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ISIS beheading #3
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  • "-now american citzens are screaming for a syrian invasion, disguised as saving the world from isis."

    This is the furthest from the truth and totally flat out wrong. Most Americans want nothing to do with the Middle East. You are stereo typing all Americans under this umbrella which is totally untrue. I do not stereotype and do not appreciate as an American being stereotyped.

    Now in regards to Iraq I agree 100% that the U.S had no business invading Iraq so no discussion here the Bush administration was flat out wrong and America as a whole lost a lot of credibility because of that. Afghanistan is a different story and war is brutal and like I said before compromises need to be made. Look I don't agree with everything that our government does but does that make me just as bad as the government just because I live and reside in the USA?

    Do I stereotype all Muslims because of a bad few? Do I stereotype Catholics because of a bad few? Do I stereotype Iranians because of their government? Get my point...

  • ...really ??

    ....and please explain how afghanistan was a different story ? Do you really believe that afghanis had anything whatsoever to do with 911 ? If've got a long curve !

    "I don't agree with everything that our government does but does that make me just as bad as the government just because I live and reside in the USA?" you pay taxes ?

  • Really ?? That is where the Taliban was and they were harboring terrorist so thats how it rolls. And no I don't have a long curve.

    Everything at some point is propaganda!

  •'re right about that....but your the one whose been had !

  • Keep it calm :-)

  • Most Americans favor airstrikes against ISIS because they remember 9-11. Whenever we hear something that reminds us of 9-11 red flags start popping up all over the place. Let me ask you this if you knew you could prevent suicide bombers from attacking people would you do something about it. I would take them out if I could without hesitation no questions asked so the same principle applies.

    So you are telling me that rather then being preemptive you would wait till the suicide bombers kill your fellow country men before you do something? Please....

    In regards to taxes yes I pay taxes and that is another thing that I don't agree with. The filthy rich get tax breaks as well as really poor people and the middle class such as myself get gouged. Why the question?

    Dude you are posting links that I don't believe in so it is a waste of time I don't believe any of that stuff.

    If you want to believe that go ahead knock yourself out but if you think I am going to sit here and listen to you trash mouth Americans as a whole you are sadly mistaken.

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    465 x 399 - 216K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Yes Sior :-)

    On a serious note and with out any hostilities no hard feelings @kurth but I believe there is fundamental difference of opinion and I am of the hawkish type in general. In regards to your stereotyping just so you know I am Japanese, Spanish, French, American Indian, and Hawaiian so if thats what you consider a gringos so be it :-)

  • "In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely." - Hunter S. Thompson

    "A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on." - William S. Burroughs

    The official governments 911 fairytale is full of the most obvious lies. Do you think 19 arabs penetrated the most secure airspace on the planet ? NORAD was shutdown...on purpose. The sec of agriculture heard cheney standown interceptors. WTC 7 collapsed exactly like a controlled demolition. They said it was caused by a few office fires ?? That's not what catastrophic failure looks like. Steel structure building don't fall at free fall speed thru the path of greatest resistance into their own footprint. On sept 10th, 2001 donald rumsfeld announced on national tv that the pentagon lost 2.3 trillion dollars. On 911 the office of oni investigating the missing 2.3 trillion was hit by what they claimed was a passenger plane, where no plane remnants were found , not to mention the passengers ! 39 of the 40 investigators died. The missing 2.3 trillion...forgotten. And in pennsylvania more lies. They said the plane disappeared into a sinkhole ! And in the days and hours before 911....investigate the insider trading. A lot of people knew what was about to happen and profited , and I don't think they were arabs ! And the next day, when US airspace was shutdown, miraculously the state dept evacuated 140 saudis....friends of the bush family for certain. And lastly, a few weeks later , two senators who were pushing back against passing the patriot act received anthrax in the mail, then attributed to the so-called terrorist, but later learned that the anthrax came from a US research facility. The two threatened senators....well...they signed that patriot act w/o blinking !

    ps...I'm an american and the usa has become a police state based on the 911 fairytale and the people who believe it !

  • Wow you are way out there if you believe all of that stuff. Like I said I dont believe any of the stuff that you posted. I have a suggestion for you, if you are that unhappy as an American why dont you give up your U.S. Citizenship and move to another country where you would be happier? America is not a perfect country but I would rather live in America then any other country. And if America is such a terrible place why is it that people from India, China, Japan, Mexico etc etc want to come to America do you think they want to come here becuase they want to live in a country run by swine as you say??? HMMM something to ponder over???

  • @Azo

    You just have different opinions. Why someone must move to other country because of their opinion?

    Considering 9/11, of course all the media and officials made are fairy tales. But for mass it is best to believe in precious government acting in their interest, just keeps people sane.

  • are we even sure the videos are 100% legit? the fade out makes me mad.

  • There is evidence the Jihadist giving the speech is NOT actually the guy who carried out the full beheading. Some forensic guys analyzed the video and had a lot of questions. I'm not sure how much difference it makes though. Brutal stuff.

  • @Vitaliy

    He should move to another country because he obviously is not happy living in this country. This is like somebody that works at lets say Pepsi Cola and comes to work every day complaining about how bad it is at Pepsi Cola, if it is that bad quit and work someplace else that you will be happy at. So same thought process here.

    And once again I dont believe any of that fairly tale stuff so we can agree to disagree. Does this mean that I believe everything that the government says of course not but in regards to 9-11 I dont believe any of these conspiracy theories either.

    Did the Unites States do some fucked up shit yes look at the American Indians, and Hawaiians they got majorly screwed by the United States Government, that being said Russia, Germany, Britain, Spain, Japan all of these countries all did some fucked up shit at one point in time or another. My point is is that no country is perfect.

  • Ms Katz explaining how SITE managed to get the beheading videos before any other technological/government intelligence entity in the world (including ISIS themselves?).

  • Does this mean that I believe everything that the government says of course not but in regards to 9-11 I dont believe any of these conspiracy theories either.

    In this case you can not also believe official version as it is closest to true "conspiracy theory" from them all :-)

    He should move to another country because he obviously is not happy living in this country.

    May be he is just not happy about some criminal motherfuckers who just happened to be US rulers? :-)

  • " May be he is just not happy about some criminal motherfuckers who just happened to be US rulers? :-) "

    Ok that I can agree with :-)

  • Mr're sadly information-deprived. Everything I said is fact. Research it for yourself...if you have the courage. I researched 911 for 5 years. In my professional life, I designed and built secret weapons for our gov for 15 years, with the biggest labs....oak ridge, livermore, sandia. The weapons I built in the 80's are just being announced. And they have thousands that are still secret. Small nukes that leave no radiation and take down 100 story towers for instance, but that is way above your head. I saw the writing on the wall. The military bankster complex is controlling the show. I took my patent money and left already....3 decades ago. You're unfortunately, like about 70% of americans, are living in a dream world ! But wtf are you to tell me to leave. I'm wiser, smarter, more experienced than a country mile . But even I'm astounded at your gullibility after snowden.

    About the subject. The world is being manipulated. It doesn't matter if the videos are real or fake. ISIS is a cia creation. It's been planned for decades to divide Iraq into 3 portions. It called "balkanization" based on what they did to Yugoslavia. ISIS is a tool. The cia's tool. Simple. It's origins are well documented. We created it. It's all about controlling resources....and the banksters will stop at nothing, including murdering a few journalists...or a million innocent muslims.

    ...on cia deniability-

    and more 911 -

    ....rumsfeld 9/10 on missing trillions-

    ....mineta on cheney stand down -

    ....gen wesley clark 10 days after 911-

    ....norad stand down- 7 -

    ....rudy dent and a&e911truth-

    ....russell tice, nsa whistleblower, tells how they're controlling our gov-

    ....e p heidner ( a nom de plume said to be an oni investigator that survived ....the best 911 analysis of why (highly recommended reading) -

    ....insider trading on 911-

    ....anthrax attacks on senators -

    I highly recommend globalresearch as a primary information source. If anyone reads their 911 reader, formally linked, I'd be amazed if they still believe the government's lies....even Mr Azo ! As well, good sources are blacklisted news ,washingtons blog, boilingfrogs post, corbett report . They're all run by insiders. Just close the gap and add .com

    cheers and welcome to the real world !

  • @kurth

    it is cool, but all this 911 thing lead to real heat. checked many times.

  • Everything happening in the world leads back to 911. The truth's a hard pill to swallow. @Vitaliy...if you have these threads like Isis Beheading's obviously a "hot" topic. I always support with information, unlike others with empty rhetoric. The political truth of our world and it's events are impossible to explain w/o 911. And people can't break thru their blindness with being confronted. And this was my super-condensed lesson !

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev @kurth

    Once again I don't believe any of that PROPOGANDA! Sorry but I don't drink that type of Koolaid. If you guys wanna believe all that stuff that is your right to do so. For me nah I don't believe it. Kurth what country do live in? I know where Vitaliy's loyalties are its obvious but what country are you from?

    Getting down to showing true colors as I said in the past, in my book Snowden is a traitor and sell out, he committed treason so I don't care what that shit head says. My thoughts on NSA or big brother is that if I am not doing anything wrong I could give a rats ass if they are spying on me reading my emails monitoring my phone calls etc. If you are not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about right?

    I may not have the most popular view point amongst personal view readers, however at least I have the courage to speak up for what I believe in right wrong or otherwise.

    So to clarify a couple of things there is a matter of loyalty. I am loyal to the United States Of America period. Is the American Government perfect nope! Did our government make mistakes yup! However I would never sell out my country like that traitor Snowden right wrong or otherwise. So bringing up the traitor Snowden does not get you any brownie points with me.

    In this day and age it is very easy to put up a website, youtube videos, etc. Just because you posted all of those links does it make it true? This is just like companies posting information about there products such as CRI ratings, LUX ratings etc just because they post the stats does that make it automatically true? HMMMM

  • I love snowden and think he is a hero. 911 conspiracies? Every time ive read about it there is always a physicist or engineer that says the buildings did precisely what you'd expect if hit by jetliner.

  • "If you are not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about right?"

    You can't fix a brainwash that deep guys, let it go. I'm not even going to waste time explaining why that is totally screwy (and scary) thinking. It's sad to watch people embrace an orwellian future. What's next? Just thinking of an illegal activity will land you in jail? Well, just don't think of anything that breaks any laws ever, and you have nothing to worry about... right?

  • I don't subscribe to the 9-11 conspiracy theories, but I am convinced that the US invasion of Iraq was sold on deliberate lies, killed tens of thousands of innocent people, and turned Iraq into a terrorist hatchery that it had never been before. The people who started this war deserve to be judged as war criminals as much as the ISIS members do.

    Nothing of this justifies ISIS' killing spree, but there is also nothing special or surprising about the killing of civilians in military conflicts, such atrocities have always accompanied military actions from all factions, both western, eastern, and middle eastern.

  • @brianl ... There's not enough kinetic energy stored in the collapse of 100 story buildings to toast cars 300 meters away. There was molten granite found beneath the collapsed buildings ! Show me one link that independent physicist make this claim. Here's 2200 architects and engineers...and physicists who disagree. And wtc7 wasn't even hit by a plane !

    @JuMo...americans on average break 3 laws a day without even knowing about it ! Amerika has the largest penal population percapita of any country except the seychelles, and straight numbers, roughly equal to russia and china combined, also making it the largest prison population in the world. China, with 1.4 billion people living in what our government tells us is a totalitarian society, has only about 65% of our total number of prisoners, with the USA having less than 1/5 the population. The USA also has a higher percapita rate than cuba and rwanda ! The USA prison rate is more or less equal to North Korea ! family traces back to arriving in the USA in the year 1700. Yours ? Obviously you haven't read the bill of rights nor the declaration of independence, nor have an inkling of what they mean.

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