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GH3 Issues Topic
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  • Just a guess, I haven't used Timelapse other than starting it immediately, but maybe you have to disable "Sleep Mode"...

  • Just a guess, I haven't used Timelapse other than starting it immediately, but maybe you have to disable "Sleep Mode"...

    @h2otara do U have a GH3? Because it is very easy to check, your guess is incorress :P , it works (tested) even with sleep mode set to 1 minute, which is minimum time option

    When you say "alarm" mode you just mean setting a tone for the electronic shutter so you know that an image is being taken right?

    @i3_theanswer sorry to mess you up with my stupid lexicon man, I mean TL programmable start time

    STEPS for programmable start time TL

    1. Go into the timelapse mode to set up interval and number of total expositions, click set (ok button)
    2. Select "Start Time" then "Start Time Set" and then indicate time you desire, click set (ok button)
    3. Select "Start" then fully press shutter button, NOW GH3 goes to sleep then wakes and starts shooting

    If you want to double check that TL is set you go into the menu and it will only show the red camera symbol

    IMHO all interface experience it's badly thought out and quite confusing = not intuitive

    Allow me to ad that "new" silent mode is total bullshit, why? Because if you set GH3 to silent mode it automatically turns on Electronic Shutter and off any light beam assistant and beep (shutter) sound, till here all good (or at least as supposed to) BUT if you want to change again to normal shutter you have to go into the menus and first turn silent mode off and then still change from Electronic Shutter to normal one... even if you assigned a Fn button to do so wont work till you disable silent mode... absolute fail and no point as takes too long. Possible solution; assign a Fn button to change to electronic shutter in photo mode and Tele Ex in video mode, then kill any beep and light assist, this is what I do.
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  • On my GH3 i find that a big issue is how the LCD displays the brightness. I mean the picture in the display seems to be nice bright; when i then have the picture on my PC monitor it´s to underexposed. Someone else?

  • @JackBayer I have the same issue with my Lilliput into my HDMI. It makes me nuts.

    Here's a vid:

    Any thoughts????

  • @Kihlian I gave up on trying to use the LCD monitor to judge exposure after fooling around with all the brightness and luminance settings. It's virtually useless. Now I just use the viewfinder.

  • the audio noise you are hearing sounds like an audio feedback loop, if your LCD monitor has a built in speaker you need to turn down volume as is is feeding back through the camera mic..

  • @truestory----i tried that, although I wonder whether Lilliput has a 'mute' function. Thanks for the rec. Will look into that.

  • @jonpais THX for responding. You did it anyway corrections to the LCD? What? I also noticed that the camera underexposes a little bit.

  • @Kihlian Yes, there are adjustments in the menu, but even though there are some seven levels of brightness, the screen brightness is very low (to save on battery life?). On the plus side, the camera battery life is impressive... I've gotten accustomed to using the EVF, and using both the histogram and built-in meter, my exposures are beginning to be pretty consistent. Many seem to hate the EVF however.

  • @maxr Hey there, really thanks for your help, especially the v1.1 firmware file. What solved the problem is exactly what you did as well. If anybody's got pre-programmed Timelapse start/stop (wake from sleep issue) as well, here are the steps that will solve the problem.

    Initial problem for me: Timelapse starts with the "Start Now" option but NOT at the option with a pre-programmed start time. Camera will go to sleep after pressing shutter button and never wakes up at the right time to take the timelapse sequence.

    Firmware updated directly from v1.0 to v1.2 without going through v1.1

    Solution: 1) Downgrade to v1.1 (ask generous @maxr for this if you couldn't find it). 2) Once firmware is downgraded, you could still experience that the issue still persist, at this point, go to the setup menu and find "Reset" and say "Yes" to all types of reset. 3) Once this process is done, you can test the pre-programmed timelapse and it should work. 4) Proceed to upgrade to v1.2 as usual, and it should work properly at the newest firmware version as well.

    The RESET in v1.1 is the key to the solution of this problem. I tried resetting in v1.2 before and it doesn't work for me.

    Hope that helps.

  • GH3 shifting color on video clips. The camera isn't on long. I record maybe 4 minute clips. The color shifts from 3000k ish to 7000k . It ruins my clips. I have heard of this happening during timlapse but not video. anyone know what can be done? It's set to movie mode, filming 30fps - 60fps 1080p mov.

  • @sugareffect forgive me for asking the obvious...... you are setting colour balance manually?

  • @Sph1nxster no worries! I have messed with multiple different WB's. Is there one specific that could be a fail safe for me to use?

  • I would always dial in a manual kelvin setting. I dont use the preset options (cloud, sunny etc)

  • The GH3 still has the gamma shift bug! How have Panasonic not fixed this?

  • @alecR can you describe in more detail what is happening? what lenses are you using? Also do you have i.dynamic mode on?

  • @Sph1nxster, I have uploaded a short YouTube video to show the problem:

    I.Dynamic is disabled and I am using the 14-140mm lens.

    It's the exact same problem that was widely reported with the GH2 (which I also e

  • Is this normal?!?

  • @AlecR - i cant see your video because i am at work but i do not get this issue at all with the Panasonic lenses.

    I did get it with some of my Canon FDs but then i discovered that I.dynamic set to high was the cause. Also dialling down saturation to -2 helped as well.

  • Hi again,

    When you can see the video, carefully watch the histogram. When I start recording, the historgram waves move right and when I stop, they move left again.

    Should I get a replacement?

  • Please help. I shoot in full manual movie mode,expose on M on GH3 and in some case it change exposure?? Probable I must something change in menu. Please help

  • GH3 vs GH2 autofocus 12 mm 2.8 (lens 12-35 F2.8). Sold my GH2 with batteries and got GH3 ... and now probably I will return it and will buy GH2...

  • After several years with my GH1s, I've decided to add to them the GH3. The main reason was that during an outside shoot this weekend, the BP 24p native hack kept failing and I had to switch to the 35 interlaced one for stability. I had the same problem on a shoot in Miami a couple weeks ago. My cameras seem to be most reliable shooting interlaced video (24p wrapped in the interlaced container, I suppose).

    I think I'll be able to match the GH3 with the GH1s for interviews. After all, I made it work with the HMC150 for my last documentary.

    My main question concerns SD cards and .mov wrapper clip length.

    1. What SD cards have people had luck with? I've used the SDHC Transcend and Sandisk Extreme in my GH1s with no problems. I switched to the Sandisk when I began to have write shutdowns when shooting outside, but I kept one camera on the Transcend with no issues.

    2. Clip length in 50mbps .mov - How long are the clip? And what cards should I use? How much footage can I get per card? For example, on my GH1s I can shoot for almost 4 hours on a 32gb card. What does that translate to with the GH3 at 50mpbs/24p/.mov?

    We do long continuous interviews. This is why we shoot docs with the Panasonics instead of our Canons. For example, one interview this weekend went on for 2 hours, and one clip was 58 minutes without stopping. Will I have any problems with clip length using the .mov?

    Thanks for your thoughts on these questions. You can see my last film shot with the hacked GH1 by going to It is a very traditionally shot historical documentary about the integration of football at the University of Alabama.

  • Ok! Just got my GH3 in the other day and I've been messing around with it. Pretty happy so far. First question (more to come I'm sure)...

    With a Rode VideoMic Pro plugged in, I am not able to headphone monitor out live. I get a delay. Is this just a fact of life? Huge disappointment if so. Can't interview people while monitoring audio.

  • There's a setting to monitor either the recorded audio but with a delay, or the incoming audio with no delay.