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BMPCC 6K S35 raw camera, war on Z-CAM
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  • @brudney

    I guess E mount or Canon RF mount.

  • I doubt it.

    No camera has ever been E mount that isn’t built by Sony (not counting a useless dumb mount on kinefinity)

    RF is unlikely too. I suspect Canon have allowed it on komodo as an IP swap for Redcode.

    Mounts are a problem in this weird market between traditional cinema, vintage stills and mirrorless.


  • @johnbrawley

    I am sure within 6 months we will see both E mount and RF mount for Z-CAM. I mean here also third party changeable mounts at least some of firms are looking to them such.

    I also think China-US trade war will change landscape a little, as many Chinese firms will fully scrap any patents/intellectual property respect.

  • OK Dear Forum.

    My BMPCC 6K arrived yesterday and today I've been using it on a real (but not super important project).

    I've run into a few issues:

    • The supplied battery will not charge on a standard Canon charger -- shows a 'protocol' fault.
    • A Wise 525MB/s CF card will only record 1.06 seconds at 6K - not obvious that it had failed since the recording light stays on, there is a warning on the screen to be fair
    • The battery is good for about 15 mins
    • There is a small fan in the bottom
    • It worked with an 85mm F1.2 L series, 300mm 2.8L and all the CNE lenses
    • BRAW seems to be easier to work with
    • BRAW claim the white balance as shot was 5900, but the camera is set to 5600
    • Not got a grade I'm happy with yet, some examples below
    • I'll have to buy a pile of connectors, specifically audio and power

    It feels light, the menus are good, plays well with Resolve 16. Chroma Key is possibly the best I've ever got -- first time!

    So that's My Grade | Using the specified LUT (Extended Video) and | My grade.

    These are downsized exports so pixel peeping is not going to help here.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 565K
  • Here is a test shot - done against a blue chroma key.

    It is graded to neutral - normally I'd give this a little colour boost. What I'm really impressed with is the way that 6K video interpolated down to 4K looks smoother in the chroma key process. It was made at ISO 1250 which allowed for f8 in my studio, this helps with depth of field (135mm CNE lens).



  • Here's my more or less full review of the BMPCC 6K. In summary I've grown to like it more and more over the week. This is down to getting the right ancillary cables.

    In particular, powering on V Lock battery and the mini XLR adaptor for the microphone.

    I like the 6K downsampled to 4K for smoothness:

  • At BIRTV image

    There was plenty of buzz around this new camera at the show. Very lightweight for what it is.

    800 x 549 - 110K
  • Looks like the title of this thread is very accurate:

    No way that price could hold with the P6K on the market.

  • @Firworks

    This guys just are few months late.

    Look at our Z-CAM topic and find June post about price.

    Btw. BM 6K sales are worse than BM anticipated, hence no delays in all countries.

  • Price for BMPCC 6K dropped to $1,996 USD.


    Expect BM PR soon, as B&H returned price for now.

    671 x 281 - 26K
  • Small talk is that price drop must had been pinnacle of BM CEO livestream at first IBC day.

    But due to B&H timing error it had been decided to postpone this as effect won't be such big for now.

  • For those who use the dummy LP-E6 battery this could be useful:

    Config is 2S3P , you could build a 75WH battery (7.2V/10.5Ah) for around 50$ with LG or Samsung 3.5Ah 18650 batteries.

  • Nice deal with free Shinoby + cage


    426 x 376 - 29K