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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Guys: Latest on moon T9: Basically I need to finish it off properly. I apologise to all who have been patiently waiting. June is a hectic month for me too but I will endeavour to finalise it in 2nd week of July. May have a new Spizz too.

  • Fantastic news Nick!

    Are you able to give any hints at the progression from Moon T7 to T8 and now to T9, as you see it? Or at least the changes you are trying to accomplish? I'm always so interested in what your goals are with these, and I have to say I just LOVE Moon T8!

  • Hi! I tried my luck with a music video for a local Band. It was a quite ambitious undertaking for me, but it turned out okay for how far my abilities go right now. Made a lot of mistakes and hopefully, learned from all of them. The main one being that even daylight seems to be too little light for a night scene with a GH2. :) Anyway, i used the Drewnet T9 mainly, tried some good old Intravenus along the way, but too little light remains too little light. Enjoy.

  • Very good,@halfhedge,slap on the back .I like playing with light.

  • @halfhedge, you are gifted! That is one of my favorite music videos I have seen in a while!!! Fantastic shooting and editing.

  • @kris @Tjabo, well thank you very very much!

  • I must apologize for insisting with the mono-theme, ran out of pills :P
    All but the very first shot is HBR NTSC version conformed to 23,97 TM. If this patch could have a force HB option... I'm finding to be the shots where is not so much going on (like an out of focus FG - SOC example below) where banding feasts like crazy and, no matter what rinsing and vitamin I fed it, so much difficult to fix it in post - anyway just dreaming (4:2:0, 8 bit) while having fun =)

    With (yet to come) hybrid's grain filter which I humbly believe makes some difference, needs tweaking...

    Untitled 2.png
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Cluster X 'DREWnet T9' Test (with Lumix GF3)

  • @Tjabo

    In my tests in T8 upon it's release, I did find the image overall a bit 'smoother' then 7, but it seemed to me that smoothness was because the image was less detailed. I prefer the detail.

    You can read about this in the Moon T8 thread.

  • Testing out Moon T7 on a Bolex Moller 8/19 anamorphic adapter with an Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 50mm F1.4 as the taking lens in the 2.66:1 aspect ratio. Shot in 720p60 graded with FilmConvert, Deluts, and VisionColor OSIRIS (Smooth all -2) with no sharpening in post. I found it easier to color grade in Moon T7 compared to the two previous hacks I used -- Spizz T5 and DREWnet T9.

    Password: moont7

  • @Jim_Simon, thank you! That is some of the best comparison information I have seen.

    My better shots on the GH2 have been with Moon T8, but maybe they could have been even better with Moon T7. I like to think I've become a bit less of a hack over time. Lol

  • @tjabo Hacks are good - that's what we do here on PV! Keep rockin brother!

  • GH2, Moon T7, FCPX

  • DREWnet T9, Nikon 50 1.4, 24 2.8 edited and graded in Adobe Premiere , thanks for watching :)

  • Exceptional work, @donniewagner in every way!

  • Powerful @donniewagner, heartfelt narrative & sequencing!

  • Agreed, amazing!!!

  • Excellent @donniewagner such a narrative and great use of the light in all the shots.

  • What do you expect from Moon T9: a significant final breakthrough or a last big nothing?

  • @donniewagner, the thing I am most surprised by is that you use DREWnet T9... I have not gotten nice clean footage when I used it. Can you elaborate on why you prefer it and how you use it as far as mode and picture style, etc.?

  • @kingkorg @gittzy @jdude Thanks gents!

    @Tjabo, This video was cleaned up with neat video, so that could be why there is a lack of noise. But honestly the original footage did not look bad to me at all. I was using moon T5 then Moon T7 but wanted to try a patch that wasn't such a data hog. I think I read that DrewnetT9 had a good 720 60p mode which I use a lot for slow mo. I haven't really been able to tell the difference between patches.

    Settings in camera were smooth, -2 on all and 0 for saturation I think. quality set to SH

  • I use the Lumix GF3 currently with the Moon T7 Hack. Now it shoots 1080/60i and 720/30p. There are only two Options in the Video Menu (FSH and FH) I think the GH2 has more. Can anyone help me to make it shoot 1080/30p?

    EDIT: Okay i found out myself. There is a expermintal setting in PTool, but it doesnt work.

  • @felixgarbe 1080/60i is 1080/30p psf

  • Yes, but qualitywise wouldn't it be better to have one frame encoded instead of two half frames? It seems inefficient to me.

  • @donniewagner, thank you so much for the response! I apologize for my untimely reply. Maybe I need to give Drewnet, or another IPB patch a shot again. You certainly got some extremely good results here, and the denoising doesn't bother me since I needed it with Moon T7 also (and Moon T8 in many circumstances too).

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