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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • zealand has no cases and wants to remain so. I guess if you've got to be trapped on a island, new zealand would be a good option !

  • Amazon is extending its corporate work-from-home policy through January of next year. The company is also planning to continue restricting nonessential business travel through the end of the year. Amazon’s decision aligns with those of Facebook and Google, both of which have announced work-from-home policies that extend through 2020.

    They know comign stuff.

  • @kurth

    .new zealand has no cases and wants to remain so. I guess if you've got to be trapped on a island, new zealand would be a good option !

    NZ reports no cases, does not mean that they don't have them.

    In case of issues with cargo delivery, food delivery and energy delivery NZ is one of the worst places on Earth to live in (Australia is better, but also close).

  • @Vitaliy....that's why all the billionaires chose it for their doomsday bunkers then ?

  • @kurth

    So, are you also billionair with big bunker, pile of fuel and food for 2 years? And why you think it is not their advisers who amde all this to have their bosses as far as possible for as long as possible?

  • I'm good to go for a couple of months anyway.Thanks....but the point was maybe there's an ulterior motive for quantas shutting down, rather than purely economic. I have a good friend who immigrated from the USa to New zealand and it was quite difficult. But I'd guess, like my friend, you'd have to be less of a materialist. Also it beautiful country which makes up for less container ships in harbor. I bet no one there is using masks, I'll write my friend and ask.

  • As cases started to rise it is clear - most of small business won't make it

    It is expected that from 80 to 95% of all services oriented businesses in EU and US won't make it past February 2021.

    Unemployement levels will rise to 35-55% and will keep on such level for at least a year.

  • COVID-19 Outpatients – Early Risk-Stratified Treatment with Zinc Plus Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: A Retrospective Case Series Study


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  • Google will ban ads promoting coronavirus conspiracy theories, remove ads from pages that promote these theories, and demonetize entire sites that frequently violate the policy starting on August 18th. CNBC reported the news earlier today, noting that it supplements an existing ban on monetizing harmful medical misinformation.

    Something tells me that HQ proponents will be in this same list soon.

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  • US Federal Budget Balance


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  • COVID and online search correlation



    It is just one little issue - ruling class fully controls Google and all search statistics is filtered and altered.

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  • Appears all those "elites" really do live in mordor...and they've been getting vaccines since april....

  • @kurth

    It is one issue here, source is completely untrusted.

    And knowing level of our elites lot of people could present them urine as ready to run vaccine against COVID.

  • @Vitaliy....well my name aint snopes but I wouldn't be surprised to read one morning that rich people somewhere had a vaccine last year !

  • BTw.....New Zealand has around 20 (26 according to official stats ) cases all in quarantine from newzealanders returning from their world travels. How sweet !

  • Bauer Media in Australia has axed eight magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Men’s Health, in the latest hit to the media industry. German-owned publisher cited a catastrophic drop in revenue due to impact of Covid-19 as reason for closures.

    InStyle, Women’s Health, Good Health, NW and OK! magazines will also be axed. Bauer said the economic impact of a full month of Covid-19 lockdowns was a 38.8% month-on-month drop in media advertising expenditure.

    Less shite around.

  • On Mordor reported cases

    Do not believe any of them. It is now like bad theater.

  • I would like to not believe the ones where i live.

    I'm astonished how many people believe that it's a hoax.

  • @garroulus

    We are in the stage 2 of big plan.

    First stage I call "Blitzkrieg".

    Second stage I call "Cornet Untied" (aka people do not care about masks mode, aka fake masks mode).

    Name is after famous Russian humour number (Cornet is name of the horse). Text author (not performer) died this year from COVID.

  • Not old only


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  • South Africa has recorded nearly 60% more natural deaths than expected in recent weeks, suggesting a much higher coronavirus-related death toll than officially reported, a study by a respected national research body has concluded.

    With more than 10,000 cases being reported every day, South Africa is now the worst-affected country in Africa.