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BMPCC 6K S35 raw camera, war on Z-CAM
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  • @theusualeditor The Blackmagic reds used to be a bit orange as well, and that is corrected.

    I do not work for any store or camera manufacturer. And I am not an "influencer" who gets free stuff from manufacturers to flog their products (while of course claiming they are unbiased...).

  • @markr041 Having tested so many other models, do you have an opinion on the strongest downsides of the Blackmagic 6K camera?

    For example, Looking at the product images , I am still not sold on the form factor when handheld, since I use a lot of old photo lenses and they tend to be sturdy and heavy. It seems to me that most lenses would unbalance the camera, making it front heavy. From the last sample you posted, I see a lot of wiggle movement all the way to the sides. Could the form factor be the cause? Thanks again

  • @theusualeditor The reason for the shakiness handheld is the lack of IBIS, and maybe the form factor, including the need for a big external battery, which is attached to the camera bottom.

    The second issue is the very dim, fixed screen. This shortcoming is overcome with the Pro version, which is even larger.

    Here is a similar video shot with the Sony fx3, which is far more stable: