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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev And you're probably right but that last dying hope is telling me "no no no it's not true, Panasonic is not gonna stick it to us like that" lol Besides, I don't wanna see a bunch of men with "drop clothing" lol Z6 pre-order will make me really happy then.

  • Hmmm starting to look like Panasonic made a grave mistake and is going for SL.

  • @matthere

    Yep, seems like my source had been right.

    We have full fledged attack to get into lawyers oriented cameras camp, ala Leica.

  • Well, Sigma is the only possibility for format to have some reasonably priced lenses.

  • Foveon sensor future?

  • @AKED

    I just told above - Andrea is going to rise his empire :-)

    Now it is from slrrumors to slrumors.

  • "Panasonic-Leica-Sigma will announce a new partnership around the SL mount FF system"

    I told you that is why Leica and Panasonic have a press conference in the same room right after each other at Photokina next week.

  • using an SL mount basically means there is no way to adapt m43 lens on it, which could be useful for crop mode.

  • Unless it is a L mount with shorter flange depth, which seems unlikely.

  • it would be wise for panny to make use of their m43 lenses since many telephoto lenses actually can cover APCS image circles.

  • L rumors writes what will be possibly announced by Panasonic on September 25th:

    1. Entry level Full Frame L-mount camera with IBIS, 4k60p and Low Resolution Sensor
    2. Pro level Full Frame L-mount camera with IBIS, 4k60p and High Resolution Sensor (close to 50MP)
    3. New Full Frame 24-70mm zoom lens
    4. New Full Frame 50mm fast prime
    5. New Full Frame 70-200mm zoom prime
  • @AKED

    And, looking to this, cameras will use Sony made sensors (ala Nikon bodies do).

    So, my source had been right.

  • No 8K though..

  • @tosvus

    This can be saved to presentation, or even on second round of it.

  • I have prediction

    yesterday it was
    today it is
    tomorrow it will be....

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Let's spitball the 24 month Panasonic rollout from a management perspective...

    Since the 2020 Japan Olympics opens July 2020 (roughly 21 months from now), do you think the 3 launch dates Panasonic marketing department are possibly looking at for 8K video will play out over 2 years as follows:

    2019 April NAB release the 8K 30fps body with 8K Timelapse feature, 4K 60fps

    2019 Sept IBC release the 8K 60fps, 4K 120fps body with IBIS for Video Shooters

    2020 April NAB release the "Olympic" 8K 120fps video High FPS premium body and 8K lenses, of course with special commemorative badge

    That way, they can match Sony release pattern of disposable new body releases with no firmware feature improvements, and have product to demo with their 8K TV lineup?

    I can definitely see the marketing department saying "Official camera & TV of Olympics", etc with the "Olympic" 120fps High Frame rate 8K edition and 8K lenses for 2020 going forward, and constant loops of 8K Olympic footage on their TV's in stores worldwide.

    Sounds like a decent enough rollout plan- am I hired?


  • @NickBen

    At most we can have 8K or upscaled 8K at 24-30fps until 2020.

    Issues and costs of new silicon processes will also play role here.

  • Olympics always seem like an event for photographers as opposed to videographer, given the lack of access to the competition field for them to film. This is why during the Olympus is when Canikon release long telephoto lenses for ppl to take photos from far away. Video will likely be limited to broadcast infrastructure and studio recording for 8K as opposed to consumer 8k.

  • I am very interested in how this plays out with all party's involved. IMO if Panasonic does this correctly they will be able to convert a big chunk of hybrid shooters over to this new platform. I will wait and see how this all plays out, but I hope Panasonic nails it so I can finally get off of Nikon's NIPPLE LOL

    So far specs look great but we shall see.... I also hope that they can nail color science because this is very important to me as well. I love taking pictures without having to finesse the colors saves a lot of time... Fuji has this in spades if Panasonic can nail the color science with this FF camera this might be the home run!

    In terms of pricing $3300.00 seems reasonable for the high resolution camera 40mp+ but for a lower resolution camera they need to stick to the $2000.00ish threshold. This is mandatory IMO and would keep them competitive with Sony. Great times that we live in all this technology at our finger tips ;-)

  • This is the link to the live stream to the Panasonic press conference on Tuesday September 25th

  • So Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma are banding together to agree on one type of mount the L-mount? This seems very beneficial for the manufacturers and end users as well. I am very excited about this announcement. Finally we can have one lens mount and purchase cameras from either Panasonic, Sigma or Leica. This sounds to good to be true. Too bad Olympus is not on board that would be the icing on the cake. Am I missing something here?

  • There is a new website,, registered by Leica, that had a red+blue infinity sign with a mount inside. It is removed by now. See the picture here: I wonder if the website will be active on tuesday.

  • It is most fun that at the time where industry badly needed fast reduction of different mounts into 1 or 2 companies driven by greed invented just new ones, closed and incompatible.