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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • If they are disappointed with GH5s sales, their executives are pretty dumb. They launched an expensive camera with almost exactly the same specs as the camera they'd released a year before (and the same body), but with better low-light performance and without IBIS and which was worse for photography. The potential market pretty much all owned the camera from the year before already. With very little to differentiate it, the list of potential buyers was already pretty small.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    It is two rumors going inside Panasonic.

    One is that it is the end of m43, except small consumer cameras made for beginners. But they keep making existing expensive cameras for around 2 years.

    Second is that we will see 1-2 top bodies still and later it'll be decided based on their sales performance.

    For now Panasonic is very disappointed with GH5s despite big marketing expenses.

  • Even at higher price, MFT has its place. I'd love to see a camera with a size closer to a GX body with the 10-bit codecs and higher bit rate supported by the GH5 as well as support for dual IS. That could be a dream camera for travel (some of the newer Olympus bodies are coming close!).

  • @EspenB

    I think they are celebrating :-)

    Japanese seem to do their usual thing - making more incompatible stuff and selling them at premium.

  • Are Canikon peeing on their mirrorless pants by now?

  • Make sure at check our live coverage at

  • @brudney

    I'd love for Panny MFT to get back to its GH1/2 roots - small, cheapish and high HQ cameras. Slightly improved GH6 for ~$1000 would be nice and made sense, anything more expensive wouldn't.

    I think no one will return to good old times, at least not in 2 years time.

    Instead of you see new hand feed press and big PR push explaining new even higher prices.

  • @IronFilm

    Exactly. With amazing sub 1.5k APSC (XT3) and raw recording MFT (P4K) cameras, there's no way anyone could justify another GH model to cost as much as it does now. Especially since 2k FF crowd is getting bigger every day and Sony is rumored to launch something new for even less.

    I'd love for Panny MFT to get back to its GH1/2 roots - small, cheapish and high HQ cameras. Slightly improved GH6 for ~$1000 would be nice and made sense, anything more expensive wouldn't.

  • I dont have any source. Hahahaha.

    You know me?

    On $30 i was putting price since sensors AND .processors shareware similars prices.

  • @endotoxic it's funny that you could say "What's an extra 30$ per sensor" on something as cheap as a camera. Where I work, teams will go to the ends of the earth to save 1.50$ on a sensor or switch for a 4 million dollar machine with much lower volumes than a camera.

  • @endotoxic

    Except rumors you do not have any source.

    Who really manufactured EVA1 sensor I have no idea. Can be Sony. As far as I remember Panasonic dumped all sensor manufacturing a while ago.

    Samsung sensors idea came from few unfounded forum posts, I saw no proof of it yet.

  • @tosvus

    We'll, the flagship will be 48MP, so ..

    Well, different firms declare different numbers. One can declare total, others just effective.

  • We'll, the flagship will be 48MP, so ..

  • Xt-3 trans sensor Is from Samsung.

  • It Will not be sony.

    It's manufactured by Panasonic, with borrowed memory implementation by Samsung. You know litography tech can be borrowed. BSI Is achivable by Panasonic, fabs with proper process.

    Why not rump up Panasonic fabs tech. Good move by them. They're making industrial sensors why not get the good SNR from BSI.

    Sigma Is the one getting Sony sensor. Foveon, i just dont see it coming any close in Time.

    Yes, would mean extra cost for panafriend to make the move. But on mid to high term would be the right move. Good profit. Outsourcing from Sony.... maybe, i know would make better profit, but they're are primarily a tech company, investing un their own fabs its a Smart move.

    also, at the rates this cameras will Sell, i see no point other than What...$30 extra dollars per sensor. At the rates that management Is expencting sales, also from lenses. Jesús, how much money Will enter, just by that.

    Eva1 was pana sensor. Varicam lineup, it's also panafactured. Dual iso on varicam35 Is no BSI AND there's your proof. Samsung has give the key to fast memory readout from sensor.

  • About Sony sensors

    • 24.2Mp Sony FF CMOS sensor used in
      • A7III
      • Nikon Z6
      • low end Panasonic FF cameras
    • 47Mp Sony FF sensor used in
      • A7RIII
      • Nikon Z7
      • middle end Panasonic FF camera
  • It Will not be a sony sensor.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, so no info on what Sony sensor you think they will use?

  • @IronFilm

    US car market and current camera market have a lot in common.

    Ford announced that in the near future, it will be condensing its line of US car models to just the Mustang and the forthcoming Focus Active, a small crossover vehicle. The company will still produce a range of SUVs and trucks, including the Escape, Explorer, Bronco, and F-150—the best-selling truck model in the US.

    Trucks and more trucks.

  • it would be interesting for this cam to share the same sensor as the a7siii, especially because sony largely kept the 12mpx sensor exclusive to a7s and a7sii

    Probably because there is not much of a demand for a 12 megapixel sensor outside Sony. Canon/Nikon/Pentax probably don't even want to make a 12MP FF stills camera, and they're at the moment for now the only people making FF stills cameras. (with some exceptions, like Leica are are already only serving a very niche market)

    So create an entirely new universal mount or have Canon & Nikon as the 2 main mounts or Nikon or Canon as the only main mount? Fun and a great idea but in what alternate universe is this possible?

    Within five years ish we're going to see one of MFT/L/E/R/Z/X mounts die out and disappear. Then within 5ish yrs of that a 2nd and probably 3rd mount will disappear too.

  • Pressumably no more 2000 euro GHx cameras. Will Panasonic still make a GH6 when they might only ask 1500 euro?

    Would it at all be a bad thing if the GH series returns back to the pricing they used to be?

    The GH2 was sub $900

    GH3 was US$1.3K

    GH4 was US$1.7K

    GH5 launched at $2K

    I'll be very happy to see this trend reversed!!

    Go back to GH2/GH3 days and make every GH camera be sub US$1.5K

    The next GH6 might only have a small specs bump, perhaps 10bit 4K 60fps internal, maybe a bump in slow motion from 180 fps to 240fps FHD. (if we've very lucky the GH6 will combine the GH5S sensor with IBIS)

    Even if the GH6 only has a small spec bump, if Panasonic can manage to reverse the price trend and bring the launch price back to sub US$1.5K then I'll be very happy indeed!

  • Sigma has announced a Ful Frame L-Mount camera

    And also an EF to L mount adapter

  • The entry level camera is rumored with 2.000 $. Not bad.

  • image

    Expect such from Panasonic also soon.

    800 x 740 - 65K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev which Sony sensor is your sources saying this is based on? Definitely not the 42MP they use in their A7R3, as it should be higher resolution than that.