a lot ...

    I will be using this Sony battery plate ... I need some male connector information same from the jack of DC coupler and to the cable jack into battery plate ... between i would put a DC up converter without cutting cables ...

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  • OK, i have verified the DC-Coupler connector (jack), there is nothing "oposite" at least the original one. The male jack, pin is + (positive), the DC coupler has not any regulator or protection whatsoever, it will just pass any input voltage so be careful.

  • Just to confirm, the outer sleeve of the coupler plug is negative and the tip is positive right?

  • Just to x-post the info, 3rd party DECODED 1600mah batteries have begun to pop up on the web. They seem to be sold out now, but they'll probably pop back up soon.

  • I have ordered this one: DC/DC Converter Regulator Step up & Step down 2 in 1 This allows any input to proper adjustable output, will test it when i get it ... Below is image of DC coupler polarity ... sorry for blurry image ...

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  • Is Panasonic killing the DMW-DCC8 coupler? It's insane that everywhere has no stock for the longest time. Are they forcing us to use their over-priced battery?

    Anyway, anyone knows whether this 3rd party coupler uses the same plug like the original, as in 1.7mm (inner diameter) and 4.75mm (outer diameter).

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  • Here´s the correct plug adapter to use with the DC coupler and the 5V 9V 12V battery:

    It´s a thight fit and works perfectly. I am still looking for the right adapter to connect the H4n also.

  • @JackBayer Thanks for the help.

    So the 3rd party DC coupler take 1.7mm (inner diameter) and 4.75mm (outer diameter) plug like the original? I'm thinking of connecting the 3rd party DC Coupler with the Switronix cable which is 1.7mm (inner diameter) and 4.75mm (outer diameter)

    The Switronix GH2 cable

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  • Have anyone tried this kind of battery ?

    I think 9V would be OK for DC coupler ?

  • @PixCanFly

    Those Chineese copies have not same diameter as the original DC-coupler ...

  • @Alfi666 where did you got that box for NP battery, from charger ? Link ?