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Panasonic GH6, final m43 camera, again with bad AF
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  • @Vitaliy Kiselev

    Looks like the darn thing doesn't even shoot in color half the time! ; )

  • Where can I find sample clips straight from the camera to download? I'd like to get a taste of editing GH6 in Prores format ad also in 5.7k resolution.

  • GH6 is not the m43 camera you want for your photograpy.

    Clearly behind both current and previous m43 sensors from Sony.

    Video is great if you use DR boost function and a large collection of ND's. If not, not so much.

  • My GH6 takes very good photos....funny I wonder why they got a different result.
    One common error in a lot of these videos, the base ISO for DR Boost is 800, not 2000. It's 2000 for Log.

  • Took a trip to Iceland. Took a ton of videos. Some are online and some aren’t yet. Too bad I’m not able to view my videos on a 4K screen until I get back.

    Video of a very tall geyser in slow motion. Original clip is 4K 120p. Autofocusing was enabled and decided to go heywire at the end. Luckily it didn’t happen during the eruption. Speaking of 4K 120p, would be nice if YouTube supported that in real time speed. We’ll probably see that in the future.

    Videos of a Viking festival. Originally shot in 5.7K 60fps. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until YouTube processes higher resolutions.

  • On v2.0 firmware

  • There is something stupid going on with animal AF. Like with birds sometimes it shows AI detect square right at the spot where the bird is. But it doesn't focus on it. I already knew where the bird was, focus the d*mn thing please? Amazing features. So this way you never know if it is actually focussing on the bird even though it looks kind of sharp, but of course AF still wants to focus on some truly amazing gorgeous grass.

  • Has anyone found any proper camera tests for the gh6 yet? i'm looking for some footage with different diffusion filters and have only been able to find a few shorts using 1/4 black pro mist.

  • WaterFire Providence event.

    5.7K 60p, HLG HDR, Dynamic Range Boost enabled and an ISO of 2000 for the first half clips and a bit higher for many of the clips on the second half of the video.

  • Review

    The DR Boost mode is arguably the biggest upgrade of the GH6 over earlier GH models. This must be manually enabled, and increases the minimum available ISO by three stops (Jumping from 100 to 800 in most modes or 250 to 2000 in V-Log and HLG). When combined with the V-Log gamma setting, this delivers an extra stop of highlights, giving over a stop more dynamic range than GH bodies have previously offered. When dealing with extremely contrasty situations, we feel that the dynamic range benefit of DR Boost is absolutely worthwhile. However, if your scene's contrast can be capture without enabling DR boost, the standard base ISO will result in cleaner shadows and midtones. Make sure to double check whether or not DR Boost is enabled when metering a scene to ensure best results.

    The Panasonic GH6 is capable of capturing very detailed video in a huge variety of resolutions and frame rates. The oversampled 4K recording at standard framerates is competitive with similarly video-focused models but it’s at high frame rates such as 4K/120p where the GH6 captures significantly more detail than all its immediate rivals. If you need a camera to capture fine details at high speed, the GH6 is one of best cameras available. Just remember that in challenging lighting situations 4K/120p and high speed 1080p capture will not allow you to use the DR Boost mode for extended highlight capture.

  • "When using the 5.8K ‘open gate’ recording, the image is significantly sharper than even the flagship full frame S1H"

  • Decent price from 6ave, I prefer BHPhoto but I'm in for one.

  • Captured with the Panasonic Lumix GH6 on the Atomos Ninja V+ in glorious 12-bit ProRes Raw DCI 4K 120P and 5.8K 4:3 24P.

    Image Pipeline: Edited and graded in FCP X. Converted from linear Raw to V-Log with Panasonic's utility LUT, then brought into a REC709 workspace and graded to desire. Noise Reduction processed with the "Neat Video" plugin. FilmConvert grain added back onto to desire. Output to 4K DCI (4096 x 2160)

    Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH6 Lens: Sigma 18-35MM F1.8 Adapter: Metabones 64XL Filter: BPM 1/4th - 72MM Monitor: Atomos Ninja V+ Format: ProRes Raw

  • I see Fuji has a camera coming out in a few days, should be interesting. Maybe some small regrets choosing the GH6 but I have all the glass and so far they have been very reliable. Also I picked up a new body for $1700 which is a decent price for GH6.
    If the new Fuji does 8K that would be a much cheaper alternative to the Sony A1.
    Surprised Panasonic has not updated the FF cameras.

  • Received the $1700 GH6. It's in Japanese, no problem, gear--gear--head--English (or whatever). It's a kit box with the lens removed. Great price, so only minor complaints about the description.

  • Firmware update 2.2 releases on September 27. Biggest feature is SSD recording capabilities.

    I wish Panasonic would release Intra frame based recording modes for 5.7K 60fps and 4K 120fps.

  • Intraframe at those resolutions and speeds are literally imposible for that SoC. I’m sorry maybe 24p 5.7k intra it’s possible.

  • I'm using the USB port for easy power, is there a way to get the data and power the camera on the same port? I mean, what's the point of unlimited storage if the battery lasts an hour.

  • @DrDave

    Try using a dummy battery coupled to an external power source.

  • Panasonic today announced the LUMIX GH6 firmware update program Ver.2.2 to enhance performance and usability. The firmware program will be available on the LUMIX Global Customer Support website at 9 p.m. EDT on September 27, 2022.

    Support for direct recording to SSD over USB

    Firmware update program Ver.2.2 supports direct recording and playback of video/photo using an external SSD connected via USB. The update enables recording directly on a 2TB capacity USB drive (SSD) high-quality, low-compression Apple ProRes 422 HQ (Maximum 1.9Gbps) or high-bitrate, large-volume 4:2:2 10-bit All-Intra. Data files recorded on the SSD can be easily transferred to PC via USB, which makes the post-production process more efficient by minimizing backup work.

    • High frame rate video exceeding 60.00p cannot be recorded to an external SSD.
    • It is not possible to record video and photo on the SD card or CFexpress card simultaneously while recording it on the external SSD.
    • Use an external SSD no more than 2 TB in size that is compatible with USB Type-C. We recommend using an external SSD whose operation has been confirmed by Panasonic. Note beforehand that this is not a guarantee of operation on all devices.
    • Latest information on the external SSDs will be available at the following support site at the same time as firmware release:

    First introduced in February 2022, the highly-regarded LUMIX GH6 has been recognized for its exceptional video performance and handling among existing and new GH users worldwide. It will continue to evolve with firmware updates to further enhance its performance and usability to meet the changing needs of creators. Firmware updates are a key value-added service to provide future-ready solutions for more flexible filmmaking workflow using mirrorless cameras.

    Full PR, @PauloTeixeira already wrote about it, just in case.

  • Big price drop for the Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera: Previous Price: $2197.99 Price Drop: -$500.00 Current Price: $1697.99 

  • Yeah bummed that I paid more.