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ISIS beheading #3
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  • Okay, aside from the conspiracy theory websites, please provide your sources of information. Are you a structural engineer? I'm not and don't claim to be, but assertions like A single beam failure cannot cause this. At best a partial asymmetric failure would have occurred. WTC7 was a textbook controlled demolition. are stated like you know something that the rest of us would like to be privy to. The sad reality is no matter what websites or citations you can provide backing your claims, there are undoubtedly just as many refuting it. Who is right? Of course you'll claim your sources are correct. Everyone believes they're right, especially when they're passionate about it. Again, do not think I'm all "rah rah" about our government and the condition of our world, but I also try and look rationally at all of the evidence from (hopefully) unbiased sources. Too many wild claims are thrown around like they're gospel but don't hold up to close scrutiny.

    Case in point... I've been fascinated by UFOs since I was 6 years old when something weird buzzed my elementary school at the end of the day. It was black/dark and hovered motionless for a few moments before darting off at a ridiculous rate of speed. Others saw it but no one knew what to say. That started my life long interest in the subject. I've read the original Project Blue Book and countless textbooks on the subject, but have found a massive amount of nonsense and ridiculous claims by so-called experts. Through the years I have found several authors whom I find to be focused on realistic interpretations and analysis. Just like so many conspiracies, there are TONS of people who sense a coverup. And again, I agree there is one, but to what extent and how far does it go? The same rigorous analysis is needed whether it's 9/11, the CIA, The "war on terrorism", or UFOs...

  • I was waiting for someone to use debunking911 ! Please give me one...just one academic credential associated with that site ! Not one ?? ....Not even a site author either ? gee...your guess was right. It's a well known cia/mossad disinformation site that catches them like flys ! Every 911 investigator knows this!

    And @aae991 and in the same breath you say chossudovsky is "of highly questionable credentials" ! He's a prof emeritus at univ of ottawa ! That's why they put a Dr. in front of his name ! Read his books and then come back and say something intelligent. And yep, as soon as I linked one aj link I knew someone would step up with the fascist backed splc. But....prove the article wrong first. Actually kurt nimmo is a top-notch reporter.

    And here's how thenewamerican article starts on splc -

    With its latest hate-mongering tirades, the Southern Poverty Law Center, widely viewed as an extremist anti-Christian hate group, has descended to comedic new lows, earning ridicule and criticism even from the establishment media that in the past have often parroted its screeds as credible.

    ...sorry, but most reasonable people already knew the splc was a disinformation front !

    And about the seals....well, the gov refuses to issue identity info on whether they were the same navy seals, or not, so you're wrong , but many of the dead seals' parents are pretty pissed off for some reason.

    Here's palast on 911....7 years ago -

    Gee...while I've read some palast articles and have been impressed, he's an obvious dumbass on controlled demolition ! Misinformed ...." no engineers" ? haha btw...palast publically apologized to steven jones over his comments in this interview ! And even appears he's got mossad close family ties ! They call guys like palast " gatekeepers".

    An by your last comment you obviously haven't been reading the thread. Journalof911 studies has peer-reviewed articles posted online for you to read, all written by professionals. Pundits' remark is the classic wtc7 analysis. If you had read my original posts you would have seen that wtc 7 was an obvious controlled demolition because that's not what catastrophic failure looks like...and I've seen failures of all varieties in the field and in the lab. I don't know if Pundit has an engineering background ...but he's at least well informed .

  • Kurth, the more I read your supposed "expert" analysis websites and your claims that YOU know it all and the rest of us are fools, the more I realize almost all of your sites are far right wing conspiracy theory spots. As for Dr. Chossudovsky and the "Dr.", are you serious??? A Dr. in front of your name proves nothing. His writings and theories seem to be quite eccentric and controversial to say the least. The problem with you is you come on here and make claims as statements of fact and then insult the rest of us for daring to question your sources/claims. I will continue to question your sources and do my own reading of your so-called experts and form my own opinions. Anyone who claims to have all the answers always raises red flags. Also, nice little comment there about Palast and his Mossad ties. I read the anti-Semitic rants about Palast and his "Mossad" ties... Interesting, much of his anger towards the oligarchy in the U.S. is directed at big money guys who happen to be Jews. But those same anti-Semitic websites tend to lump ALL Jews into one group as being money-grubbing thieves out to control the rest of the world. Then again you might already think that's the case.

  • @aae991

    Please, stop making postings like this. You can discuss arguments, but you can't discuss personalities. As well stop bringing national things here.

    Hope I am clear.


    After your first posting I said where it'll get. You do not listen. All 911 topics do not result in anything useful.

  • You are clear, but please make that suggestion again to Kurth as well. Conversations like this always seem to devolve into the lowest common denominator due to passionate feelings. This subject matter is controversial no matter what we believe. It elicits strong emotions. Having said that I will tone it down and stop posting to this thread anymore. I've said what I wanted to say... Thanks Vitaliy.

  • @Vitaliy're right . Well it was a good run.

    All 911 topics do not result in anything useful.

    Sometimes maybe one or two people will be curious enough to break thru.

    And I'm far from knowing it all, but I'm trying. As Matt Drudge responded, accused of being a's not about left or right, it's about authoritarian vs. liberterian. The games got new rules.

    The main point is ....never trust what your government says. If they say look in left field, I look behind the catcher ! I'm uncertain why alot of people are distrusting of their government, yet refuse to see the government is lying about 911. My guess is that the consequences of doing so would destroy their world.

    In relation to ISIS, I'll let rt take the burden of being the propaganda soure this time....for obvious reasons -

    The truth is ...every news site on the planet has an agenda. Not even bbc, which incidentally announced the collapse of wtc7 20 minutes before it actually occurred , is a free and truthful news source. I read them all, cnn and fox included, and draw my conclusions. I recommend everyone do the same. And no one can accuse the ex-intelligent agents who are calling out for the truth, of being rightwing conspirators. Ray Mcgovern, Sybil Edmonds, William Binney , Steve Pieczenik, Gen Albert Stubblebine etc etc etc

  • Kurth, on a calmer note, I agree that world governments are never to be trusted and have proven that is the correct stance for all of us to take. This is a very emotional subject and it "rocks our world" to realize our most trusted pillars of strength (the governments of the world) are lying to us about a lot of things. I have not made up my mind about 9/11, but I have always thought there were too many unanswered questions and odd events that just don't add up. The same goes for the CIA, NSA, etc. As I mentioned earlier my fascination with the UFO controversy, would the truth really be told? If there truly are extraterrestrial visitors what would that mean for the basic fabric of our society? Religion? Military, Oil Industry? etc... I would believe those in know about the subject would go to any length to protect their secrets, their wealth, and everything else that gives them power. The same can be said about most wars in this world - fought over power and money... So you and I can agree to disagree on the details but agree on the overall theme... The world is f**ked up and we all need to wake up about it. Gee, I wonder if the NSA is reading all of our posts? Nothing would surprise me anymore.

  • I think 911 discussions are fun. Like Vitaliy says, The monkey brain guides us and compels us to find narratives in reality. Of course that can be the slippery slope and create all kinds of confirmation biases and wrong conclusions. That's always how 911 theories seem to me, some people are forcing a narrative on the event that I feel has some issues with plausibility. But who knows, maybe it was all orchestrated. And btw, I too saw a UFO when I was a kid, dunno if was Alien or secret military, but to this day, my reaction remains: What the fuck was that! Okay, now for two cool things for you guys sort of related. Gonna share because I'm awesome. First, one of the things that happened at 911 that never gets reported, possibly the greatest looting in history. Conspiracy or not, those buildings fell. Think about the treasures contained in those businesses. The vaults. Gold, bundles of money. Stuff. That shit was looted. You can probably figure out by whom. There were also riots and brawls at the wtc in the immediate aftermath. Lots of crazy shit happened AFTER the wtc fell. Crazy, bad shit. After. The wouldn't report it. Second cool thing. Just read this, and get your daily Testosterone fix. Looks like the SEAL team that hit OBL is still with us.

  • One of the things I like about this site @brianl is that I get information from the perspective of many other countries. They often get more accurate news than we do.

  • @brianl ....if I could just get by the photos of the semi-naked girls ! This is bs....but even if it's true and they killed osama that day, it asks even more important questions, like how he was living under isi's nose, especially when you know that isi's chief sent atta 100k the day before 911, and then was eating with senators on 911.

    The truth of 911....would bring down the country. Nobody in their right mind wants that, not even Putin, who knows the truth. It would end civilization...and most likely all life on earth. And since I haven't seen even one person get close, let's let it rest ....close your eyes and return to our dreamworld.

    ps -was implying I've seen enough on rt to conclude that the russians know what happened...not that they had anything to do with it

  • St. Paul: The Burning of Rome was an Inside Job!

    Emperor Nero: Pay no attention to my Centurions throwing those torches! And throw these Christians to the lions! I shall play the lyre during the half-time show!

    “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” - Plato

    “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” - U.S. President James Madison

    “A history of false flag attacks used to manipulate the minds of the people! In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  • The ISIS Scam More War Please! by Philip Giraldi

    The ISIS “threat” against the United States is a chimera, in part GOP sniping at Barack Obama but also deliberately contrived by the Administration to support a possible escalation of the latest intervention. It should not be taken seriously. Warnings that foreign jihadis would wreak havoc in the west have been common fare since 9/11 but in reality have not materialized, which means that the threat now is little different in nature than it has been for years.

    Philip Giraldi is a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and a columnist and television commentator..

  • I agree with @Vitaliy_Kiselev and @kurth for the most part on this topic. Sorry @Azo There is a lot of problems in America. And if everyone just blindly accepts them, or leaves! as you said, then those problems will never get fixed! Think of the mass illegal immigration from mexico to u.s. Just because someone doesn't like the govt. in mexico doesn't mean they have to move to the U.S. it means they need to step up to the plate and voice their concerns for their country. The power is in the people and thinking like you do is what takes the power from the people and makes them feel powerless. I for one am tired of most american's lying down and taking it in the a$$ instead of sticking up for what is RIGHT! How many laws do you agree with? How many laws do you disagree with? Do you think there should be camera's on every street corner watching everything you do? And monitoring everything you say on the internet. Apparently you do because you said that if you aren't doing anything wrong then you have nothing to hide. BUT THAT IS B.S.! Nobody should be under constant investigation! that is about as unconstitutional and morally wrong as it can get! FREEDOM is what america used to stand for. Now it is a made up illusion that cease to exist in this place we call HOME! People came to america to be free. We should still have that right and not have to leave because we don't agree with that very freedom being taken away. WE SHOULD STAND UP AND TAKE FREEDOM BACK! Sincerely-T.F.

  • @jleo Are you aware that ISIS has killed not one, but two, yes TWO, foreign journalists? Not only were they killed, but they were beheaded! On video no less! How can you expect America to just sit on their hands while this kind of unspeakable brutality occurs! It's about time we saddle up and head back over there and kick some terrorist ass! If you can't handle it jleo, then get the hell out of the way!

  • From the same psyops media department that brought us... Gulf of Tonkin, the Panama invasion, Kuwaiti babies thrown out of incubators, Iraqi mobile chemicals weapons labs, cheesey anti-Islamic videos, Osama Bin Laden ten years after he was dead and the mother of all psyops... 9/11! Meanwhile back at the ranch our illustrious leaders are playing the terror card and are compiling lists of undesirables who are about to be branded as domestic terrorists and rounded up. Hmmm... methinks better speak to my broker and start buying a bunch of M.I.C. stocks.

  • @Brianl: I can't understand what's your position between post: and

    Should the USA be doing anything about this or what?

    BTW, if (as it looks like) it's the beheading that's ticking you, I can assure you that there is a lot worse happening there (and unfortunately in a lot of other places along Africa), and ISIS is much more than just these executions.

  • @brianl

    hey are you aware of the US journalist "our" government has murdered ?? Nope...didn't think so ! Google the cia's heart attack gun ! And then read up on what really happened to andrew breitbart. Or better....michael hastings.

    Apparently you've been manipulated by their media campaign...just like they planned. Just like they planned since op gladio. And WE ARE "the hell out of your way". Join up and come back with ptsd, or without a limb, or in a bag ! But I'd bet you want some other poor kid to go fight your battles for you. And I'd bet there's an enlistment center right around the corner !... hehehe

    @pundit...better cash out...and get out. When you've done that....and you're not contributing to their criminal government, and you're not within reach of their criminal law enforcement, then you can become an effective critic that they fear.....the list you refer to is called "main core". Or stay and fight the good fight ! Only 10% of men fought the british during the revolutionary war . It doesn't take many truthtellers to overcome the braindead masses.'re almost on the money mate ! But do you realize how hard the fight will be ? Every congressman, senator , and supreme court justice is in their pocket. And about mexico, study the war on drugs, the main reason most mexicans want to leave. The war on drugs is another US concoction. This isn't happening in a mexican vacuum. We import the cartels military weapons , sometimes we even train them at the school of the americas, so they can create this chaos south of the border, to drive illegal immigration. Read narconews, gary webbs dark alliance, the cia's work in afghanistan where the opium crop increased by a 1000% the first year of our invasion. We are neckdeep in mexico's drug business. And we profit on all sides, even the imprison-for- profit business in the US .

  • @duartix @kurth My last post was meant as parody and sarcasm.

  • @brianl

    then I humbly apologize. The sad thing is ....many people are really taking this attitude, so sometimes when sarcasm gets too close to reality, it's difficult to identify. There's no one I know who didn't support bush when he invaded iraq. It had us all fooled. The whole country ! Of course , 3 months later when he couldn't come up with those wmd's , things unraveled, and continue doing so. My point is ....patriotism is a dangerous state of mind. It makes us say and do things that are in complete opposition to our nature. And in my experiences, it affects the people you least expect it from. People that I've loved and respected. Sometimes you have to let those folks go. Anyway had me worried !

  • @kurth That's one thing I got right. I was protesting in the streets when Bush was building up his invasion force. I'd never protested before in the streets and haven't done it since. But I knew with certainty the WMD's and especially the fake link to Al Queda was absolute garbage.

  • @brianl- good for you mate !

  • @EVERYONE! I came to an interesting observation this morning. I'm not sure if I was awake or asleep. Day dreaming or just thinking. But somehow this came across my mind. As rammstein once said "We're all living in America" Go to Costa Rica and you'll find forever 21, kfc, etc. Go to India and find it as well go ANYWHERE. The United states is taking over the entire world. They sell us lies of freedom and protection. But is that what it really is about? Now think about this. What has the United States #1 goal been when having wars with other country's. Was it freedom? NO! Was it safety? NO! Was it too ensure equal rights? NO! Was it for natural resources such as oil? Possibly but there is a bigger picture than just that... THE REASON WAS TO GIVE THESE COUNTRY'S "DEMOCRACY" Now that sounds like a good reason right? To remove the dictators and give the people power to vote for their leaders. But in reality it is a crock of shi* They want to remove those dictators to reinstate someone else to control that country on the u.s. behalf. Do you really think the u.s. is going to create "Democracy" in a country just to help the people there? NO! They will pick the president themselves and make it "appear" that it was the people's choice. The same goes for here within our own borders. It's no secret that most people know every vote DOES NOT COUNT... Now that they have removed a "dictator" and replaced with it with one of their own. They have now gained complete control over that country... Under the disguise of "freedom" "democracy" and "safety" I'm tired of all this political corruption. But it is a sad fact that it will likely never end... Good Luck to everyone in the world. WE ALL NEED IT

  • Does everyone here agree that Armstrong walked on the moon, or is that also a dubious matter?

  • It wasn't Armstrong. And it wasn't the moon.

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