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Bach to the future
  • A graphical overlay superimposed over live video, enabling visualization of the polyphonic web

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  • cool, I do a few paid musical gigs for classical stuff. How do you do this?

  • I like this too - particularly lets you see when the string parts cross over. Would be fun to have it track volume as well as pitch and voice but not sure how well that would work in practice.

  • Frame by frame, with a paintbrush.

  • Cool, I just thing it was best to make overlay bright instead of dimming video.

  • Yup. Tried a bunch of things, and working on a letterbox version with the animation in the black edges. Looks very busy, like an overfull fish tank if you don't dim the vid. But if you dim the vid, it looks a bit, well, dim.

    Here you can read the history of the music animation machine