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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • @mee Last I read on the organic sensor it wasn't even close and it was power hungry. So it would be great but have my doubts.

  • Jeeze guys. It won't be 8K, or global shutter or organic. It will be 4k from full frame, 6k video cropped, 50MP, new proprietary lens mount. Samsung doing sensor, but with Panasonic design changes.

  • @tosvus

    You have special exclusive source of info here? :-)

  • Im wonder if this super hi-end pro camera will have 14bit Raws :)

  • @konjow

    You mean photo raw?

  • of course photo. Mine lumixes Gh4 and GM1 (unlack choice for photo:) does not doing even 12bit with higher shutter. I wish them lack in FF so there will be competition and more choice but in Photos I can use lumix only for timelapses :) I know its only me. Have 2 systems is pain in ass but maibe one day...

  • If Pana doesnt give us PDAF this time.. it would be plain silly. I for myself can definitely say that I would not even look at this camera if it will be the case. What I want most of all are build-in NDs and PDAF in a GH5 FF body. Everything else is of second importance. Yes Global shutter would be cool and their own Organic sensor with some crazy DR specs as well. Well, 11 days more to wait..

  • So a full frame sensor from panafriends and corp.

    Something that panahell does well is LSI or SoC designs. Industry knows. Higly optimized ones. They are not ARM or anything like that. Just work well for its purpose. So 8k no problem high frame rates no problem, resuorces for raw no problem, codecs implementation no problem.

    Soo... About sensors. No organic. That is PR at its finest form. Wait 5 more years for mass production. They could be even implementet on flexibles sensors, since organic layers has a degree of flexibility. To much future. Not the point.

    Stick with high profit and use silicon sustrate. No fancy tech please. Dual sensor iso or starvis or bsi is good stablished marketing idea, people know that, pay money for it.

    Soooo. Full frame, i agree samsung may be involved at a stage of the proyect since its fabs are state of the art. At parts better than intel, towejazz tsmc. Specially on memory that serves very god on staked sensor bsi. Even for samsung will imply setting a good base for designing their own fullframe system at less cost. Sony allready has that so only advantage is better experience at implementing readout speeds at low noise and those sizes sensors vey well indeed. it may also be sony the manufacturer but 3 cameras using same A7 sensor....hmmm.

    If sony sensor is used it could be used in a better implementation from Panahell than nikon or sony. They have better lsi to extract the sweet juice from those sensors.

    Expect a good camera with minimun specs like gh5s. No more. I fact i would say little less son gh5 and s can still be milked a wile for better color space. Second full frame iteration could be better in all foms from gh5s and siblings. So the dump for m4/3™ would be less painfull.

    Focus problems , will be there, and chopped specs. Spect full frame with grate iso and good DR. Good fps raw, and good amount of pay options brochure for first time on selling model.

    Good buy new users.

  • 43rumors slowly drifts towards original PV leak data, but slowly

    • can record 8K (30p, 10BIT external?) and that is main reason for going fullframe
    • additional modes are 2k (240p), 2.7K, 4K (120p?), 6K (60p?)
    • Super35 Mode for anamorphic shooters
    • ProResRaw may be supported with FW upgrades (they will outline a roadmap similiar to GH5)
  • BTW Just wonder If this New FF will be on m43 mount otherwise Andrea should make new FF rumors site. Its completely different thing.

  • @konjow

    He already has whole empire of such sites, will add one more.

    It won't use m43 mount, of course.

    How to tell you short... It'll be ala mix between G9 and Leica camera. Not made for video crowd generally and with premium price and extremely expensive lenses.

    Margins on lenses that Japanese managers set this year can be compared to drug cartels. They also extremely resist automatization and simplification of the lens manufacturing and design. As it is the only things that keep Japanese companies afloat.

  • not made for video crowd is disappointing but I do hope they keep the video features from the Gh5

  • "ProResRaw may be supported with FW upgrades"

    Any reason why they wouldn't support Blackmagic RAW? A much better alternative.

  • Braw has just been annonced, i'm not sure that Pana was aware of it. The FF will be (normally) available in 6 months, it's maybe enough to includ it...

  • @zsound

    None of Japanese guys will be adding BM raw format (that also has extremely unclear patent protection and licensing).

    Most probably we'll see both new mounts war (as few other FF mounts will appear in 2019) and new formats war.

  • 43rumors drift continues

    • The new Panasonic FF has “more than 42 Megapixels”
    • The camera is designed to satisfy both, stills and video shooters!
  • it has to be over 42mpx to be able to support 8k, which I'm still skeptical of

  • @VK, So do you or your sources say anything about an improved AF with DFD, like the DFD2 with AI that 43rumors is suggesting?

  • Those new formats.....

    Panabuddy is a master of codecs . AVC intra/Ultra are amazig implementations. They have more power than BM RAW if they decide to go for compressed raw ala panna.

    Its a pitty first iteration of camera will not have all features., It may become available via FW update if sales are good.

    But i know panahell and they will deliver second version more expensive and with same LSI and all features coocked in.

    • The new Panasonic FF will NOT have a multi-aspect sensor
    • The new Panasonic FF will NOT have an organic sensor

    Both had been quite obvious.

    Note that multi aspect sensor for FF requires larger glass (read - less golf fields and yachts for management).

  • One of the sources told me that the prototype he saw some times ago looked like a Panasonic G9 with Leica SL mount.

    Not sure on the final choice but uhs-II is not fast enough for top speeds of output.

    Drift continues.

    Leica SL mount is one of possible variants and can be chosen to become main one. Reason of selecting such is because price of all new Panasonic cameras will match or exceed (mostly) Leica SL lenses prices.

    Management explained this new camera as "it is our toy for the rich" during meeting.

  • Leica SL jeez louise. The 'kit lens' will cost $3500

  • "Panasonic camera will match or exceed(mostly) Leica SL lenses prices"

    I find this hard to be believe. They must be "high" on expectation and profit or just plain high on some shit to want that. If that's the case, my Z6 pre-order is looking really good on staying.

  • @HillTop1

    Let's make it short - Z6 preorder will make you happy after announcement.

    Panasonic had been going to this for last 2-3 years, and I expect them to drop clothing next week.