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3D LUT Creator - best tool for camera matching and video grading
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  • I don't think you don't know what my issue with this is, Vitaliy :) it's obvious they set the price that way, that was not the question. But it's obvious no one here knows why; so why bother :)

  • @CameraRick

    They set price because average income in Russia for guys who shoot video is much smaller. Period.

  • When you actually know (not assume) that, why are we going in circles for days instead of telling me day 1? I don't get it.

    I bet people in Kenya don't make more, but hey, I get your drift.

  • @CameraRick

    LOL. No one going in circles besides you.

    It is owner who sets pricing for regions. Can also go and check pricing for Stream stuff, for example.

  • My very first comment here was if someone knows why it's cheaper, and if I can easily just save money by purchasing it that way. You answered that with a guess that it's russian only, which answers neither of those questions; did you ask those guys by now or is it still just a guess? Because the question stands. Russian software wouldn't be too bad, they teach russian here too.

  • @CameraRick

    OK, I got you now.

    Just buy Russian version at RU site as this software main stuff is quite universal controls and you can look at English videos always.

    Note that they also made OFX plugin available!

  • I think I will try to. Don't know if there might be a region lock for the purchase (or if they take my credit card, for that matter).

    Thank you, Vitaliy

  • I am interested in purchasing this software as well but it is a little too expensive for me in the US. The "Professional Version" cost $249.00 if it was $100.00 - $150.00 I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • @Azo

    Can also try Russian way.

  • @spacewig

    Payment does not work?

  • Won't prcess my payment when I switch to Russian version of the site. Oh well. I'll wait until they have a reasonable sale.

  • Haven't heard of this software until now. Looks good. I just bought it. 30 percent discount at the moment.

  • @olli66

    If you want to do precise or unusual color edit -it is quite unique and he moves into more video field fast.

  • Uli made nice video for PV channel on one of the important aspects

  • I tried to bought it but PayPal don’t want finalize :-/

    I tried with Visa Business card, same problem :-/


  • @flash

    You mean even US prices?

  • US prices ? What do you mean ?

  • Finally boughted. But I am disappointed because there is no color chart for my x-rite version :-/

  • @flash

    Send author message via facebook.

  • Not really serious team, they don’t respond.

  • @flash

    It is big holidays in Russia, so just be calm. It is single developer, not team, also.

    Let me know your X-Rite chart model also.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I didn’t know, I understand now.

    I have X-Rite Passeport Video. 3DLut Creator haven’t it but have the Passeport Photo version.

    I am not satisfied with color charts by Davinci Resolve, it’s not precise. I see a lot of wrong colors. But I must to admet that my artwork is quit difficult for calibration because I work at night in town with sodium and led street light.

    Maybe I need a high precision color charts. There is the X-Rite SG that seem more precise and 3DLUT Creator work with SG version. But SG is very expensive: 319 euros. So I want to be sure it will be more accurate.