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My color grade of Gh4 VLOG clip from Nick Driftwood
  • I just wanna show you guys. It is just a frame grab from after effects. Looks good in my eye so far.


    You guys can find the orginal clip here:

    Your chance to d/l a small GH4 VLog clip off our film #SwimToLand & try out grading it.

    — Nick Driftwood (@Driftwood_Prods) July 8, 2015

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  • Excellent. Can't wait. Here's my experimentation.

  • Not an excellent LOG characteristics from GH4, but ok at all.

    1280 x 720 - 322K
  • I made this with Photoshop.

    2000 x 1125 - 2M
  • Here is V-Log > AlexaLOGtoREC709 > Osiris M31

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Dammit I can't wait till they release it.

  • Another.

    2000 x 1125 - 2M
  • And another in motion picture style ( the darker the better IMHO):

    1280 x 720 - 315K
    1280 x 720 - 409K
  • I think there's suddenly a lot of even happier GH4 owners kicking around:)!!

  • @ aaronchicago...good looking grade!!

  • Please Panasonic, release this before week 37! Don't want to use Cine-D in my next production!

  • @aaronchicago that grade looks really good!

  • @Chris74 of course it does. it is Osiris, a commercial LUT. :)

  • @fatpig @chris74 @pierreB Looking good even with just an Alexa LOG to REC709 LUT.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • V Log L - you only have Sharpness and Noise Reduction to play with in camera. Everything else is flat V Gamma as seen on the Panasonic Varicam35. Its an 8-bit/10-bit variation and information regarding the gamma curve can be found on the Varicam site.

    Download area for all things V Log from the Varicam35 including V Log to Rec 709 LUT Link: This LUT works quite well with the GH4's V Log L. The GH4 is quoted as giving around 12 stops of dynamic range with V Log L.

    I've found it grades very well especially with 10-bit 4k recorded on the Shogun and much relieved that its there as an option over the difficult to grade Cinelike D which you need to struggle with WB and get exposure bang on to get great pics. V Log L seems much more natural and for those used to working in S Log or Canon Logs will love what it brings to the GH4.

    As you all know an announcement is to be made on September 1st regarding V Log L on the GH4 and maybe one or two other treats.

    I can try and answer your questions and upload any other tests for those who want answers.

    3448 x 4108 - 757K
  • @driftwood, I have two simple questions. What does the "L" stand for? Any hint on what the one or two other treats are? :)

    I was debating between getting 3 new cameras either Sony RX10 ii or the GH4 for my wedding shoots. GH4 is starting to pull a lot harder now.

  • L=Lite. Dont know what other things are they wont tell me anything. GH4 still better than A7RII in my opinion; Here's 7 reasons;-

    1. Cinema 4K in camera/HDMI / UHD 4K.

    2. Better codec finer fidelity, unique tonality, better set of three scaling matrices. Bigger B frames = Better movement compression.

    3. Longer battery life.

    4. Cheaper than an A7RII. Better rolling shutter than the sonys.

    5. Another stop and a third when used with a Speedbooster 064 XL. GH4 + speedbooster = cheaper than A7RII.

    6. Way better menu system than Sony's or anyones for that matter.

    7. 4K 422 10-bit looks better on my 4K 10-bit monitor

    ... and Its the peoples choice :-)

    A few more no doubt to come on the new announcement Sep 1st.

    Its not cus Im biased, I just love the GH stuff - always have done - done a lot of work on them! I own an A7RII & A7S (which Im selling). Sonys are better at night but still grainy at 3200 ISO onwards and need denoising.Ive conducted my own tests and with the Shogun and Odyssey and I prefer the look and tonality of the GH4.

    With V Log L its much easier to judge how much sharpness to put back on the grade... (subtlety) basically, its easier to get the filmic look over S Log2. But thats my personal view :-)

    Anyone who wants too d/l my v log mini clips for grading tests should go to my twitter @Driftwood_prods - think I left 3 or 4 up there.

  • Hopefully that announcement will be immediate availability. Need this so bad for a production in week37. Fingers crossed!

  • @driftwood Another reason is that (from my understanding) there is no way to disable video noise reduction on the Sony cams. With the GH you can control it to keep more detail and do your own noise management. One of the biggest disappointments on my a6000 other than the terrible motion compression issues.

    Does focus peaking work with Vlog, or is the image too flat for it to really work well?

  • @driftwood V-Log is seriously elevating the GH4 to a whole new level. The colors are so nice.

  • @driftwood my one question. Have you done A/B test with internal V-Log vs. 10 Bit external? Any major differences?

  • Only if you\re looking at it with software and monitors that support 10-bit. Yes.

  • @joethepro Peaking works, of course its easier to see high contrast if its there so you can set it to low with the flattened grey V log. Not so good in low contrast scenarios even with it turned up high, but then tbh Im always using shogun or monitor peaking to confirm focus.

  • I've spent plenty of time with GH4 footage, and downloading that clip is the first time skin tones have really been acceptable after grading. I was really skeptical as well, now if I could just get that update to test it myself.