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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @nobbystylus I would also like 422 in 6k photo mode. (I believe that it's already 10bit though, h265) would make a fantastic mode for greenscreen capture).

  • @vk, was there ever a conclusive outcome to what sensor the GH5 had inside?

  • I love the camera - its a brilliant image and the colours are so great. Once you've shot 10 bit its hard to go back!

  • @alcomposer

    Made by Sony, but exact model I did not see. Close to one used in Olympus.

    You can dig news for m43 Sony sensors, I think they have few suitable.

  • Hmm, interesting. So I wonder what Panasonic will do if Sony drops a 10bit bomb? I feel like the GH5 LSI is probably very powerful (considering the fast readout- LUT processing etc).

    I don't quite understand panasonics insinstance on a new af100 style camera. I think (as I always have) that the GH line should be b cam to Varicam.

    I hope we don't have another situation where the GH5 is like the gh4- the best camera for a month. :-(

    Edit: maybe 10bit 422 4k 50/60p ? :-)

  • Im very surprtised by this footage.

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    I'm surprised by the footage that PETA hasn't complained to have it removed...

    obviously, this performance art of a fish writhing in pain with a hook caught in it's lip, gulping for air...

    too realistic, oscar worthy...

    I may never fish again... ;-(

  • @NickBen, What footage of fish are you talking about?

  • Getting ready to pull the trigger on a GH5. But, one keeps seeing notes and posts and blog entries about this problem or that-- the auto-focus, noise, glitches, bricking, alla that stuff. I know, most of the time GH5's work just fine. I'm not that worried.

    Is there some place or list that sets down the verified shortcomings or glitches of the GH5? And describes them in an accurate manner?

  • @Brian_Siano I have one. It works well. No issues. If you want a GH5 then buy one. The only opinion that truly matters is your own.

  • Seems that GH5 has slower e-shutter in photos than GH4. Odd and bad news. Dont shoot moving objects with e-shutter.

    GH5 needs 10bit RAW e-shutter option. The readout speed would be 1/60s.

    I wonder if the GH5 JPGs are good enough. With GH4 the JPGs from 10bit RAW are much better than plain JPGs, like from different camera.

  • @Vesku But the good news are:

    "What we see here is that the Lumix GH5 has the same image quality using both the mechanical and electronic shutters. The other cameras, on the other hand, lose some details in the shadows in electronic shutter mode, indicating a lower bit depth."

  • I want confirmation for this e-shutter issue because Panasonic says GH5 sensor is much faster than GH4.

  • @Vesku My thoughts exactly, + from what I've seen the GH5's rolling shutter in 4K is much lower (which has a full sensor readout) compared to the cropped GH4.

  • GH5 e-shutter seems to be as slow in JPG and RAW photos. Here is a comparison using banding from lights. The more bands the slower sensor reading. E-M1 mk2 is almost 3 times faster! GH5 e-shutter is not good for moving subjects.

    869 x 600 - 67K
  • Does someone understand what this Panasonic statement means (yellow)? In photo mode GH5 reads sensor actually slower than GH4. In 6k photo mode GH5 sensor reading is faster than this info.

    1229 x 702 - 203K
  • As far as I understand, 24 ms are faster than 40ms

  • Interesting info about the electronic shutter. If the GH5 is in Auto shutter, it is usually in mechanical shuttler but if you go faster than the 1/10,000 or 1/12,000 of a second, it will automatically change to electronic shutter, because mechanical shutter can not go faster than that.

    How does that fit into the picture of a slower readout?

  • Normal shutter cant work over 1/8000s. When using shorter shutter we almost certainly want to shoot fast moving subjects. Slow sensor reading e-shutter is not good for that. It makes bended lines and distortions.

    Shutter speed is not the same thing as the sensor speed. With e-shutter the sensor exposes every sensor row at current shutter speed separately from up to down. The whole sensor readout time is the time sensor gets all the horizontal rows exposed. Sensor reading time is always the same with all the shutter speeds.

  • Anyone have any ideas of how to get OSMO style remote follow focus using Panasonic Lenses?

    Focus Transition seems like a really great feature but the WIFI app doesn't support it at all.

    (I don't want to get an OSMO-currently, and I would like to keep my Gimbal lite, so no follow focus motors.)

  • Not sure if it's common knowledge but apparently you get audio in 6K photo mode if you use the normal "press to start, press to stop" recording, but not for pre-burst or the press-and-hold options.

    @Vesku "Normal shutter cant work over 1/8000s. When using shorter shutter we almost certainly want to shoot fast moving subjects."

    1/1000 is usually enough to freeze most sport. Very difficult to get enough light for 1/16000 with anything other than exotic optics.

  • Of course sensor readout is not the same as shutter speed. Thats why I ask how that corrresponds. I was taking pictures of birds in flight. There sometimes one needs faster shutter. But 10.000 should be enough. And only mechanical shutter. Thanks for the info.

  • I can suppot the slower sensor readout with pictures now. We were driving 120 kilometers, about 70 miles an hour and I took pictures with I think a 1/1300 of a second. First is the electronic shutter, then the mechanical.
    I only changed to mechanical shutter:

    Amazing. NO rolling shutter with the mechanical shutter.

    640 x 480 - 92K
    640 x 480 - 101K