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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • of course photo. Mine lumixes Gh4 and GM1 (unlack choice for photo:) does not doing even 12bit with higher shutter. I wish them lack in FF so there will be competition and more choice but in Photos I can use lumix only for timelapses :) I know its only me. Have 2 systems is pain in ass but maibe one day...

  • @konjow

    You mean photo raw?

  • Im wonder if this super hi-end pro camera will have 14bit Raws :)

  • @tosvus

    You have special exclusive source of info here? :-)

  • Jeeze guys. It won't be 8K, or global shutter or organic. It will be 4k from full frame, 6k video cropped, 50MP, new proprietary lens mount. Samsung doing sensor, but with Panasonic design changes.

  • @mee Last I read on the organic sensor it wasn't even close and it was power hungry. So it would be great but have my doubts.

  • Well, if Panasonic's goal is to set to new records for margins on lenses, selling (more) Leica-branded lenses for a special Leica mount is a good way to achieve it...

  • Here are the companies with media events at Photokina. Panasonic and Leica have their media events right after another in the same room. Of course this is not a coincidence. The new FF camera from Panasonic will use the existing Leica mount.

    Right after Leica announces a large selection of new lenses, Panasonic will announce the matching camera and their new FF partnership with Leica...

    744 x 771 - 50K
  • The Sony A9 already accomplishes something pretty similar - just with a very fast rolling shutter vs a global one.

    There's not a lot to be gained by making flanges even shorter than they already are, though, other than potentially some interesting wide angle lens designs.

    Internal ND would be really nice, though - though E mount is already capable of that with a mechanical shutter.

  • If this camera truly does have a global shutter, this may very well mark the true convergence of video and still photography. No mechanical shutter is needed for proper stills with a global electronic shutter (at least to the best of my knowledge) which means greater frame rates for raw photos to the point where you're hitting motion picture frame rates. The 4k, 6k still/video hybrid modes in the Panasonic are a glimpse of this. Imagine if those frames you scroll through were all true raw frames from a global shutter? Believe removal of mechanical shutter is next big thing to happen to mirrorless cameras and this may very well be the first. Also lack of mechanical shutter allows for shorter flange as well as space for NDs.

  • Without saying names or more than I should, I have talked with Panasonic, and met others in the industry with interesting tidbits. There is a large crowd that believes the good stuff including the 8k organic global shutter sensor (the one with the voltage sensitive "organic" filter" is rolling our just before the Olympics. However the impression I got from Panasonic is that this was the original plan, but since others are coming out with 8k global shutter, and also because they want to allow users to adapt to the new system, they will be releasing it early. How early is the big question. But basically I think they made the realization that peoples videos from the Olympics will be their greatest free PR for higher end products they will develop upon this/these new sensors. I am taking great liberty and yes putting words in their mouth, but in Japan often more is said with the eyes than the mouth. My uneducated reckless (but possibly correct) take on this, is they will release this new FF mount system as a sorta GH3 stepping stone for what's to come, along with a new Micro four thirds either together or shortly on the heels of the FF camera. The new M43 will be something very special, and Olympic ready with very high frame rates, global shutter, etc.. The FF will share some of this, but they will wait till just before the Olympics to release something with higher frame rates, and other bells and whistles, and doing so make upper management relax about releasing 8k global shutter so early. Then after the olympics ride the wave of sales on the camera's that got all them purdy shots, and prepare a massive marketing campaign for new and improved features, and a bunch of small camera's sharing key features so everyone can feel they will get shots just like they saw from the olympics. But I am probably wrong about all of this = )

  • it would be interesting for this cam to share the same sensor as the a7siii, especially because sony largely kept the 12mpx sensor exclusive to a7s and a7sii

  • How many lenses can they manage to put out before next summer?

    Or are they targeting Canon lenses with an adapter.

  • Few more leaks from same direction

    Note that we differ with 43rumors a lot on this.

    43rumors is being fed by PR department this time a lot my source said.

    • Two main PR targets for camera - HDR (and DR in general) and 8K (rescaled)
    • 8K mode rolling shutter will be just horrible, but top management keep insisting on 2020K 8K PR stunts
    • Panasonic will form "hounds pack" to absolutely control all reviews and samples before mass sales
    • Panasonic will try to surpass Nikon margins on lenses
    • Panasonic will try to surpass Nikon/Sony margins on body and set new record
    • Focus in reviews will be made on cinematic samples and will be done under supervision
    • Target audience - rich lawyers, medics, travelers, etc
    • Panasonic will introduce special elite support option
    • Discussion still ongoing about moving some basic functions like timelapses and image profiles to paid options

    Some engineering things:

    • Almost all FF cameras, including this, use exact same OLED EVF, progress is expected only late next year
    • Sensor progress almost stopped, FF sensor will use EVA1 approach, it'll be backlit sensor
    • Rear LCD will be of slightly improved resolution, but no more than 2.1Mdots
    • Big engineering resources being spend to cheapen body construction (for few extra dollars) but keep sealing and integrity
  • Among other things, they will maybe consider finally releasing the A7s Mark III. Given how many leaks there have been about it over the last year and the most recent rumors that they are just sitting on it, waiting to rain on some other vendor's parade, I wouldn't be too surprised if they stole Canon's thunder by releasing it shortly after their announcement.

    Beyond that, I think that Sony's answer to a lot of this will be something like "That's cute that y'all are finally joining the party. Hey, have you seen the A7r III or the A9? They use our mature lens mount which has dozens of lenses available as well as tons of existing third-party adapters to use lenses for other mounts. Also, if you don't want to break your back carrying gear when on the road, we have some f/4 zooms available as well as f/2.8 ones."

  • I'm more interesting in Sony's answer to all this, well they come up with a higher end a9s that cost over 4k?

  • I, for one, am just glad that Panasonic have the guts to introduce yet another lens mount option. We were pretty much starving for lack of weird mounts.

    I should go check if metabones is a public company. It seems like there will soon be a bunch of wealthy folks who need adapters to use more than the 4 lenses released with their shiny new full frame mirrorless camera with increasingly unnecessarily short flange distances...

  • One of leaks is that video shooters will be badly disappointed with first FF camera from Panasonic.

    It will be "camera for rich dandy", similar to Leica. With many functions cut and features removed to allow biggest margins.

    Panasonic will be still positioning it as video oriented mirrorless partly, but difference with competition will vanish. And even Sony bodies and lenses will look cheap compared to new system.

  • @EspenB

    I think new FF camera is considered ala "GH6" inside Panasonic. At least for now.

  • Is the GH6 still in active developement? Will there be an announcement at Photokina?

    This topics "moves all force to full frame" is a cause for concern regarding the future of M43, yes?

  • @Firworks

    I think they work on both. I think EVA1 and EF mount on it tell a lot (I think this one had been accident due to Panasonic slowdown with their new mount, so Panasonic had been forced to use EF instead). I think Panasonic constantly watch Canikon and adjust accordingly, top management is not sure and want to follow.

    If you go back to GH6 leaks topic I made - I was only one who told right about announcement and release dates with 43rumors telling that it is all false.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Do you know for sure it is a DSLR form factor camera? Is it possible that Panasonic is working on a FF cinema camera? Varicam LF? EVA2?

  • @EspenB

    It is also answer to some gifted people here who do not want to know anything about economics around, so for them it comes as surprise things all main camera manufacturers are doing.

  • Price level of 3500 USD + :-)

    • The sensor is made by Panasonic and it’s not “borrowed” from current Sony FF sensors
    • The camera will start shipping out in March 2019
    • The camera is said to have high video quality

    For first - I do not believe this. I believe in such marketing, but not reality, same as Nikon.

    About March - I am sure March 2019 will be final controlled announcement, first preorders in April and real mass shipping - next summer.

    Panasonic wants to repeat their last PR moves with GH5s and EVA1.

    Also note - camera won't be for ordinary shooter, main goal for management is to try to make record margins. Actually it was main reason going full frame.