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Panasonic S1 FF Camera - copy of Nikon Z6
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  • And here is one of the reasons the Panasonic Lumix S1 is not a copy of anything and truly epic. In cam time lapse with a full frame! Nothing like it on the market. Filming one minute and uploading twenty minutes later !!!

    Cheers, Pete

  • Talked again about sales numbers. For now it is all bad, especially in EU.

    Retail channel now wait for cashback and bundles offers that must bring body cost below $2000.

  • LUMIX S1R (Ver.1.1)

    • Improved exposure accuracy during continuous shooting.

    LUMIX S1 (Ver.1.1)

    • Improved exposure accuracy during continuous shooting.
    • Improved accuracy of flash tuning performance.

    Btw firmware shows that we have completely new LSI. Usage of zImage and rootfs images most probably means that we now have ARM cores. And LNS ( logarithmic number system) FPGA is also indicator that we have FPGA block on LSI.

  • Been away for a much needed week without computers and very limited cell service. I haven't had any proper film projects to work on, but did take a few pics and video with my S1 and 24-105 last week. Put together a little sample using Movie Studio 14 with no editing. Neutral profile, iso 100-500, mostly at f/4 with a 2-stop nd and a cir-pol. The stills in there are using the standard profile and and a little over cooked on the color.

    Needless to say I've ruined my desire to shoot with my gx9 or gh5 much anymore and I haven't even started to try to edit anything with scopes and properly adjust things.

    Cheers, Pete

  • New cage

  • Tutorial

  • Hopefully just the one faulty camera out there ...

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Cheers. a few days ago I remember seen a Free Extra Battery and Battery Grip on BH and Adorama, But not anymore.

    At least here in Europe some stores are still offering 100 Euros Off + 200Euros on Trade in on top of the camera you are trading in

  • @andycorleone

    Most probably first wave of discounts is further ahead, not week or two. For now just look for free bundled items various sellers can offer.

    Panasonic now has good amount of people and software to track prices realtime, even on ebay for new items. Idea is not to allow even $5 discounts without control.

  • Panasonic marketing works good with bigger sites


    800 x 579 - 39K
  • Hey Guys @metalrulez99 @basschevers @Vitaliy_Kiselev Any News about the Panasonic S1? I Just sold my a7III and the GH5s is almost sold. I'm planing to buy the S1 next week. Should I wait? Don't have to tell me the Secret but just let me know if I have to wait. Cheers

  • I'm actually inches away from buying the S1, only just awaiting the answer to your question Wolfram.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev On February 1st you said "Special note I never made before - stay away from doing any preorders for both Panasonic S cameras. Keep calm. Just wait around one month."

    Can you please tell us some details what exactly you mean by that. Is there another camera coming soon that you would prefer?

    Best regards, Wolfram

  • Here's my first little test with the S1. 4K-60p natural with 1/125 shutter, f/14, auto ISO and sharpness at -5. I didn't have an ND or cir-pol as the kit lens takes a 77mm. Even with the overcast I was blowing out for proper video.

    What ever I did with the face tracking auto focus, it wasn't working very well and I got less than 1/3rd of my clips in focus. The screen on the back looks so good, I thought it was nailing it, but when I got home and watched on the 43" hdr display I was super bummed. Lots of work to do to see if I can get that sorted. I'm a little bit suspicious that by putting sharpness at -5 didn't effect the autofocus performance as most of my other tests shots at home have been pretty good in this regard.

    Stills auto focus performance is spectacular and the image in both stills and video with the kit lens is very nice. With the sensor being so good for lowlight the auto ISO actually works really well. It's pretty smooth and allows for some very nice effects when shooting in variable lighting.

    It is what it is and for f/14 and all it's not too bad aside from the auto focus.

    Cheers, Pete