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ISIS beheading #3
  • Sorry for the families, but all three guys died fast and all knew such a thing is a risk of working in the region. The victims broke a lot of rules, journalists are never supposed to BE the story. As a consequence some Americans are now ready to launch every plane and send every soldier to teach ISIS a lesson. It's pathetic and sad that Americans are so easy to manipulate. 3 westerners in jump suits get killed and America needs to reshape foreign policy? Makes no sense.

    One of the families of the journalists began to negotiate a ransom release. Obama stepped in and threatened them with terrorism should they pursue it. Another big outcry, when Obama was doing precisely the right thing.

    Dunno where I'm going with this, but I just have that sinking feeling again that nothing is what it seems, we're getting played, the real story is buried 6 miles beneath the earth. The silence of the Saudis and Israelis on all of this is deafening. I wonder if they're involved. Nahhh...

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  • I'm not entirely sure of your definition of fast, but having my head hacked off with a 12 inch blade isn't mine.

  • Once you cut the Carotid, you go out, like a switch. There are far worse ways to die. Beheading is just lurid and sensational and meant to illicit a particular reaction.

  • ISIS and the people that have the same type of ideology are really the problem. ISIS as a whole is really appalling, as a human being it makes my blood boil and makes me really angry that people are this barbaric at this day and age.

    You state that its pathetic and sad that Americans are so easy to manipulate. So are you the type of person to see somebody getting raped and not do anything about it? If somebody raped, beat, or killed one of your family members would you do anything about it? When I was younger my sisters boyfriend beat the shit out of her so she took his car and came to my house. Guess what happened to my sisters boyfriend when he came to pickup his car, well lets put it this way he never abused my sister ever again.

    People and society as a whole need to stand up and do the right thing and I agree 110% with what the "AMERICANS" will be doing to these ISIS cowards. I do not agree with everything that our government does however if you attack us then it is game on. This type of behavior from ISIS will only invigorate and incite the American people to back any type of military operation that is required to eradicate these ISIS cowards. And yes according to you I guess I am one of those " pathetic and sad Americans that are so easy to manipulate"

  • Nevertheless the point stands: you attack one bunch of cruel medieval thinking guys and let the other ones alone because they are useful for our foreign policy.

    Being executed for "witchcraft" (whatever they mean by this) is not an innocent victim?

  • It should be obvious by now, after the longest military engagement in US history, that dropping bombs and sending soldiers to kill yet more muslims cannot defeat an ideological movement. Even if we could kill ISIS and most commanders say we cannot, some other Jihadi group will fill the void. This we know. Every bomb we drop is a recruitment poster.

  • How soon we'll get "Properly filming beheadings. Tips with editing and grading." ?

  • Agreed we can't be hypocrites either :-( We can't turn a blind eye to what other countries in the region are doing, however we have to pick our battles.

    If you go to a corporate meeting with goal of getting at least one of your ideas accepted and or implemented, chances are that there are other things that you will not agree with but must go along with to get what you want out of the meeting. This is politics just like Republicans and Democrats compromises need to be made. This is how I view our relationship with the Saudis and or other nations in general. We all need to compromise it is just a matter of how much we are willing to compromise.

    Americans like to think that we live in a modern society with a lot of freedoms etc etc. However other countries look at some of our values with disgust. Just think about this we have Strip bars, the Porn Industry, women running around in G strings men marrying men etc etc. Now take a look at the Arab world where the women can't even show their faces and are covered from head to toe. The point that I am trying to make is that every country has their own values, culture, and lifestyles so we need to accept their lifestyle just as much as they need to accept our lifestyle.

    We cannot and should not impose our values, principles, etc on other nations or people. It would be akin to me going to someones house and telling them what they should eating for dinner in their own house. The problem with some people be it Christians, Muslims etc is that they cannot except other peoples lifestyles and are extremists in one form or another.

    In regard to the ISIS and the beheadings of the western journalists. IMO the journalists are innocent so what is the point of beheading these people that are just reporting and doing their jobs? Now, I do agree that they put their own life at risk just going to that region and they must have known that there is a good chance that they would be killed, so in that respect I don't feel sorry for them. However these ISIS cowards are killing innocent people in Iraq/Syria just because they are shiite or sunni or whatever the hell they are out their. I don't care what they are but to kill someone just because they are different from you is totally unacceptable in my book. This is human beings at their worst (ISIS), totally despicable people that need to be eradicated from the earth.

  • Inappropriate comment deleted.....

  • @Azo I'm not a moralist and I'm very much into black humor, but that is definitely not funny

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev sounds bad, but yeah, I did notice the shot was composed strategically. I analyze every video clip reflexively. Strategic editing too, actually not nearly as graphic as it could've been.

  • @flablo

    Yes you are right that was inappropriate I deleted that portion of my post. I think Vitaliy was trying to lighten up the subject. I apologize if I offended you.

  • @Azo not offended, glad to know you agree that was a bit inappropriate

  • I'm sure you don't die immediately - and if that's true it's a vicious, cruel way to die. But in a sense no more vicious and cruel than any other killing. In the longer term, I can't see us ever stopping the bloodshed, because I can't see how you can undo beliefs with violence. @Azo I'm with you, but I don't think we'll ever see an end to this.

  • @brinanl Yes, they knew risks. Could you, please clarify how they´ve broken rules?

  • How soon we'll get "Properly filming beheadings. Tips with editing and grading." ?

    ...production and effects by cia studio , working closely with isis since benghazi to provide the highest level of technology !

  • Cardinal rule of reporting: Don't become the story. James Foley had a history of poor judgment -- this wasn't his first capture/kidnapping. Sotloff, a Jew, was sold to ISIS by a moderate rebel group who'd earned Sotloff's trust. A "Friendly". Neither had much in the way of security or apparently even a game plan, nor were working under the auspices of a major bureau. At at certain point, bad as we feel for the families, we have to ask, what the hell were these guys doing over there?

  • what the hell were these guys doing over there?

    Look into foley's employers ! ....100% cia funded propaganda organization.

  • Brian, may I ask what is your background?

  • Policy of military action is never taken because of these victims. The victims are used as an excuse to carry out actions that have long been desired. Whether tragedy abroad, or at home (9-11), these incidents are a gift to those that are looking for a more acceptable timing to carrying out strategic moves for which it is otherwise harder to achieve enough popular support.

  • I think this has the potential to blow up very quickly - look at the lightning speed with which IS has captured territory. Unfortunately I can see mad religious beliefs on all sides = not a good outcome for anyone. Wish we could get rid of religion but that's not going to happen.

  • First thing I realized (couldn't help it) that they upped their game regarding video quality. Two camera shot, high DR, at least HD and lav mics.

    What I find a bit strange is, that all those clips come from one company called "SITE", run by an ex IDF member called Rita Katz. She runs SITE together with Josh Devon, who worked for the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, This two man company can do, what not NSA and no other service in the world, with all their resources is able to do. They find the clips, even before ISIS is putting them on the web - go figure.

    Also most of the Bin Ladin clips we saw (including the obviously fake ones) came from Katz and Devon.

    Make of that what you want.

  • @Azo: Regarding "... the journalists are innocent so what is the point of beheading these people that are just reporting and doing their jobs?": ISIS follows the same deadly pattern of revenge that so many war parties follow: The enemy killed one of my kind so let's kill some of their kind. Do you think the many civilians killed in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. were not innocent in doing their daily routines when bombs fell upon them? And they even didn't choose to travel into a war zone to earn some money on a job, the war came to their homes uninvited.

  • @karl

    Did you read my post in its entirety? I also mentioned that these ISIS assholes have killed innocent Iraqis and Syrians as well. Now if you are referring to the Iraq/Afghanistan war that is a whole different story. Are you saying that the United States is responsible for this because of the Iraq/Afghanistan war?

    @karl this is your quote "Do you think the many civilians killed in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. were not innocent in doing their daily routines when bombs fell upon them? And they even didn't choose to travel into a war zone to earn some money on a job, the war came to their homes uninvited."

    @karl same thing happened on 9-11 remember that? Do you think the many civilians killed in the World Trade Center. were not innocent in doing their daily routines when planes flew into the building? And they even didn't choose to travel into a war zone to earn some money on a job, the war came to our homeland uninvited. Come on buddy don't go there cause that won't fly with me.

    What makes you think that I don't empathize or feel sorry for the people in the middle east or any other country for that matter? Where did I state that I don't think these people are innocent that got bombed NOWHERE did I state that. Now I am not sure where you are going with this but I will stand up for what I believe is right and just. These ISIS cowards are just that period end of story. They are going around slaughtering innocent people and hanging there heads on sticks be it Muslims, Arabs, Christians, it really doesn't matter the ethnicity, nationality, religion it is the principle of the idea these guys are the scum of the earth and need to be eradicated.

    If you don't agree with my assessment of ISIS so be it state it and show your true colors. If you empathize with them I would like to hear your side of the story on why you feel they are justified in their behavior of slaughtering innocent people in the middle east and carrying on like barbaric assholes.

    I will call a spade a spade regardless of country, religion, ethnicity, nationality etc. I do feel sorry for innocent civilians from whatever country, ethnicity, religion etc. My empathy does not end with a country, religion, ethnicity, nationality etc. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong plain and simple.

    However there is true evil out there and that is the terrorist organization called ISIS from what I understand they have no tolerance for anybody that does not believe in their version "ISLAM" religion. Is it not true that they are slaughtering innocent people just because they are of a different tribe? Is it not true that they are questioning people and if they cannot recite their version of the Quran they execute them on the spot?

    One more thing I am human and as such I am not perfect. I am voicing my opinion in regards to ISIS based on the information that I have read and the media coverage in the USA flawed as that may be.

  • -isis was created i.e. funded by the usa 's 3 best allies in the region...qatar, turkey and saudi arabia.

    -they were initially armed by the smuggled weapons from libya.

    -remember benghazi.

    -they are playing their roles perfectly. Their leader mysteriously walked from a cia torture prison.

    -one year ago the usa was stopped by popular sentiment from invading syria.

    -now american citzens are screaming for a syrian invasion, disguised as saving the world from isis.

    -funny that obmama's announcement came almost on 9/11.

    • you'd think the gringos would catch on by now.

    • guess it's the fluoride.

    @DavidGlencairn you think ms. Katz could be with the agency ...duh ?

    ps- I'm not saying these guys didn't loose their heads. But if they'd murder over 3000 people on 9/11, murder another million destroying Iraq.....

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