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FEEDBACK ASKED: Working as a camerawoman and editor on music videos
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  • @dlzn Can I ask why you are rendering to 50fps?

  • No particular reason really. @tinyrobot

  • My latest work!

    I'm now really starting to understand the link between exposure while filming and colorgrading in post.

    Eventhough my cam doesn't have a wide dynamic range. I try (as usual) to make the best out of it.

    Also challenging was: shooting this video with such a large group of dansers and try to maintain the framing as centered as possible on a windy day!

    What do you think?

  • Have some new work again... Different client budgets. The last video was shot on a GH4.

    What do you like the most or the least about each video? Any (constructive) feedback is welcome.

  • Hi all! Anyone available for constructive feedback on one or all of these videos?

  • You have talent.You understand the comoposition quiet well.

    What you need to improve for what i have seen is the consistency of the lenses selection.

    Using more time to think your shots will increase your quality.

  • @endotoxic thank you!

    @ lenses selection: do you mean like similar brand/lens quality?

    @ "Using more time to think your shots will increase your quality." -- Ok! i will let that sink in. So it's more like a director's thing and creating a kind of more powerful 'story'?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, I appreciate it.

  • This one just got released. 1st time working with a stabilizer.

    What I tried to improve on this shoot was:

    • Solid storyline
    • Smoother camera movement
    • Cinematic shots and angles

    Feedback is welcome!

  • @dlzn

    its all cool. But i cant keep on seeing this and comment heavily. Im not native english speaker so sorry if grammar is wrong.

    ok here we go. YOU FOCUS TOO MUCH ON POST, COLOR, MONTAGE. You firts are a director. You keep on improving on the same subject content, i undertand that chances are given, and you take them.

    Making good looking image is easy part. Tools now gives you all. You need to focus on direction, your concept, the way is gona be told.

    Listen, being a cameraman or woman is easy. Not every one can handle it. Handling crew money responsability planing psicology lider mindset continue with your vision in time. Get the money get the offline etc.

    You manage all but lack trying diferent things. If you have resources and band and people, come on do more narrative. Make a better planing change focal lenght for storry telling. The psicology of the image is dull and not transgresor. You need to understand that looks is second. First is the way you tell it.

    Keep the narrative real use art for incrementing the allready achived feeling. Or the location. Wide angles are for setting location if that is not apealing dont show it unless it reforces the narrative by creating atmosphere. 50mm its not always the gold standard. Also not fully open neither.

    Direction is the first, you tell everyone what to do. composition is key factor then lighting. Keep on the work but non is gonna get done without good pre production.

    About the"look" you are getting there. You are, just dont be just looks like rransformers or x men movies, give deep undesrtanding of message behind actions. Be subliminal, try not to jell.

    Good things take time an lots of effort

  • Hi @endotoxic

    I fully understand what you are saying. I'm giving it a thought right now for my next project as I'm trying to do a lot of stuff low budget. But I think this is good for me to to know and to go back to my creative roots by using my fantasy more often!

    Thank you so much for your time to respond.

  • New video, new skill.

    First time trying scribble effect, wasn't really planned originally, but the shooting days were a little bit of a disaster due to horrible weather. So as usual I tried to make the best out of it by being creative in the edit. I kind of like working in After Effects, also first time doing that. Did that just on my laptop, with no drawing tablet or anything.

    Any constructive feedback is welcome of course! I learn so much about shooting, directing and editing music videos because of this platform.

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