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ISIS beheading #3
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  • @Kurth - Stop. Really, just stop. The physics of 9/11 - the REAL thermodynamic physics, not the fantasy version of conspiracy - have been proven time and again. You can refuse to believe it if you like. You can also choose to believe that aliens blew up the towers, though it's no less ignorant.

    And FWIW, my family arrived to America in 1641... though I'm not sure what relevance that has.

  • @thorn @Kurth

    Let's do it without personalities and families references.

  • Well gentlemen I capitulate to the masses... As Jumo so eloquently put it I am brainwashed so deep that there is no return ;-) Well finally something that we can agree upon.. Family lineage American Indian buddy that trumps the gringos as you say ;-)

    @karl Well I agree that invading Iraq was totally wrong, unjust etc And I also agree that it probably helped facilitate a new generation of extremists in Iraq which is a very unfortunate consequence of the invasion. Like I said on another post Iraq was way better off with Sadam Hussien the ruler with the Iron fist. I do not agree with or like the fact that our government has this idea that we have to be the Worlds Police.

    If I had it my way we would mind our own business and let everybody do as they please. Why is it our business what people are doing to each other in the middle east or any other country for that matter, hey if ISIS wants to slaughter other muslims in the name of Alah and put people's heads on sticks have at it. Note: this is personally a red line for me but being that it is not my country it is none of my business. This is akin to somebody that got murdered in another state in the US and me hopping on a plane to try and go after that guy kinda overboard IMO.

    IMO America and other countries should let the Arab nations in the middle east sort out their own problems. Eventually it will get sorted out. However, I am also realistic that there are other things that come into play in terms of our national security (oil) ;-(

    Anyways guys @Jumo, @brianl, @karl, @kurth thanks for this interesting conversation really an eye opener for me. I see that I am the 1% percent here but no love lost everybody is entitled to their own Personal View ;-)

  • sadly don't know what you're talking about. Of course it makes life more comfortable if you believe your government didn't murder 3000 of it's own citizens in order for them to have a pretext to start a war. That's what they've counted on. In fact , the cia invented the term "conspiracy theory" to make it easy to marginalize the truth when it gets too close. This was after they assassinated kennedy, which btw, was the beginning of the fascist coup that put the banksters in control.

    ...and the physics of 911 wtc 7 freefall by 2200 architects, engineers and PHYSICIST !-

    He was questioning my rights as a citizen and even telling me to "love it or leave it " !

    Blind obedience isn't patriotism...never was. Nor is ignorance an excuse !

    ps...investigate operation gladio. They've been doing this for a while. And every nation uses falseflags as a weapon.

  • "He was questioning my rights as a citizen and even telling me to "love it or leave it " ! " I was not questioning your rights as a citizen. I stated that if you are that unhappy with this country leave this country and go and live in some other country where you will be happy.

  • @kurth One more thing dont tell me about blind obediance. I have never been that type person so hop off that bandwagon. Now you are taking it to another level and just so you know I wont tolerate it. And yeah I still feel the same if you dont like like living in America beat it leave dont come back go live in China.

    And your idea about our own government blowing up the world trade center please give it a break already....

  • Reading this whole thread couldn't had been more informative... and eloquent of some states of mind.
    Thank you @all

  • While I can agree there's a LOT of "stuff" being done in this world that's pretty ugly, you have to be careful when sifting through the mass of "data" and claims of fact. It's easy to be fooled by websites that present clear, compelling arguments for a certain version of the story, yet it doesn't make it fact just because they claim they can prove it. The CIA has done many heinous things and continues to do so to this day. I'm sure if the truth came out about cover-ups and questionable activities sanctioned by world governments (with or without "outside" direction from the so-called "New World Order" gang), chaos and anarchy might rule the day. Having said all of this, I get very skeptical of anyone who posts that everyone else doesn't get it and only they know the truth. That's pretty damn dangerous thinking. Read a lot, research through multiple sources, and draw your own conclusions. While doing that remain supremely skeptical of know-it-alls... And yes, the world is a pretty screwed up place with a dangerous trend towards more destructive conflict and strife. Humans will always be fighters and barbaric in many aspects, but with more weapons technology and craziness we're creeping closer and closer to a precipice that we can't step back from. I'd be stunned if human society can survive much longer without major changes and some reality checks. The current situation is not sustainable, no matter what flavor of Kool-Aid you drink.

  • I think the main thing we will take away from the events of September 2014 is this milestone: the time when all kinds of people of all ages and in all countries were exposed to public beheading: for most for the first time in several centuries. This mere change in events must not go unnoticed.

  • @goanna

    You are 100% right about the demeanor and I apologize for the rude/brash demeanor and tone in my comments. I joined this forum to learn about the GH2 and have learned a lot from everybody so thank you for pointing that out.


    @kurth Although I do not agree with your views, it does not make it right for me to have such a derogatory tone in my comments towards you. So I apologize specifically for saying "beat it leave don't come back go live in China" totally inappropriate demeanor, tone and comment.

  • @kurth

    I warned you, as your post resulted in whole topic going on rails and member sending me PM about leaving the forum. Please tone down and ask for excuse for excessive tone in some posts.


    And your idea about our own government blowing up the world trade center please give it a break already....

    I think you got wrong understanding of patriotism. You government has nothing to do with it (your country and people do!), and, very unfortunately, it did the thing we talked here about. Make whole model of the system inside the head become invalid, I know. One of the main official media positions is always offer such choice - one pill is ugly with very bad taste and breaking your model, with ugly "conspiracy thing" name, and another is good bananas taste, sweet, all the neurons stay in place.

    If you think that US government is something exceptional... I am very sad to disappoint you. Almost all of them are the same.

  • @kurth so I googled and all hits were articles by physicists, engineers, geologists that say the towers collapsed in a way fully predictable and expected after collision for jetliner. The article you linked me to was written by the "AE911 Truth Staff". Not even a real name. This leaves me scratching my head. Okay, let's put aside the math and engineering theory by the "AE911 Truth Staff" and look at the narrative of 911 conspiracy theorists. So far, it's "We wanted the oil in the middle east". Cool. That's a motivation. But if the story fed to the public was fabricated, why did they choose such a horrible, illogical, farce of a story? That Iraq had WMD's and had links to Al Queda? Bad bab bad. Both claims we easily falsified and caused great damage to the Bush regime. If America was any good at this, we'd have planted WMD's in Iraq. NOT finding wmd's undercut the entire campaign. Ditto for the NON link between Al Queda and Sadam. I believe there are conspiracies and inside games relating to isis, but this 911 conspiracy stuff built on flimsy physics and bad stortelling is really out there.

  • @brianl

    Look who has the motive and results in few years. Afganistan and so called Al Queda (very strange thing if you dig slightly) had no reasons to do it at all. Except usual one you see in Hollywood movies - he is bad, hence want to destroy everything.

    US government had all the motives. They had big issues in economy since dotcom crash, wanted to implement massive rights restrictions and get fully legal right to spy on anyone they do not like or suspect. War with "terrorism" was just perfect solution.

  • According to the US government the 'laws of physics' went 'AWOL' in New York on 9/11. I'm sorry but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to work that one out. There's a lot of cognitive dissonance when it comes to 9/11. The 'Big Lie' is truly alive and well. It's such an uncomfortable thing to even contemplate that many not only won't, but can't.

  • War is peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength...

  • @BrianL....when an article at a&e911 says "staff", that means that all "titled" 2200 signed and licensed professional members of the group signed off on it.

    You can also go to journalof911studies -

    ....scholars for 911 truth-

    ....Pilots for 911 truth-

    ...medical professionals for 911 truth-

    ....military officers for 911 truth-

    ...patriots question 911-

    ...or read paul craig roberts and sybil edmonds. BTW...william binney just signed the a&e911 petition last month.

    And the point you raised about why didn't they just fabricate wmd in iraq is a valid one. My response is "hubris" . I don't know everything, but I do know alot about 911and world politics. And 911 is the rabbithole americans have to crawl back out ...if they want to stop what's happening. If they don't wake up, they can expect wwlll. I'd then recommend to all of those "patriots" to please join up on the front lines, if there are any front lines . As einstein so aptly said " I don't know what weapons wwlll will be fought with, but wwlV will be fought with sticks and stones" .

    @vitaliy....yes cognitve dissonace is a hard state to overcome. They can't integrate 2 completely opposing worldviews. So people get angry , go into denial, when their intellect can't process the 2 opposing pov's. It's common. Everyone I know passed through the "gates". And I don't get angry. But I don't let ignorance push me around either. ISIS is directly connected to 911, just like Libya and benghazi , just like drone strikes in pakistan where obama has murdered at least 180 children, just like Ukraine and mh17. I know you know what's happening. I challenge anyone to explain pennsylvania flight 93. Just look at the debris field of mh17 and flight 93 together. MH 17 was a real debris field. Pennsylvania ...well ? And btw....the US government is trying to blame Russia, as you're aware, when it's obvious and now well documented that MH17 was shot down by fighter jets. There's no other way to explain perfectly round holes in the cockpit section of the debris. And it's well known that Ukraine had fighters tailing the passenger plane. Yet the American government are liars, thieves....and sadly ....mass murderers ! They did the same thing last year in Syria. They tried to blame Assad for the chemical weapons, when it was our supported rebels using american chemical weapons. Remember Syria was on Gen. Wesley Clarks list ! And remember ISIS were those very rebels we were supporting in Syria. This is all pretext to destroy Syria. Sadly the American people can't connect the dots...between well produced videos apparently showing beheading non-combatants and the military/bankster complex's known desire and plan and actions to control the middle east. As long as America has no more than a kneejerk reaction to what's happening, the world is in danger of being destroyed.

    That's why 911 is so very important. peace !

  • Yesterday the chairman of the joints chief of staff testified before the senate armed services committee that 'our" major arab allies are funding ISIS. Do you really believe that turkey, qatar and saudi arabia would fund them w/o our approval ? The cia has been on this for at least 3 years. Everything that happens has had their fingerprints....even the beheading videos. It might appear to the uninitiated that the US's foreign policy is schizophrenic ...until you realize that the real power is in the intelligence community...i.e cia and nsa etc. And if anyone bothered to research russell tice, you'd learn that everyone who doesn't kowtow the line is blackmailed, threatened, and if need be ....worse. This is why supreme court judges flip, why obama flipped on nearly every promise he made, and why there's no longer a democracy but an oligarchy in the land of the brave.

  • It's interesting that in a section set aside for opinions, members PM the Admin and threaten to leave because they don't care for another person's thoughts.

  • Vitaliy obl made his fatwah video and signed documents declaring jihad against the west in the 1990's. Its Authenticated evidence.the stated objective of obl was ascendant islamic state with control of oil. 911 was a stunt and a spectacle designed to lure the us into holy war. It worked. Isis beheading vids imo are done for same reason. I agree with you though that us covets the mid east oil. That aspect is always played down as a third tier issue. I think its the elephant in the room.

  • It's interesting that in a section set aside for opinions, members PM the Admin and threaten to leave because they don't care for another person's thoughts.

    Couldn't agree more with @peternap 's words. This Personal View Is indeed "interesting" ,-)

    But also it's is ingenious (not saying that about you buddy) not to acknowledge and account that everybody has it's own interests which are obviously mirrored in OUR own positions. USA's - not America which is far more than just the States - government is main character; but don't you worry every government has at least 2 lines in their smaller roles; in the world atrocious geo-politics' theater where every single parasitic cynical politic, party, corporation, action holders, misc puppeteers, etc. are trying to cut as big and as fast a piece of the cake as possible... collateral, what collateral? fuck those son of terrorist children!!!

    Personally my main concern is that once someone has a minimum access to non sweetened official info the overwhelming (cosmic panic alike) is of such a magnitude that a "guidance" (and personal goals) of some kind are needed. Because either we like it or not, this cannibalistic and absurd reality is the one we're living... how not to be engulfed by the sea of bullshit?

  • "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - george orwell

    @brianl - if you read his so-called fatwa- will see there's only 2 basic grievances against the USA. The occupation of their oil by us....and the occupation of palestine by israel with our support. The majority of the criticism is against the saudi royal family for being traitors.

    osama was cia from the start. How far he went off script only the cia knows. Did he have righteous reasons for writing this ? And more importantly, is this some kind of proof for his participation in 911?

    The truth is there is no proof osama had anything to do with 911. In fact he denied involvement. He was never charged with a crime. Everything else is pure lies and propaganda. Yet we've murdered millions based on these lies.

    ....and as for his whereabouts on 9/11 ....seems we knew exactly where he was on 9/11 !

    Most researchers believe he was dead of kidney failure by '02. That brings us to his capture and execution by seal team 6, and the disposal of his so-called body in the arabian sea, at first said by Obama to be according to muslim law. What were they hiding ? Perhaps no body whatsoever. All of the navy seals that were on that mission mysteriously died soon thereafter. One convenience among many, if you don't want the truth be told.

    And interesting, back to the ISIS video released by rita katz. Appears she was responsible for releasing a fake osama video in 2007 !!

  • Kurth said: "And interesting, back to the ISIS video released by rita katz. Appears she was responsible for releasing a fake osama video in 2007 !!"

    Seriously? Alex Jones? You lost me there. He is certifiably crazy and anyone who takes the time to read his nonsense knows that. And please tell me where you get your information that all of the Navy Seals died shortly after the raid. Yes, Navy Seals died from the same group while in Afghanistan, but NOT the same ones who participated in the Bin Laden raid. When you make blanket statements like this and can't support them with facts, you lose credibility real fast. And regarding Alex Jones, read this:

    No doubt you'll claim this group is CIA controlled too...

    Kurth also said: "The truth is there is no proof osama had anything to do with 911. In fact he denied involvement. He was never charged with a crime. Everything else is pure lies and propaganda. Yet we've murdered millions based on these lies."

    Here too I took the time to read about the author of this document. He too is another guy of highly questionable credentials:

    But again, it's easy to say that anyone who disagrees with your views is crazy or brainwashed. I read things about Alex Jones and Michel Chossudovsky and I see people who are crazed and paranoid as Hell.

    While I agree the U.S. government and big business do many, many evil things in this world your kind of radicalized fervor (aka Alex Jones) makes your arguments hard to accept. I'll stick with guys like Greg Palast when I want to read/study true investigative reporting about the realities of war and the financialization of our world. There is no doubt that very bad people are doing very bad things, but your wild claims and reliance on characters of highly questionable reputations only hurts your case.

  • Irrespective of "He said", "She said" the physics of the building collapses on 9/11 are THE issue. It was impossible for WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 to have collapsed in the manner they did from plane impacts. Of course WTC7 was never hit by a plane. The official explanation being sold by the US Government is straight out of the 'Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote School of Physics'. Start with the physics and please don't refer to 'Scientific American' or 'Popular Mechanics'.

  • Why is it impossible? How do you know one way or another? Is the following site also just a CIA ploy? Again, I can imagine the "powers that be" doing a lot of evil things (and they do), but at some point some of this conspiracy stuff gets out of control.

    Conspiracy theorists range from mild to wild. Some of what they say proves to be true, but much of the claims tend to be distorted or manipulated to fit their own world view.

  • A single point beam failure in a steel frame building causes a symmetrical collapse with eight of the floors falling at free fall speed?? Sorry we're back to the physics again. A symmetrical collapse is only possible if the entire structure was compromised at ALL critical points SIMULTANEOUSLY. Also the free fall rate of eight of the floors demonstrate all supporting structures below had to have been compromised (ie offered no resistance) to the floors above. This is only possible if ALL of the supporting beams had been cut simultaneously across the ENTIRE floor plan area of the building. A single beam failure cannot cause this. At best a partial asymmetric failure would have occurred. WTC7 was a textbook controlled demolition... Oh yeah and please cut out the cheap name calling. Let's stick to the physics. ;)

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