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3D LUT Creator - best tool for camera matching and video grading
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                                                       Mac demo version is out, direct download - UPDATED February the 9th
                                                            Win demo version, direct download - UPDATED February the 10th
    + Some bug ironing + a droplet for direct WB selection, real-time feedback from the hue blob, dunno what to call it + now when you move directly over the image, it's not the grid that changes, it's the hue representation + and that channel mixer...!!!... it's some feature like I've never seen implemented

    We're entering the Sci-Fi UI's era, ja ja ja.
    Guess that Oleg lives up to his word ,-)

    Next step for expansion: english :P
    A detailed user manual and 1 long and warm sum-up video would be a very niceL welcome

    I write this stuff but I want to be cristal clear, I have no commercial relation whatsoever with Oleg or 3DL Creator. I don't even own a full version yet. I write to inform you as I learn too, this' my contribution for these forums, Ok? Coolio fssshhuhhhh


    UPDATE • 23rd Jan

    Here we go!! More sci-fi, this time 2D Curves =)

    1440 x 853 - 284K
    Oleg updated the program 4 days ago, previous download links are working.
    He posted 3 very interesting scientific papers, PDFs for download:
    Wide Gamut Device-Independent Colour Image Interchange
    A Guided Tour of Color Space
    The rehabilitation of gamma

    Also new @CaptainHook 's LUTs were cook inside 3DL Creator.

    I created these LUTs a little differently this time. The basis for these LUTs were created in the wonderful software "3D Lut Creator" by Oleg Sharonov. If you haven't heard of it, it's a very unique approach to creating LUTs that primarily uses a grid/mesh for mapping hue/saturation/luminance. It's still pretty new, but a really great visual way to approach colour correction.

  • This is amazing to play with. I don't know anything about LUTs so really interested to know: can you work on a frame in this then export the resulting LUT into something like Resolve to recolour a clip? Or does it not work like that?

  • @Mark_the_Harp It works exactly like that. I installed plugin to After Effects that copies frame to clipboard, then I just paste it in 3DLut Creater, do the LUT, then export it and import it back in After Effects to the clip.

    Importing LUTs should be possible also in Resolve.

  • Oh - thank you. I thought I had asked an incredibly stupid question, so that's a relief!! I'm so impressed by what 3D LUT Creator can do - it seems so quick to get really good results.

  • Benoit Cote Color Grading Reel 2014
    Graded with DaVinci Resolve and 3D Lut Creator

    New 3D Lut Creator homepage, also in ENGLISH!!!

    From Mats Helgesson vimeo page

    Test of the updated LUT for the BMPCC: Slightly more saturation and some colors are remapped. Same file link:
  • What would be the workflow be for CC - Color Correction and grading in AE ? I want CompA to be for CC and then the final Grading Comp where I apply the LUTs.

  • How would I match two different pics if I did not use a color chart ? I have incorrectly color balanced images - shot at different time of the day that I have to color correct.

  • @zcream - I'm answering 'cause is you =)
    I ended up not buying the program - at the time were a mere 70$, today's 250$ - it's a long story out of a glitch, alles gut though. Today I only use its awesome scopes, to study some curves or a particular LUT but mainly to render samples out of a folder of LUTs with the LUT manager, which is pretty pretty useful (works in demo too). I reckon that extracting the curves from a given still (ala tone hacker) is a good start, search "import curves from file". You would probably be better off searching support/feedback elsewhere. Seems to me Oleg's very active in the VK's forums, all russian though - .There's more people using the program, some colourists too. I also seen in a DP's forum (which name cannot recall) some threads about it.

    english manual

    Good luck buddy

  • @maxr Thx for the feedback..I am trying this program as I am frustrated trying to match two videos with clipped highlights and different color temp and WB. The files are attached. Just wondering if you would consider trying these out on your LUT Creator to see if they can match. I am mainly concerned with skin tones and the color of the sky and leaves.

    Conclusion (
    1920 x 1080 - 182K
    Conclusion (
    1920 x 1080 - 319K
  • 15% discount till Oct 31. I fixed my CC problems using a combination of WB and Hue Sat - Channel Control is AE. However, for those with spare cash, its worth checking out. I'd buy it if was 100 bucks.

  • Matching cameras

  • Can someone tell me why the software costs only around 1/5 when I set the site to russian? So I can just buy it with rouble and save a lot of money?

  • @CameraRick

    I guess it will run in Russian only :-) Also it has different versions.

  • What do yo mean with "different versions"? Only Grading, Standard, Pro?

    I find it a bit off that I have to pay five times as much only because I'm not from russia :/

  • @CameraRick

    Why you find it strange? Trump wants to make America great again, put various fees and restrictions.

    May be this software author is like Trump, but for Russia, just looked at income difference and set price at fair values :-)

  • May be this software author is like Trump

    do you like this thought @Vitaliy_Kiselev?

  • Very interesting commentary after all you anti-capitalist posts here. I'm not american though, no idea what this has to do with it (I also think that Putin wants to make Russia a bit better, too).

    Maybe I ask them, but I'm afraid I get no answer.

  • Maybe I ask them, but I'm afraid I get no answer.

    Don't .... be afraid.
    As far as I can tell, their main flux of interest, contribution discussion, revenue, feedback is russian (check the link of VK - the platform). Based in what I read (translated) from VK and my little interactions with Oleg, the man behind 3Dlutcreator (and other staff) it has being open, responsive, to the point, helpful. There is life outside of the USA, outside of first world countries. Little fact, Vitaliy is a triple agent for Shiva S.A.

    That said, don't speculate, go and ask them! And then you could be good lad, come back here and state the facts ,-)

  • @maxr

    When the main-flux is russian it makes even less sense to only charge 1/5, no? I'm not from the US, no idea why you bring that country up in the first place. And there's also other non-first-world countries beside the obvious, and not every first worlder can throw money.

    I wrote them now, but they evade the question. They just tell me what is readable on their site. When further asking, no response. Oh well.

  • So it seems at 3dlutcreator they also have little humour
    Anyway, under heavy scrutiny almost nuthin' makes sense.
    Me 1/5 free advise: don't get too worked up @CameraRick, here at Personal-View you'd be better off not letting things get neither too serious nor personal, or - as someone said in a film (maybe Hiroshima mon Amour) - the weight of the world becomes unbearable. Cheers


  • Is it that heavy though? After all it was a question in a forum, followed by nothing but assumptions. So as not unusual here on PV, I just wasted my time ;)

  • @CameraRick

    Well, they set the price such. It is Russian only version, what is the problem?