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GH3 Issues Topic
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  • Huge problem here just wondering if anyone else has this issue.

    Random glitches in video files where it will just skip a few frames and jump. Happens sporadically.

    Other major issue is Green frames and full green clips in premiere cs5.5 even when re-imported.

    PLEASE HELP I am afraid to use this on future paid gigs with errors like this.

  • Guys, as many people mentioned before DON'T USE GH3 HOT SHOE for any other than a level bubble or something super light, it is utterly crap, very very badly implemented, not reliable at all. Unless you want to epoxy the hell out f it. Mine fell apart within 3 uses =(

    Panasonic shame on you, in 15 years using SLR and DSLR's I never have seen such a shitty hot shoe... did "you" just though perfet zoluchon Daichi, thiz tiny tiny inconzpicuous zcrew will withztand the typical abuze a top of the line product iz zupposed to endure???!!! ARggghh I hope we never meet in the elevator Panasonic... je je je

  • I agree with you @maxr, my GH3 died because of that, a screw got loose and caused a short circuit in the body... I'm mad!!

  • my GH3 died because of that, a screw got loose and caused a short circuit in the body... I'm mad!!

    you should @baramed, this is totally unacceptable!!! IMHO we are so focused in specs' porn - and sadly that's a big part of the problem; we want for yesterday a smart phone size, feather light, panzer durable transformer camera that outresolves dragon's sensor and costs less than a blowjob - thus very obvious everyday handling issues get through almost as... a debility on the product's character, fuck that demagogy!!! I'm mad too

    {whisper} now I really have to go epoxy my whore some more and search for that loose screw... before panchonic screw-me, cheeeee

  • On my gh3 my screen moved as well as the claw of accessory. Having contacted Panasonic, they told me to not use it and to send it to maintenance taken care by the guarantee, because it can provoke a short circuit and damages important. Since its return, no problem.

  • @surfculture faltaba meno, off course they can fix it... but shouldn't have happen (massively) in the first place ,-)

  • @MAXR I'm ok with you, it's a problem that panasonic knows

  • I'm ok with you too buddy =) • Sorry if I sounded rough, just a bit... frustrated ,-)

  • @Baramed Had the same issue and fixed by Panasonic in McAllen. They said it was a design issue and that the board design was replaced. Supposedly, mine was the 'older' model so this leads me to believe that they fixed the issue in later models.

  • Thanks @SuperSet I have the first version too, I'm in france, it's a battle to reach panasonic about this issue, I'll try.

  • @Baramed, I'm french too, I had the same problem, I returned my device at my seller with its invoice, it was still guaranteed, they sent back it to panasonic. I got back it 2 months later and since everything is OK.

  • @surfculture mine is not guaranteed, I gave my gh3 to the retailer ( Objectif Bastille) They sent it to their repair center, total of the bill 999.28 € !!!!!! For the alimentation issue and an issue with the sensor ( pink dots in the image).... I was hoping that panasonic can repair it for free (for the alimentation issue) because it's a design issue.... I paid it 1 200 eur for 1 year.... It's a bit expensive.... :(

  • GH3 really sucks!!! I have a canon 550d for years, it's still operational and make the job!

  • I wanted to buy the next GH4 but I'm really afraid now....

  • @surfculture @maxr Good news! Panasonic gave me a new GH3! I hope this one will be fine. :)

  • Happy for you @Baramed =)
    Now remember not to even look at the hot shoe or you will scare the ghost in the shell :P

    Hopefully, though very improbable, the Nikon slapping noise makes some companies wake up and have a more Fuji attitude towards its clients - Ironically Nikon has a story of making sturdy, reliable and solid DSLR bodys - Not only with post sale services but foremost by releasing products which are reliable workhorses and as bug free as possible up to price tag and use intended • my wish

  • Hey ya'll, I've searched this a bunch and can't find anyone else with this problem. I've been using the internal intervalometer to do timelapses on the GH3.

    About 90% of the time, it just stops taking pictures and goes into sleep mode. Sometimes after taking 10 pictures, sometimes after 800. Its appears to be totally random as to when it stops. It doesn't seem to be related to battery power, memory card, how many pictures I set it to take, the interval of photos or whether it's on auto/manual exposure. I've done a system reset, upgraded to v1.2, downgraded back to 1.1.

    Anyone else encountered this? Or have any brainwaves of possible solutions? Is there something really stupidly obvious that I'm missing?

    Otherwise, guess I'll just get an external intervalometer....

  • @AlexMcV I had a similar problem,
    see also 2 posts below, hopefully you manage to get around =)

  • @maxr oh right, I didn't see that post. I didn't realise someone else had the exact problem as me. But yeah, I tried upgrading to 1.2, downgrading to 1.1, and back up to 1.2 (I originally encountered the problem on v1.1)

    But I think I may have found a solution. I've been using both official panasonic batteries and uh... cheaper no-name brand batteries. It only seems to happen with the no-names.

    Not sure if that's really stupid and obvious to some people, but I generally use cheaper batteries because I'm a cheapskate and I've never encountered problems using them before.

    So there you go. A cautionary tale. It would seem that using cheap knock-off batteries kills your timelapses.

  • @AlexMcV glad you managed =)

    Yeah, in my DSLRs I always used clone batteries with 0 problems whatsoever. Before buying the GH3 though, searched these forums to find known incompatibilities and well, end up with pana batteries, sandisk extreme and that kind of expensier (reliable) stuff. Cheers mate

  • Hey everyone... I'm having that issue with Raw Timelapse where I get a irregular color shift between shots, with completely manual everything. I see comments dwindled off about this issue... has anyone body figured out how to fix this? is it because I'm using the in camera timelapse function?

    I've tried all sorts of shutter speeds, an multiple lens, on both my GH3's... I'm on v1.2.

  • @ICProductions it really sucks, doesn't? AFAIK there has been 0 effort from panachonik to solve this and neither have I found or read a custom working solutions... other than post. Denoising, averaging and deflicker plugs (MSU, LRtmlps, RE:vision, TLtools, etc.) might help and there's always the possibility of cocktail with masks and keyframes and ganja =)

    Maybe @yellowapple's (see thread pages 9 and 10) has already found a workaround

    Following the advice of one user, I have tried doing a raw timelapse in the oppose direction: instead of underexposing shady areas, I have overexposed the sky. In post then, I have reduced the exposure, and the result looks like very good. I have done only a few test for now, but it look like that overexposed frames can help reducing/avoiding color flicker in shadows. But I need more time and tests to be sure that this solution can be helpful for every situation.

    The issue:

  • So has anyone has this issue using an external intervalometer? (Mine is currently broken)

    Also - does this not happen on jpegs? I've yet to test that either.

    Do you think over exposing the sky risks quality (more than just goin JPEG)?

    I find it strange as well that most of the posts about this problem across multiple sites are from early last year... Hoping someone found answer.

    And yes @maxr it's pretty effin lame... I'm hoping m4/3 master of the universe @vitaliy has some insight...

  • It's me, "yellow apple", I just created a new account. I haven't found any solution, the only way to reduce to the minimum the color shift is to shoot overexposed pictures to increase color informations on darker areas. Depending on your scene the color shifts in the shadows can be reduced or even unnoticeable.

    I'm curious to know if the GH4 also has the same issue when shooting raw time lapses.